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Peru Wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2022

  Arlette Rujel of Peru has been crowned Reina Hispanoamericana 2022 in Bolivia on March 25, 2023. She is the first woman from her country to win the title. The pageant was supposed to take place last October but was moved twice due to the political crisis in Bolivia. Virreina - Venezuela, Adriana Perez 1st Runner-Up - Brazil, Guilhermina Montarroyos 2nd Runner-Up - Puerto Rico, Ediris Rivera 3rd Runner-Up - Mexico, Diana Robles 4th Runner-Up - Colombia, Maria Lucia Cuesta Completing the top 14 were the delegates from Costa Rica, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Spain, Dominican Republic and the Philippines.  Photo courtesy of Reina Hispanoamericana

Philippines' Annabelle McDonnell Claims She Was Sabotaged at Miss Charm 2023 Pageant

  MANILA, Philippines — Miss Charm 2023 first runner-up Annabelle McDonnell claimed that she was sabotaged during the preliminaries of the pageant.  In a Facebook video posted by Pageanthology 101, Annabelle shared a story where her gown was sabotaged.  "It was one of the worst days of my life. Nothing went well. Nothing went my way, and that's just the preliminary competition of Miss Charm International," she said. "The minute I put on my evening gown, I knew something was wrong. We had put so much time and effort in making it, in seeing to it that it was good. It was a perfect fit. "But what can you say? If someone wants to sabotage your gown, then you can't do anything about it. It's already beyond your control," she said.  She said that her team asked her if she wanted to release a statement about her gown but she refused and just focused on the competition.  "After the preliminary competition, me and my team Aces and Queens, we were talkin

My Early Top 10 Favorites for Miss Universe Philippines 2023

In this vlog I reveal my early top ten favorites for the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 crown. The winner will be crowned on May 13, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines and will represent the Philippines in the next edition of Miss Universe which will be held in El Salvador sometime in December this year.

Marisol Malaret, Miss Universe 1970, Passes Away

Marisol Malaret Contreras, Miss Universe 1970, has died at the age of 73. Marisol made history by being the first Puerto Rican and Caribbean woman to be crowned Miss Universe. The Puerto Rican newspapers El Nuevo Dia and Primera Hora confirmed the news earlier today. No details about her death have been announced. After her reign, Marisol pursued a career in publishing and became the editor-in-chief of Caras Magazine, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine, for many years.  She is survived by her husband Frank Cué her daughter Sasha, and her niece Luna.  May she rest in peace 🙏 Sources:

Ukraine Wins Best National Costume At Miss Universe 2022. Was It Political?

  In this vlog I raise the question whether Ukraine’s win of the best national costume award at Miss Universe 2022 was purely political.

My Recap & Review of Miss Charm 2023

  In this vlog, I give a recap and review of Miss Charm 2023 pageant that took place on February 16 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Transman Wants To Be Miss Grand Venezuela

TRANSMAN WHO WANTS TO BE A MISS: Alex Moreno , a 19-year-old model who was born female and is now hormonally transitioning to becoming a man, is competing in Miss Grand Lara which is a preliminary to Miss Grand Venezuela 2023. He makes history by becoming the first transman to compete in a Miss pageant, causing strong reactions among pageant fans. How is this even possible? Well, in a woke and politically correct world obsessed with inclusion and equity, anything is possible. If married women can now compete in Miss Universe and still be considered as “Miss,” then it is also possible for a transman to be a “Miss” - that is, of course - if the judges crown Moreno as the winner. But are the judges and pageant organizers even aware that trans contestants are not yet allowed to compete in Miss Grand International? But the biggest question is this: if Moreno is a transman, they why is he not competing in a pageant for men? To me, this suggests that Moreno is confused of his identity and he

The Best of Pageantry in 2022

  This chat was conducted via Zoom on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 9:0 0 PM EST. My guests include Brian Javier and Rina Hendrick. We discussed the best of pageantry in 2022: pageant, titleholder, host, host country, interview, national costume, evening gown, swimsuit, quality of contestants, stage production. We also discussed the Miss Universe bidding wars, the results of Miss Charm 2023, and the Mister International controversy.

Brazil Wins Miss Charm 2023

  Luma Russo , 27, of Brazil has been crowned Miss Charm 2023 during a gala event held on February 16 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Russo, a multilingual pilot who hails from Minas Gerais, beat 37 other women from around the world to win the inaugural edition of the contest. The first runner-up is Annabelle McDonnell , 22, of the Philippines and the second runner-up is Olivia Tan, 29, of Indonesia. Completing the top 6 were the delegates from Colombia, Venezuela and South Africa. 

8 Facts About Miss Charm That Pageant Fans Need To Know

    In this vlog, I present eight facts about Miss Charm that pageant fans need to know. Every information is based on what is published on the official website at The inaugural edition will take place on February 16, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Philippines Wins Controversial Miss Planet Pageant

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino entrepreneur Maria Luisa Varela topped the 2023 Miss Planet International pageant in Cambodia on Jan. 29, capturing the crown in the competition that 2022 Binibining Pilipinas first runner-up Herlene Nicole Budol was supposed to participate in. Varela bested 13 other international contenders to inherit the title from Monique Best from South Africa in ceremonies staged at the Koh Pich Theater in the kingdom’s capital in Phnom Penh. The international competition caused quite a stir late last year when multiple delegates, including Budol, withdrew their participation. They had already arrived in the African nation’s capital of Kampala, and had already appeared in a few preliminary activities, when a looming cancellation put the contest on hold. The pageant originally scheduled a Nov. 19 coronation night, but tensions in Uganda caused by an Ebola outbreak prompted local organizers to postpone the competition Budol was not even supposed to join in the first pl

Why Philippines Failed To Make The Top 16 In Miss Universe 2022

  Why did Philippines fail to place in Miss Universe 2022 after 12 years of successive placements? This is an excerpt of a two-hour group chat conducted via Zoom on January 21, 2023. You can watch the entire chat here:

Brian & Noemi Give The Lowdown on Miss Universe 2022

  Brian Javier and Noemi Melendez attended the Miss Universe 2022 show in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this excerpt, they give the lowdown on the show, such as the chaos and the disorganization revolving around the show, the shabby treatment that Brian received from MUO security staff, and how bad New Orleans was. You can watch the entire chat (over 2 hours long) here:

Has Miss Universe Become Anti-Men?

