End of Year Review 2010

Dethroned Miss California USA 2009, Carrie Prejean, finally found a man dumb enough to trust her for as long as they both shall live. Married on July 2nd, 2010, Prejean and her NFL quarterback husband, Kyle Boller, wasted no time in procreating. Just a few months later they announced that they were expecting their first (and hopefully last) child. Don't they look like a younger version of Liza Minnelli and David Gest?

Miss Vietnam 2010, Ngoc Han, was lambasted by her people after she failed to arrive at the final ceremony of the 1000 anniversary of Hanoi in the My Dinh National Stadium on October 10th, 2010. Han claimed that she was caught in a traffic jam but the Vietnamese people did not buy her petty excuse. To add insult to injury, Han decided not to participate at Miss World 2010 due to the importance of the event she ended up missing! Maybe her bikini strings got caught in the gear shift?!!!

It was rumoured that the $15,000.00 Carlos Alberto gown that Miss Ireland, Rozanna Purcell (left), was supposed to wear for the Miss Universe 2010 final telecast was hidden by MUO officials because they wanted her to sport a Sherri Hill gown instead. Too bad MUO didn't help out 
Miss China, Tang Wen (right), in the same way!

Former Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado, thought she was taking the high road when she asked her fans to pray for peace amidst the conflict between North and South Korea. Unfortunately, she got her geography mixed up and called the military plight the "attacks between the Chinas". We believe Machado meant well but she should avoid politics and stick to things she knows about 
like eating and taking her clothes off for money!

The universe was extremely excited when Bolivia showed strong interest in hosting the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant. However, after a few weeks of negotiations, the developing South American nation decided to reject the idea due to the exorbitant costs. Bolivian president, Evo Morales (above) must have been thrown for quite the loop! It's a shame he wore his best sweater for nothing!

Every year, pageant pundits and fans deliberate on their favorite and least favorite pageant delegates of the year. Usually, Critical Beauty enjoys focusing on the contestants who impressed the masses with their great looks and winning personalities - until this year. For 2010, Critical Beauty would like to honour Mr. India International 2010, Akash Charan, with the unofficial title of The Best Worst Pageant Delegate of the Year. With his arched Indira Ghandi eyebrows, dyed turmeric hair, pakora physique and flaming personality, Charan won this title unanimously!

A pageant year just isn't complete without some religious controversy. This year, Rima Fakih, an Arab American Muslim, won the title of Miss USA 2010. However, her victory was immediately marred by the emergence of photos which showed her pole dancing. Moreover, she opted to take part in a topless photo shoot during the Miss Universe Pageant later that year. Some call her progressive, others think she will rot in hell, but Critical Beauty just wants to know if anyone else feels a draft!

The 60th Miss World Pageant took place in Sanya, China for the umpteenth time, and just as most fans predicted, it was a boring and lackluster production. The lowlight of the pageant occurred when the host announced Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze, to take her place as one of the Top 25 semi-finalists. Instead, an over-excited and deaf Miss Romania, Lavinia Postolache, embarrassingly sashayed down to the front of the stage only to be informed by cameramen and contestants that her name had not been called. 
A Kodak moment!

By far the sweetest revenge in pageants documented in 2010 was "The War of the Misses". In her quest to uphold morality and traditional French culture, Genevieve de Fontenay told Miss France organizer, Sylvie Tellier, to go suck a lemon and started her own pageant entitled "Miss Nationale". Fontenay's pageant was held one day after the finale of Miss France and although it was not televised, Fontenay hopes to send her winner, Barbara Morel, to an international pageant where she will end up clapping just like all of the other French beauty queens who followed Fontenay's guidance!

In June of 2010, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera, revealed the truth about her relationship with her director, Magali Febles in an article published in TV y Novelas. According to the victimized beauty queen, Febles had bullied her to do things she did not want to do. The most serious of these cases was Febles forcing an anesthetised Rivera to drink a can of Red Bull to rev herself up for a television interview just hours after the queen had undergone cosmetic surgery! It is unclear whether or not Red Bull was a potential sponsor of Miss Puerto Rico Universe or if Febles just liked the phallic shape of the can!

Beauty queens usually take center stage during a pageant but this year a group of enthusiastic Filipino fans decided to share their elation about Venus Raj's success during Miss Universe 2010. Filming their reactions to the announcement of the Top 15, this fabulous foursome was sitting on cloud 9 as Miss Philippines was called as the last semi-finalist of the evening (upper photo). It was not long before the video became viral and flooded various pageant message boards and websites.
However, one can only imagine the reaction these lads had upon listening to Venus's answer to her final question (lower photo). Perhaps they had a "major, major" change of heart!


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