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Are We Ready For an Armless Queen and Other Pageant News

Are We Ready For an Armless Queen? Zozi Goes To Indonesia. Did The Winner of Top Model Buy Her Crown? Meet the First Openly Bisexual Contestant in Miss USA.  

Michele McDonald, Miss USA 1971, Passes Away

Michele McDonald Boeke , who was crowned Miss USA 1971 representing the state of Pennsylvania, passed away on January 24, 2020. Her daughter, S hana Boeke , posted on Facebook the sad passing of her mother who was 67: Michele underwent a  life-saving double lung transplant  in the summer of 2018 as she could not breath and she needed oxygen all the time. She had dealt with asthma for years even though she was not a smoke (her parents were).  The doctor had given her two to three years to live. Even though her transplant was successful, she nevertheless suffered complications including pneumonia and high medical bills.  Critical Beauty wishes to express our deepest condolences to Michele's family.  May she rest n peace.

Miss Global 2019 Scandal: What You Need To Know

CB Director Rafa Delfin vlogs about the scandal surrounding the Miss Global 2019 pageant held in Mexico on January 18. Click the banner to go to the link:

CB Director Rafa Delfin: My Pageant Book Collection

Watch CB Director Rafa Delfin's latest vlog about his pageant book collection! Click the banner to lead you to the link!

Miss Belgium 2020

Celine Van Ouytsel (center), 23, from the province of Herentals, was crowned Miss Belgium 2020 on January 11. She will compete either in Miss World 2020 or Miss Universe 2020, whichever comes first.  During the introduction in the beginning of the show, Van Ouytsel lost her balance, fell but quickly recovered. However, it appears that her bra also came off ! WATCH THE CROWNING MOMENT:

Dying Young: Remembering The Queens Who Left Us In 2019

Watch CB Director Rafa Delfin's tribute to beauty queens who died young in 2019. Click the banner to go to the link.