40 Contestants To Return To Puerto Rico For Miss World 2021 Finals


On January 21, 2022 via its official website, the Miss World Organization announced the remaining 25 quarter finalists that have been selected and invited to return to Puerto for the 2021 finals to take place in March,

The finals was supposed to have taken place last December 16, but due to the surge of COVID-19 cases that included over 30 delegates and staff, the finals was postponed until March.

The first 15 quarter finalists who have already advanced were fast-track winners: South Africa, Philippines, Paraguay, Mongolia, Nepal, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, England, Botswana, Cameroon, Nicaragua. India, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States. This time, the additional 25 are the judges' choices.

From the website:

Julia Morley and her Miss World team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the contestants from the 97 countries that have contributed so much to this year's event. We are sad that you cannot all return for the finale, but we really hope that every country will join with us online on March 16th. (Details for these arrangements will follow). 

All 97 Miss World Contestants will be featured in the broadcast of the 70th Miss World Final, which will air 8pm - 11pm ET on March 16th live from the Coliseo De Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot.

Key Dates

March 12th Arrivals Day

March 16th 70th Miss World Final  8pm - 11pm (local)

March 17th Beauty With A Purpose Special Event  

March 18th Contestants return to home countries


Best Pageant Of 2021


Watch me and my guests (Summer Smith of Crown Sisters, Peter Sereno of The Pageant Institute, Ecuadorian pageant analyst Antonio Rivadeneira and Ko Phanasa of KP1 Worldwide) select our choices for the best pageant of 2021. The nominees are:
Miss Universe
Miss Grand International
Miss Supranational
Miss Earth
Miss Intercontinental
The Miss Globe


Miss Earth USA 2022 Crowned


Natalia Salmon of Pennsylvania was crowned Miss Earth USA 2022 on January 8 at the Linda Chapin Theater in Orlando, Florida.  She will now compete in the next edition of Miss Earth whose date and venue have yet to be confirmed. 

Salmon's court includes:
Faith Porter - District of Columbia - Miss Earth USA Air 2022 
Brielle Simmons - Connecticut - Miss Earth USA Water 2022
Hannah Wellborn-Lewis - North Carolina - Miss Earth USA Fire 2022
Emma Loney - Oklahoma - Miss Earth USA Eco 2022

Natalia Salmon

Photos courtesy of Miss Earth USA


Best And Worst In Pageantry 2021


Watch me and my guests dissect pageantry in 2021. My guests include Summer Smith of Crown Sisters, Peter Sereno of The Pageant Institute, Ko Phanasa of KP1 Worldwide, and Ecuadorian fan and pageant analyst Antonio Rivadeneira. Hector Joaquin joined in towards the last half hour of the show. We discuss the best and worst in pageantry in 2021 with focus on these pageants: Miss Universe, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational, Miss Earth, Miss Intercontinental and The Miss Globe.


End Of The Year Review - Pageantry In 2021


And the winner is... Miss Quasi-Normal. Runners-up include Miss Apartheid Universe and Miss Covid World.

      2021 pageantry was characterized by a gradual return to normalcy as pageant competitions – which had been cancelled or postponed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic – succeeded in staging physical productions while paying close attention to universal safety guidelines. Even major events like the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which was cancelled in 2020, successfully took place in 2021. Miss Universe and Miss Grand International held two editions (one each for 2020 and 2021), The Miss World finals was postponed for March 2022 after several contestants had tested positive for COVID-19 in Puerto Rico which hosts the pageant. The year was also a milestone for Miss Universe and Miss World’s 70th anniversary and Miss America’s 100th anniversary.

TRANS-CENDENTAL MISS:  On March 8, 2021, Filipino-American Kataluna Enriquez made history by being the first transwoman to be crowned Miss Silver State USA, a preliminary title to Miss Nevada USA. On June 28, Henriquez was crowned Miss Nevada USA 2021, making her the first transwoman to win the state title, and the first transwoman to compete in Miss USA. Pageant fans were hoping for Kataluna to win Miss USA 2021 but luck was not on her side as she went unplaced in the competition.

MORE THAN A WOMAN:  Beatrice Luigi Gomez, representing Cebu City, was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 on September 30. In her bio, she describes herself as community development worker, athlete, and a reservist for the Philippine Navy. She made history as the first openly bisexual woman who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. She represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Eilat, Israel where she finished in the Top 5, surpassing the feat of the last two Philippine delegates who only placed in the Top 20.


