Pageant and Image Consulting Services

by Rafa Delfin

     I not only provide the latest news and information on the pageant industry but I also provide professional services to anyone who wishes to compete in a beauty pageant or modeling competition, or who simply needs assistance in developing and improving their image. My one-on-one services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

     I offer the following services:

- Intense interview preparation with mock interviews and critiques
- Developing composure, poise and self-confidence
- Hair, skin, makeup and wardrobe recommendations
- On-stage and off-stage movement, walking and posing techniques
- Stage projection and presence
- Personal style analysis
- Business and social etiquette
- Nutrition and wellness consulting
- Personal introduction or platform essay development
- Preparing and completing contestant bio and pageant paperwork
- Promotion via Critical Beauty website and social networks

***For rates and questions, please e-mail me at

My clients include:

Audrey Monkam, Miss World Cameroon 2020, advanced to the Top 30
in Miss World 201 pageant.

Liz Miklosi, who placed 3rd runner-up and won the Social Media Award at Ms. Nevada United States 2017 held in Las Vegas on May 7, 2017.

Melanie Chuuoy who placed in the Top 15 of Miss Massachusetts USA 2017 held in Lowell, Massachusetts on Nov. 19, 2016.

Ivania Nicole Rosario, who placed in the Top 13 of Ms. United States 2016 pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Aug. 4, 2016.

Samantha Agyeman who was crowned USA Junior Ambassador Teen on August 2, 2014.  
She represented Massachusetts.

Carmen Berliner who was crowned Miss Berkshire County 2014 on March 15, 2014. 

Anne Ransom who won the Miss Massachusetts U.S. International 2014 on Feb. 23, 2014 in West Boylston.

Annie Jean-Baptiste who placed 2nd runner-up in Miss Maine USA 2014 pageant on Dec. 1, 2013 in Portland. She also won the Best Style Award.

With Sarah Kidd 
- Sarah Kidd, Miss Massachusetts USA 2013 - Top 15 in Miss USA 2013!

With Julianne Pyne  
- Julianne Pyne, 2nd runner-up in Miss Teen Massachusetts United States 2013. She is also Miss Massachusetts Intercontinental 2013.

I also had the pleasure of having coached the following beautiful women (and men!):

With Alida D'Angona
- Alida D'Angona, Miss Massachusetts USA 2011

Alyssa Riley, Top 15, Miss Massachusetts USA 2012

Ashley Ruiz 

- Ashley Ruiz - Beauty of the USA 2010 - 3rd runner-up, Beauty of the World 2010

- Christina Sylvia - U.S. rep to International Beauty & Model Festival 2009 
- named Miss North America 2010

- Ivan Rusilko - Mister USA 2008 - Top 15, Mister International 2008

- Jacob Hill - Mister USA 2007 - Top 15, Mister International 2007

Chaka Sedgwick - Mister USA 2006 - 4th runner-up, Mister International 2006

- Karen Loren Agustin - Philippines Coffee Queen 2005 - 2nd runner-up, 
World Coffee Queen 2005

- April Ross Perez - Miss Mesoamerica Philippines 2005 - 1st runner-up, 
Miss Mesoamerica International 2005

About Rafa Delfin

RAFA DELFIN is the director and creator of Critical Beauty, whose headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts. Rafa has written several pageant-related articles and has interviewed numerous pageant personalities that include beauty queens, directors, and fans. He has a doctor's degree in French from Stanford University and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Filipino. He has coached several young women who have competed in state, national and international levels. He has also judged several pageants as well as sponsored them, notably Miss Bahamas World, Mister Singapore, Mister International, Miss Puerto Rico Universe, and Miss Philippines Earth. Besides pageants, Rafa's other passions include promoting veganism and campaigning for animal rights. 

Updated: December 26, 2021