  Has Miss Universe become anti-men? Guest and pageant analyst Brian Javier seems to think that the pageant’s “women empowerment” movement is alienating men to the point of excluding them. This video is an excerpt of a two-hour group chat which you can seen in its entirety here:

Group Chat on Miss Universe 2022 Finals

This group chat was conducted via Zoom on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST. My guests include Peter Sereno, Noemi Melendez, Sabrina Solomon, Hector Joaquin, George of The Pageant Empress, and Brian Javier. We discuss the results of the Miss Universe 2022 finals held in New Orleans on January 14, 2023.  

My Review & Recap of Miss Universe 2022

In this vlog, I do a brief review and recap of the 71st edition of Miss Universe which was held on January 14, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Why The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam Did Not Place In Miss Universe 2022

  This is an excerpt of a two-hour chat that I had with Antonio Rivadeneira on the results of Miss Universe 2022 finals held last January 14 in New Orleans. Antonio and I discuss the possible reasons as to why the four Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam) who usually do well in Miss Universe did not place in the 71st edition of the pageant. You can watch the entire chat here:

USA Wins Its Ninth Miss Universe Crown

  NEW ORLEANS — R'Bonney Gabriel, a fashion designer, model and sewing instructor from Texas who competition officials said is the first Filipino American to win Miss USA, was crowned Miss Universe on Saturday night. Gabriel closed her eyes and clasped hands with runner-up Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, at the moment of the dramatic reveal of the winner, then beamed after her name was announced. Thumping music rang out, and she was handed a bouquet of flowers, draped in the winner's sash and crowned with a tiara onstage at the 71st Miss Universe Competition, held in New Orleans. The second runner-up was Miss Dominican Republic, Andreina Martinez. In the Q&A at the last stage of the competition for the three finalists, Gabriel was asked how she would work to demonstrate Miss Universe is "an empowering and progressive organization" if she were to win. "I would use it to be a transformational leader," she responded, citing her work using recycled materials

My Top 16 Favorites For Miss Universe 2022. I Don’t Have A Cape, But I Have Many Scarves

In this short video, I reveal my top 16 favorites for the Miss Universe 2022 crown. My list is based on the performance of the contestants during the preliminaries held on January 11. Let me know if my list matches yours! Comment below. The finals will take place on January 14, 2023 in New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Reacting To Miss Universe 2022 National Costume Show

I do a live reaction to the national costume competition of Miss Universe 2022 held in New Orleans on January 11, 2023. Before the start of the show, I was chatting with viewers for a good amount of time and I totally missed most of the costumes. Then I realized the show had a different link, so I had to refresh my screen and click on the new link. The first costume I saw was that of Portugal. LOL Anyway, here's the link to the show:  

Reacting To Miss Universe 2022 Prelims

I do a live reaction to the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competition of Miss Universe 2022 contest held in New Orleans on January 11, 2023. You can also watch my reaction to the national costume show even though I missed most of it because I was responding to the viewers’ comments. Lol.  

Pageant Experts Pick Their Top 5 & Winner For Miss Universe 2022

  This excerpt is from the lengthy group chat that took place on January 6, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST via Zoom. My guests and I reveal our respective top 5 and winner for the Miss Universe 2022 crown. You can watch the full chat here:

Pageant Experts Pick Their Top 15 Favorites For Miss Universe 2022

  This excerpt is from the lengthy group chat that took place on January 6, 2023 starting at 9:00 PM EST via Zoom. My guests and I each reveal our respective top 15 favorites for the Miss Universe 2022 crown. You can watch the full chat here:

Vlogger Brian Javier Was Mistreated by Miss Universe

During a group chat that took place on January 6, 2023, guest vlogger Brian Javier, who is covering the Miss Universe 2022 competition in New Orleans, reveals how he was mistreated by the Miss Universe Organization. He also felt slighted by the current titleholder, Harnaaz Sandhu. On a brighter note, the new MUO owner Anne JKN shows up to say hello!  

Who Will Win Miss Universe 2022?

  This group chat took place on Friday, January 6, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST. My guests include Peter Sereno, Gaspar Cruz, Noemi Melendez, Hector Joaquin, Rocky Graziano, and briefly, Brian Javier. We discuss about the changes under the new ownership and reveal our top 20, top 10, top 5 and winner!

End Of The Year Review 2022

And the winner is... Miss Transformational. Runners-up include Miss Take Up Space and Miss Mental Awareness.          2022 pageantry was characterized by transformations starting with new ownership of the Miss Universe Organization. For the first time in its 71-year history, MUO is no longer owned by an American but by a foreigner - a Thai entrepreneur who happens to be a transwoman. Dramatic scandals afflicted the Miss USA system which led to director Crystle Stewart being suspended and her husband Max Sebrechts being fired from his post. This was followed by Miss USA contestants who took up space on their social media to question the official results. The death by suicide of Cheslie Kryst traumatized the pageant industry and mental health all of a sudden became everyone's buzz word. Miss World learned a hard lesson not to do business with friends. The Covid-19 pandemic seemed to have dissipated, which allowed Miss International to stage its 60th edition in December after three y