LOCO ECO:  Less than 48 hours after the coronation of South Africa's Gizzelle Uys as Miss Eco International 2020 in Egypt in April, the news broke out on social media claiming that several of the contestants had contracted COVID-19. Apparently, the pageant owner herself Dr. Amaal Rezk was also positive but didn’t tell anyone about it. The contestants cried foul because they felt that the organization had abandoned them, and that they had to stay in Egypt indefinitely and pay for their own accommodations. Jessica Newton, the national director of Peru for Miss Eco International, received tremendous backlash specially from angry Filipino fans after she posted the Covid-positive test result of Miss Eco Philippines Kelley Day on her Instagram story. Also, on her IG story, Newton posted that the Miss Peru Organization will no longer send representatives to the pageant after the abuse and mistreatment that the candidates received from the organizers. Nawat Itsaragrisil, the CEO of Miss Grand International as well as Thailand's director at Miss Eco International, did a live talk with condemning MEIO's negligent action.


GRAND TWIST - PART ONE:  Miss Grand International 2020 was supposed to be held in Venezuela on October 25, 2020 but was moved to Thailand on March 27, 2021 due to the pandemic. In a strange turn of events, there was a tie among the three finalists (Guatemala, USA, Philippines) who then had to respond to the same question. The judges decided that Abena Appiah of USA gave the best answer and was crowned the winner, even though the Philippines' Samantha Bernardo's answer was the most logical.

GRAND TWIST - PART TWO:  Miss Grand International 2021 was held in Phuket, Thailand on December 4. A new twist materialized – that there was a tie between the two remaining finalists, Ecuador and Vietnam – even though there was an odd number of judges that consisted entirely of former titleholders. Inside sources claimed that MGI owner Nawat Itsaragirisil’s favorite was Ecuador. An amateur video made by a spectator in the audience was posted on social media by an Ecuadorian; the video showed that Nawat was being egged on by his associates sitting around him to choose Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên of Vietnam as the winner. The video went viral, provoking pageant fans to question - again - the integrity of MGI's judging system. 

OH, CAROLINE! On April 4, 20201 Caroline Jurie - who was Mrs. Sri Lanka 2019 before she was crowned Mrs. World 2020. attended the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 pageant to crown her national successor. When Pushpika De Silva was declared as the winner, Jurie claimed that De Silva did not deserve the crown because she was divorced which goes against the regulations of the competition. Jurie yanked off the crown from De Silva's head in a vigorous fashion, causing injuries to De Silva's, and crowned the first runner-up as the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka. However, De Silva later issued a statement insisting that she is not divorced but is currently separated from her husband. An April 5 press release from Mrs. World stated that the organization requested Jurie to issue an apology; it also acknowledged De Silva as the new Mrs. Sri Lanka. As a result of the onstage incident, Jurie, as well as model Chula Padmendra, were arrested on charges of assault on April 8.After being released on bail, Jurie posted an Instagram video in which she defended her decision and mentioned that she is ready to pass on her Mrs. World crown. he Mrs World organization announced later in April that Kate Schneider from Ireland, who was the first runner-up when Jurie won the title, was the winner following Jurie's voluntary resignation as Mrs. World. 

DON'T F--K WITH MICHAEL: In May, Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco called out the Miss Universe Canada team after he was blamed for the Canadian delegate Nova Stevens’ failure to land in the semifinals of the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. Cinco said the team had been spreading lies about him, including sabotaging Stevens' chances in the international pageant.

“Now this is for you, to the whole Miss Canada team Migüel Martinez, Denis Martin Davila, and Miss Canada Organization and your ungrateful Miss Canada Nova Stevens,” said Cinco in a lengthy Facebook post. The fashion designer also posted a screenshot of a comment from an Instagram account named MG Mode, where it claimed that Cinco’s gowns arrived late.

Another Filipino designer, Rian Hernandez, echoed Michael Cinco’s rant by sharing his harrowing experience with the Miss Universe Canada Organization led by Denis Davila. Hernandez claimed that only one of the five gowns that he had loaned to MUC 2018 Magdalena Stepien was returned to him, and that he never received a thank you note or an apology from Stepien or Davila. Hernandez warned all Filipino designers never to allow themselves be scammed by MUC Organization. 

