Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2015

Clarissa Molina, a 23-year-old model representing the province of Espaillat, was crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2015 in Santo Domingo on August 30th. She will now compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have not yet been confirmed. The representative of San Francisco de Macorís, Sofhinel Báez, was crowned eina Hispanoamericana 2015 whereas Miss La Altagracia, Jennifer Pichardo, was crowned Miss Continente Unido 2015.


Miss Universe Jamaica 2015

Sharlene Radlein was crowned Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 on August 29th in St. Andrew's Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Radlein was crowned by outgoing queen Kaci Fennell who was fourth runner-up in Miss Universe 2014 pageant. Radlein will now represent her country in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have yet to be announced.

China's representative for Miss Supranational 2015 selected

Miss Yangtze River, Jiachang Song, 20, was crowned Miss China 2015 during the annual Miss China Landscape Pageant in the city of Guangzhou. The final featured 22 representatives from all over the mainland China and overseas Chinese community. The winner is a student of Sports University who enjoys horse riding, swimming and dancing. she is scheduled to represent China in the 2015 Miss Supranational Pageant in Poland at the end of year. During her reign Miss China is expected to promote fur-free fashion and making appearances nationwide. Thanks to Adam Lee for this information.

Miss Universe Ghana 2015 crowned, but results may have been rigged

Hilda Akua, 26, was crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2015 on August 29 in Accra. She will now represent Ghana at the next edition of Miss Universe pageant whose date and venue have not been confirmed. Akua was born in Ghana but moved to Toronto, Canada where she lived for 5 years and later moved to Texas where she went to college. Akua is a pageant veteran, having won Miss Ghana USA in 2012 and was the second runner-up at Miss Africa USA in 2014. Ten young women competed in this year's pageant.

Critical Beauty received an e-mail from a pageant fan (who prefers to be called "Ian") who claims that the pageant results had been rigged to purposely eliminate Aisha, a heavy favorite, and to make Hilda the winner, and that Hilda and the pageant owner have known each other for years.  The e-mail states (as is):

Hello I'm not very good at writing but I have talked to the contestants ofMiss Universe Ghana and they have all said that the pageant was rigged for theWinner Hilda Akua.. Well here's some info Aisha and Yaya Zoe were the majorfavourites because of their good looks and strong catwalks During the Q&A thegirls werent supposed to hear the question because they were all answering thesame one...so the Top 5 was called but aisha was left out and they were calledin this order first Vanessa, second Marie, 3rd Hilda, 4th Yaya then last Ekua..But then somehow Hilda was called last to answer the Question and she heard thequestion backstage giving her time to analyze the question.... she eventuallywon.. 1st RU went to Yaya Zoe and the crowd was not happy at all in fact theywere cheering for Aisha and Yaya Zoe to win.. It's apparent that the girls knowthe pageant was rigged (I talked to aisha and yaya zoe) yaya also said Aisha wasrobbed of a spot in the top 5...i know for a fact they didnt put aisha in thetop 5 cause if she answered the q&a she would have definitely aced it andultimately won the title.. The whole pageant is rigged! Please Please shed somelight to this issue the girls deserve it.. I will send a video soon of howunfair the pageant was please dont show my email hide me under the name "Ian"thanks!

Hilda Akua and the new Owner of MUG have been friends for years


Meanwhile, a pageant fan posted in another forum that the pageant results had been rigged as to include only girls that live in North America (i.e. Hilda, Yaya). We are sure we are going to hear more from it in the next days to come, so stay tuned!


Miss Earth Indonesia 2015

Belinda Pritasari was crowned Miss Earth Indonesia 2015 in Jakarta on August 29th.  She will now represent Indonesia in Miss Earth 2015 to be held in Vienna, Austria on December 5th.  Her elemental court includes:

Miss Earth Indonesia Air 2015: Yovita Iskandar
Miss Earth Indonesia Water 2015: Maria Cordelia
Miss Earth Indonesia Fire 2015: Ni Luh
Miss Earth Eco-tourism Indonesia 2015: Grecia


Miss Scotland 2015

Mhairi Fergusson, 21, from the city of Stirling, was crowned Miss Scotland 2015 on August 27 at Hotel Radisson Blu in Glasgow. She will now compete in Miss World 2015 which will be held in Sanya, China on Decermber 19. The other finalists were Christina Chalk and Olivia McPike.


