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USA Wins Mister Global 2018

Dario Duque (center). representing the United States of America, won the Mister Global 2018 competition in Bangkok on July 22nd. The pageant was originally to take place on July 21st but was postponed due to "unforeseen circumstances," according to the Mister Global Organization. However, a rumor was milling around on social media claiming that two contestants had failed to return to the host hotel the night before.  Dario Duque Duque's court includes 1st runner-up Ahmed Lasheen of Egypt, 2nd runner-up  Jakub Kucner of Poland, 3rd runner-up  Dwayne Geldenhuis of South Africa and 4th runner-up, Staporn Moollisan of Thailand. Completing the top 16 were the contestants from  Venezuela,   Brazil, Albania, Dominican Republic, Germany, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Korea, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

Vietnam Wins Man Of The World 2018

After weeks of competition, CAO XUÂN TÁI of VIETNAM was crowned MAN OF THE WORLD 2018 held at the Fil-Oil Flying V Arena in San Juan City, Philippines.  He bested 26 others after going through rounds of preliminary and final rounds of competition last July 14, 2018. Full list of winners: Man of the World 2018 – Vietnam, Cao Xuân Tái First Runner-up – Philippines, Clint Karkliñs Second Runner-up – Malta, Bjorn Camilleri Third Runner-up – Czech Republic, Ondrej Valenta Fourth Runner-up – Thailand, Natapol AOn Top 10: Indonesia Malta Czech Republic Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Philippines China Korea Peru Top 17: Iran (Best in Talent) Philippines (World’s Choice Award) Korea Malta Guam Mongolia Czech Republic China India Nigeria Thailand Peru Myanmar Puerto Rico Indonesia Vietnam Italy Special Awards: Best in National Costume – Philippines Man of the World Congeniality – Philippines Man of the Wor

Black Woman Crowned Miss Universe Great Britain For The First Time

Dee-Ann Rogers from Anguilla has been crowned Miss Universe Great Britain 2018 at the Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre, Newport on Saturday night of 14th July 2018. About 40 beauties from Wales, Scotland, and England took part in this mega national beauty contest. Dee-Ann will represent Great Britain at the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Universe 2018. Dee-Ann’s full name is Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers. She is from Anguilla. Dee-Ann has a degree in Law from the University of Birmingham. She is an Athlete and she competed twice in Commonwealth Games. She also is the reigning queen of the Miss Anguilla beauty pageant. Before her participation at the Miss Universe Great Britain, Dee-Ann had said “As many would know, I won the Miss Anguilla Pageant in 2017. Shortly thereafter, I set my sights on the Miss Universe Great Britain stage. That, for me, was an opportunity to advance the Miss Anguilla Pageant as well as to advance Anguilla on

Miss America Headed For More Drama

            Participants in the 2018 Miss America competition on September 10, 2017, in Atlantic City. (CNN)  Just a month after a momentous change, and a year after a scandal shook the Miss America Organization to its core, there's more trouble in its ranks. This week, a group of 22 state pageants signed a petition calling for the resignation of the organization's entire board of trustees. This includes chairwoman Gretchen Carlson, who was just appointed to the position in January. According to the petition, obtained by The Press of Atlantic City, representatives from the 22 state pageants aren't convinced by the organization's new direction, and want more accountability at the top. "The recent ouster of two duly elected Trustees, followed by the resignations of two elected Miss Americas from the nine-member Board, have underscored our grave concerns regarding the direction in which MAO is headed, its financial viability, and the ex

Miss America Insiders Clash Over Pageant's Elimination of Swimsuit

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Former Miss America winners and state pageant officials are split over the leadership and direction of the organization, which was rocked by a 2017 email scandal that led to the resignations of its top leaders. Representatives from 22 state pageants have signed a petition calling for the resignations of the new Miss America board, including Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson and President and CEO Regina Hopper, The Press of Atlantic City reported Saturday. But in a letter to the newspaper, 30 former Miss Americas said they "fully support" Carlson, Miss America 1989, and the board members "who are and have been working tirelessly to move our program forward." The Miss America organization is regrouping after a December scandal in which emails surfaced showing that CEO Sam Haskell and others mocked winners' intelligence, looks and sex lives. Haskell resigned Dec. 23, followed by board members. The shake-up at the organization has re

Controversy Surrounds Miss Universe Thailand 2018

BANGKOK  — This year’s Miss Universe Thailand went to a finance student who studied in Las Vegas – and not everyone is pleased about it. Sophida “Ning” Kanchanarin , was crowned Miss Universe Thailand on Saturday night, but many fans cried foul on alleged favoritism for her wealth as she bested Thai-Indian Paveena Singh, who had been an online favourite to win in the weeks prior to the contest. “Next year, just pick rich people with good education to win. You don’t need to go to the effort of holding a pageant anymore. It’s bothering the eyes of millions of audience members. Even the Miss Elephant pageant is more fun,” commented Facebook user Thanakan Phetchaananya. Sophida graduated with a finance degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and was a manager at TMB Bank. Her profile includes winning a President’s Education Awards Program medal from President Barack Obama in 2013, awarded to about 3  million students . Her father, Tavatchai Kanchanarin, was a doctor