Nova Stevens has clapped back on racial insults hurled against her, saying people who make such remarks seem to be stuck in ignorant ideologies. On her Instagram account in early May, Stevens posted a photo of her with superimposed racist remarks from Filipino netizens as the insults were expressed in Filipino language. Stevens conveyed her disappointment as the racial slurs she received happened despite flourishing movements against racism and hatred toward Asians.

“With all that has been going on in the world ‘black lives matter’, ‘Asians are human’ you would think this would bring us together. Instead, looks like some people are still stuck in their ignorant and racist ideologies,” she wrote in social media post. “I’m really disappointed with some Pageant fans from certain countries. Your hate takes away the fun and enjoyment from this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she added.


YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME: During the June 6, 2021 elections, former Miss Universe Lupita Jones from Mexico ran for governor in her state of Baja California and placed third in the polls, gaining less than 12% of the votes. Three weeks earlier, Lupita's protégée, Andrea Meza, had won Mexico's third Miss Universe crown in Hollywood, Florida.

SLEIGH RIDE:  In early September Andre Sleigh, the Miss Supranational Organization's Creative Director, became the center of controversy when a comment that he had made on social media (while dining with Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild) which offended the Indonesian pageant fans – “I’m so sick of these f---ing Indonesians!” – resulted in him receiving hateful comments and death threats from Indonesians after their contestant, Jihane Chedid, failed to make the top five despite her immense popularity. A visibly shaken Sleigh disabled his social media accounts indefinitely to recover from the backlash. Once he resurfaced, he began posting videos explaining his position which included apologizing to the Indonesians.


TO COMPETE OR NOT TO COMPETE:  In early October, an Instagram account for Miss Universe UAE (United Arab Emirates) was launched – this indicated that the UAE would be participating in Miss Universe for the first time. But as the Miss Universe competition approached, there was no indication at all that a pageant to select the UAE representative ever took place, despite reports that over 30,0000 applications had been submitted. The national director Josh Yugen neither responded to inquiries nor sent out a press release explaining why the pageant never took place. Eventually, no UAE delegate was selected, possibly due to complaints made by several national directors who did not think that it was fair for the Miss Universe Organization to establish a different set of criteria to select the UAE delegate.


NOT MOROCCAN ENOUGH:  On October 16, an Instagram account for Miss Universe Morocco was created, prompting pageant fans that Morocco would return to Miss Universe since its last participation in 1978. During a physical pageant on November 6, Fatima-Zahra Khayat was crowned Miss Universe Morocco 2021, but her selection was deemed questionable because she only joined the national contest two days before the finals. Four days later, Khayat had a leg accident which prevented her from going to Israel for the Miss Universe competition. She relinquished the crown to the first runner-up, Kawtar Benhalima Benjelloun whose selection as the new Miss Universe Morocco angered several Moroccan fans who did not like Kawtar because of what she stated during the interview round of the national finals. Kawtar, who grandmother was Algerian, stated that her grandmother had taught Moroccan women how to sew. A petition was started by a Moroccan citizen who called to dethrone Kawtar because she did not deserve to represent Morocco. 

A WOMAN OF CONVICTION: On November 14, the government of South Africa, with pressure from pro-Palestinian Parliament member Mandla Mandela,  withdrew its support to Lalela Mswane, Miss South Africa 2021, for the Miss Universe pageant pageant because the event was organized in Israel whom the South African government considers as an “apartheid” country. Lalela told The Jerusalem Post ahead of the finals that she was glad she decided to participate. "If I had not come to Israel to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, I think I would have regretted it for the rest of my life,” she told the publication. Lalela added: "My soul would not have been at peace if I had skipped it."  During her homecoming press conference, instead of crying tears of joy at earning the second runner-up position in Miss Universe, Lalela held back her anguish  facing widespread backlash and even death threats from competing in Israel.


On November 21, Miss Earth held a virtual pageant for the second consecutive year, ending in the coronation of Destiny Wagner who brought the first international pageant title to her country, Belize. The 25-year-old Wagner - a spitting image of American rhythm & blues singer Alicia Keys, returned to Belize and was given a warm reception by government officials and the public. 


After skipping a year because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Miss America 2022 finals took place on December 16 at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. Alaska’s Emma Broyles was crowned as the 100th Miss America. Honestly, I was expecting a high-quality production to celebrate the pageant’s 100th anniversary, but the show turned out uninteresting and flat. The contestant from Maine withdrew from the competition as a result of testing positive for Covid-19, though she won the Miss Congeniality award.