Miss Universe Aruba and Miss World Aruba 2015

Two new Aruban queens were crowned on August 23rd at Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. Nicole van Tellingen was crowned Miss Aruba World 2015 and will compete in 2015 Miss World in Sanya, China in December. Alysha Boekhoudt was crowned Miss Universe Aruba 2015 and will compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have not yet been confirmed. The first runner-up is Thalia Croes who will replace any of the titleholders should either one is unable to compete internationally.


Scandal rocks the debut of World Beauty Queen pageant

Claims of mistreatment, fake candidates, sexual improprieties, danger, and deceit (lots of it!)


     The first edition of World Beauty Queen pageant, which took place on a beach last Friday, August 22nd, in Incheon, Korea, got off to a bad start, and we mean a really bad start.  A pageant insider who is based in Asia has informed Critical Beauty that the new pageant, co-organized by Alan Sim (owner of Mister International pageant who was involved in a scandal earlier this year) and Jung-Hoon Jun (Sim's business associate and the Korean national director for Mister International), is a fake pageant designed to make money by exploiting gullible contestants. The winner from Japan, Kazue Oshima, is actually 30 years old (even though the age limit is 26). 

     There were only 14 contestants (4 of whom had questionable background). Two contestants (Misses Australia and Estonia) rushed off the stage after the pageant because they were so disgusted by the results - which appear to have been rigged - among other things.  There were no African or Latin American delegates, and that the mother of Miss Indonesia was crying because the organizers treated the girls like prostitutes.  Miss Australia (who wishes not to be named) immediately took her complaints to social media, accusing the organizers (Sim and Jung-Hoon) of mistreating, abusing and endangering the lives of the contestants some of whom feared the two men. Her national director, Choy Symes, posted her rants to Symes' Facebook page and to a Facebook group page for national directors. Miss Australia's statement reveals horrible situations in which the girls had been placed during their stay in Korea. 

     Alan Sim posted his response to the Australian delegate's claims, denies any wrongdoing that he had been accused of and tries in vain to explain his side of the story, even educating the readers about "cultural" differences between Koreans and non-Koreans. If that were the case, one would think that the foreigners should have been given a crash course on Korean customs and mentality, right?

     Sim's explanation seems to have fallen in deaf ears, since no one "liked" his post even fifteen hours after he had posted it. Even if he claims that he is not the "owner or organizer," he had a moral obligation to make sure that the safety of contestants would be top priority. Sim has been producing pageants for many years, and it is simply nauseating to think that he is desperately trying to wash his hands of the incident and indirectly blames the contestants themselves. Obviously, Sim and his Korean colleague Jung-Hoon Jun were more concerned about putting on a show and extending their profits instead of extending a helping hand to the girls in distress.  

     Miss Estonia also released a statement illustrating her side of the story which resembles that of Miss Australia. It was sent to us by Choy Symes with whom Miss Estonia has been communicating. She writes:

I was a candidate at the Miss World Beauty Queen 2015 pageant held in Korea 12-24 August, which turned out to be a disaster and I feel the need to speak about that. The organizers of this pageant Alan Sim and “president” Jung-Hoon Jun turned out to be fake and unprofessional. They rather used us to do promotional work for different nightclubs and different alcohol brands.

When I arrived I was shocked, cause instead of 30 candidates arrived only 11 from another countries and +2 local girls. The others had canceled their trip in the last minute, as I understood. The accommodation was organized in one under-renovation Hotel called Sunshine (Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea). The food that they gave us was fast (junk) food: pizzas, hamburgers, Korean fast food from day to day, seems like that they just wanted save money on our expense. Many girls felt sick after eating local fast food, including me.

Because of the lack of girls, the “president” invited her friends to be fake candidates who actually lived in Korea: Kosova, Siberia, Singapore and Hong Kong, were all actually locals, to do the show in the nightclub. The candidate who was pretending to represent Hong Kong was in fact the organizers assistant by the name of Juliet (Ji Ni).

*Sponsor from nightclub
First weekend (2 nights) modeling and promoting the nightclub they put 3 cardboard boxes as stairs on the way to stage, that what we had to walk up. On the first night Miss Indonesia hurt herself falling off the stairs on her heels and the organizer didn’t even care. Show had to go on like this. Her leg and her hand were badly injured because of that.

The next day (Sunday) with 3 hours of sleep first group of girls had to be ready (with hair and make-up) for bikini photo-shoot. I stood up and went to ask from organizers assistant Juliet, can they maybe have an extra hour sleep, cause we were tired and weak from the night, and she got mad and started screaming that who am I to complain. The photo-shoot was taken individually in one dirty underground studio with about 12 photographers. Girls , me included, were asked to take “sexy” poses which were insulting and demeaning, I said that “I don’t do porn!” and also other girls refused doing poses which belong to men’s magazine. We don’t even know where they used these photos. They didn’t answer that.

*Sponsor from plastic surgery
We were made to “consult” with the doctors from plastic surgery, that they could have pictures with us for their advertisement.

*Pre judgement held in a nightclub 21st of August
First organizers let us know that the pre judgement is held in a hotel, later it turns out that it’s held in a nightclub inside the hotel. Also the way to the stage (small stairs) was dangerous for girls with big dresses and high heels. Miss Thailand’s dress got stuck on the stairs but luckily she didn’t fall. We had to do a show with national dress, evening gown and bikini. There where girls who felt uncomfortable doing bikini show in front of drunk people who where partying.  
After the show we had to stay for some champagne, although the contract forbids us from drinking alcoholic beverages during the pageant, we were offered alcohol on many occasions. The organizers were paid for us sitting with men (over 35 or 40 years old) who were rude, trying to touch girls genital region, breasts, asking phone numbers, asking which hotel (and room) we are staying and offering money. It was all in front our organizer assistant Juliet, who was supposed to take care of us but instead she took a cheque from the men.
When we got ready to go back to our hotel it turned out that some of the girls national gifts were stolen from our backstage (Australias and Indias).
 *Final at Tiger Beach 22nd of August
(Held in front of no more than 15 people in the audience) 
Miss Japan won the title, who was actually a good friend to Jung Hoon Jun, who invited her to attend this pageant. After the final one the girls had acquired a copy of Miss Japan's passport which we were shown and it showed she isn’t 25 years old as she said, instead it turned out she is 31 years of age, born in 1984. Her age automatically disqualified her from this pageant yet she somehow won the pageant.  After the final the organizers of the pageant were done with us, we were left to fend for ourselves, we had to buy our own meals and arrange our own transportation to the airport.

I write this statement for potential candidates and directors wishing to work with these organizers Alan Sim and Jung-Hoon Jun and their assistant Juliet (Ji Ni) to please take care and reconsider involving yourself in a pageant involved with them. (End)

L-R: Misses Australia, Estonia, Belarus & Indonesia
Misses Japan and Russia getting botox injections; their photos would be use to advertise
the plastic surgery center.
The girls were not supposed to drink alcohol during the pageant (per contract), but were forced to drink
and to endorse two types of alcohol. 

"The food that they gave us was fast (junk) food: pizzas, hamburgers, Korean fast food from day to day, seems like that they just wanted save money on our expense. Many girls felt sick after eating local fast food, including me." (Miss Estonia)

      Choy Symes was so disgusted by Sim and Jung-Hoon's unprofessional and unethical behavior that she later posted an angry note on her Facebook page:

      Equally disgusted was Miss Estonia's national director, Tiina Janston, who gave her strong opinion on the matter:

Care to guess which of these contestants are real and which ones are fake? LOL
The nightclub were the "pre-judgment final" was held. The girls felt uncomfortable doing a bikini show in front of drunken men.

     So there you have it. Another bogus pageant with the most generic and uninteresting name - World Beauty Queen - organized by two men who preyed on gullible young women and exploited them for financial gain. Fortunately, two contestants were brave and smart enough to call out on Sim and Jung-Hoon and denounce them for who they really are: partners in crime. I am sure more details will surface, but for the time being I highly advise all national directors who sent contestants to this tacky pageant to end all professional ties with Sim and Jung-Hoon, unless you prefer being in misery's company.

By Rafa Delfin



***Update: Aug. 26, 2015, 07:28 PM (Boston time) 

     Choy Symes sent me a screenshot of Miss Indonesia's statement.

         Critical Beauty also received a message from the pageant insider saying that Miss Japan had informed Jung-Hoon that she is over age, that he had invited her to compete at the last minute, and that she never thought she would win (she thought Miss Philippines was better than her). She also said that every time the girls went to the bar, a lady chaperone always accompanied them, and neither Sim nor Jung-Hoon took the time to assure the girls' safety. Lastly, she said that she did not receive her cash prize.

***Update: Aug. 27, 2015, 06:25 PM (Boston time)

     Critical Beauty received a message from Kazue Oshima herself requesting to have the photo of her passport removed, which we have done. She also gave her correct age - 30 - and not 31 as we had originally posted.


***Update: Aug. 28, 2015, 07:25 PM (Boston time)

     Critical Beauty received this photo of Kazue Oshima and Jung-Hoon Jun:



Miss Teen USA 2015

Katherine Haik of Louisiana was crowned Miss Teen USA 2015 at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Saturday night, August 22. At 15, she is the youngest winner so far. 

Haik's court includes:

1st Runner-Up - California - Melanie Mitchell
2nd Runner-Up - North Carolina - Jane Axhoj
3rd Runner-Up - Tennessee - Hannah Greene
4th Runner-Up - Massachusetts - Sophie Baird

The remaining 10 semi-finalists:
Arizona - Neda Danilovic
Texas - Chloe Kembel
Pennsylvania - Jasmine Daniels
Arkansas - Arynn Johnson
Missouri - Christina Stratton
New York - Geena Cardalena
Oklahoma - Cherokee Pearce
South Carolina - Wesley Mitchell
Alabama - Taylor Ryan Elliott
Vermont - Alexandra Marek

Miss Congeniality Teen USA - West Virginia - Cora King 
Miss Photogenic Teen USA - Missouri - Christina Stratton

Haik is the second woman from Louisiana to win the title which Shelly Hennig first won in 2004.


PHOTO GALLERY: Miss Universe Denmark 2015

Critical Beauty is a proud media sponsor of Miss Universe Denmark 2015 pageant. 

Click at the banner to take you to the gallery on Facebook:



Sylvia Hitchcock, Miss Universe 1967, succumbs to cancer

Sylvia Hitchcock, Miss Universe 1967 from the United States, has lost her battle with cancer and passed away on August 16th, according to her family. Sylvia had represented Alabama in the Miss USA 1967 pageant, and she became the third American to win the Miss Universe crown. We will sorely miss this charming, warm and truly beautiful woman, and we would like to express our deepest condolences to Sylvia's loved ones. #RIP #SylviaHitchcock


Miss Jamaica World 2015

Sanneta Pilgrim Myrie, a 24-year-old qualified medical doctor, was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2015 at the grand finale held at Montego Bay Convention Centre. She will now represent Jamaica in Miss World 2015 pageant to be held on December 19 in Sanya, China. The first runner-up was Royanne DeSilva and the second runner-up was Roshelle McKinley. The current Miss World, Rolene Strauss, assisted in the coronation of the winner.


Miss Universe Denmark, Miss Earth Denmark, Miss International Denmark & Miss United Continents Denmark for 2015

L-R: Mette Riis Sørensen, Cecilie Wellember, Turið Elinborgardóttir.

New Danish queens were crowned on Saturday night, August 15, at AC Bella Sky Comwell Conference Center in Copenhagen:

Cecilie Wellemberg, 21, Miss Rungsted Kyst, is Miss Universe Denmark 2015. She will compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose venue and place are still to be confirmed.

Turið Elinborgardóttir, 20, Miss Faroe Islands, is Miss Earth Denmark 2015. She will compete in Miss Earth 2015 to be held in Vienna, Austria on December 5th.

Mette Riis Sørensen, 25, Miss Østerbro, is Miss International Denmark 2015. She will compete in Miss International 2015 in Tokyo, Japan on November 5th.

Silvija Vukovic, 25, Miss Frederiksberg, is Miss United Continents Denmark 2015. She will compete in Miss United Continents 2015 in Ecuador on September 12.

The First Princess in Klaudia Parsberg, 23, Miss Vejle, and she will replace any of the above titleholders should one of them is unable to go to her respective international pageant. The First Runner-Up is Laila Karim, 20, Miss Nørrebro, who also won the Miss Photogenic award. Two contestants tied for the Miss Congeniality award: Nathalie Birkedal Nielsen, 24, Miss Gevninge, and Maria Andreasdóttir Sørensen, 22, Miss Vejen.

The Top 6, from left to right: Mette Riis Sørensen, Klaudia Parsberg, Silvija Vukovic, Laila Karim, Cecilie Wellemberg and Turið Elinborgardóttir.

Turið Elinborgardóttir, Miss Earth Denmark 2015 and Miss Critical Beauty Denmark. Critical Beauty is a proud media sponsor of the pageant, and as the winner of CB photo contest, Turið received over $500 worth of gifts, a sash and a bouquet of roses.

Mette Riis Sørensen, Miss International Denmark 2015

Silvija Vukovic, Miss United Continents Denmark 2015

Twenty-five young women competed in the first national pageant for Miss Universe Denmark under a new directorship led by Anders de Voss of ADV Productions ("Face Of Denmark"). The co-hosts for the show were British male model Rob Evans and former Miss Universe Zaklina Sojic. Among the judges included Miss Earth 2009 Larissa Ramos Tramontin and Rafa Delfin, director of Critical Beauty.