On December 13, the Miss Universe 2021 competition was held in Eilat, Israel - one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world. Despite the pandemic, 80 countries were able to complete. Notable absentees included Malaysia and Indonesia, two predominantly Muslim countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel whom they consider an apartheid country. A delegate from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was supposed to compete but no representative ever showed up. Instead, a young woman from Bahrain named Jess Deyani - the shortest contestant at barely 5 feet tall - arrived to become her country's first representative to the pageant. Besides Bahrain and Israel, the other Middle Eastern countries were Turkey and Morocco which returned after 43 years of absence. 

Despite the strict COVID protocol, one contestant, the French delegate Clémence Botino tested positive for COVID and had to be isolated and quarantined for ten days. Luckily, her second test proved negative and she was allowed to compete, making the top 10.  Two contestants were assigned after the withdrawal of the original contestant. Debbie Aflalo, originally the first runner-up of Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2021, was appointed to represent the country after the original winner, Andreína Martínez, tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before her scheduled departure. Kawtar Benhalima, originally the first runner-up of Miss Universe Morocco 2021, was appointed to represent the country after the original winner, Fatima-Zahra Khayat, had been injured in an accident.

The Bahamas has been competing in Miss Universe since 1963 but has never placed - until Chantel O'Brian - with her infectious charisma and unique style, went to Israel to show the universe that Bahamian girls can rock the stage. And so she did! Chantel became the first Bahamian delegate to place and making it all the way to the Top 10. 

Steve Harvey returned as host for the sixth time, though rumor has it that this was his last year as host. The show was broadcast live by Fox on the U.S. East Coast starting at 7:00 PM on December 12 and at 2 AM, December 13 in Israel. Harnaaz Sandhu, 21, of India was crowned the 70th Miss Universe, making her the third woman from her country to win the coveted crown.


On December 16, the Miss World 2021 finals was supposed to take place in Puerto Rico, but earlier that day the Miss World Organization decided to postpone the pageant until March 2022 because several contestants and staff members, including the current titleholder Toni-Ann Singh, had tested positive for Covid-19. The infected contestants and staff had to remain in Puerto Rico and be isolated for ten days, so some of them had to spend Christmas in quarantine.  According to an article published in Page Six, the Miss World Organization lost millions of dollars after the finals was cancelled. The contestants were advised to return to Puerto Rico in March for the finals, although it is not clear if MWO will pay for the airfares and accommodations of all the contestants, or if only the top 30 semifinalists will be required to come back. 


HONORABLE MENTIONS: On October 30, Andrea Bazarte of Mexico was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Her predecessor is also from Mexico, which makes Mexico as the first country to win back-to-back in this pageant. Even though the 2020 edition of Miss Universe took place on May 16, 2021 in Hollywood, Florida, it is worth mentioning some tidbits. Natasha Joubert of South Africa failed to enter the semifinals, much to the surprise of pageant fans who had chosen her as one of the frontrunners. Thuzar Wint Lwin brought Myanmar its first placement, landing in the top 20.  Adline Castelino of India led her country to the top 5 - the first time for India since 2002 when Celina Jaitley placed fourth runner-up. And Janick Maceta of Peru brought her country its first top 5 spot in 63 years.

On August 21 in Malopolska, Poland, Namibia's Chanique Rabé was crowned Miss Supranational 2021, and on the following day Peru's Varo Vargas won Mister Supranational 2021. It was the first time for both countries to win these titles, and the first time for an African country to win Miss Supranational.

Even though the Miss World 2021 edition was postponed, it is worth mentioning the following bits. Khadija Omar became the first representative of Somalia - and the first hijabi - to compete in this pageant. Usually, Miss World attracts over 100 participating countries, but because of the pandemic or other reasons, 28 countries were unable to send their delegates to Puerto Rico.

Miss USA 2021 Elle Smith of Kentucky was the last national representative to be crowned or selected for the Miss Universe 2021 contest. She was crowned on November 29 - the first day of arrival of the contestants in Israel.




The Philippines has proven once again that it is a super pageant powerhouse by producing multiple winners and finalists in both major and minor pageants.

On October 3, Alexandra Faith Garcia was crowned Miss Aura International 2021 in Antalya, Turkey.

On October 30, Cinderella “Cindy” Obeñita  was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2021 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.

On November 5, Maureen Montagne was crowned The Miss Globe 2021 in Tirana, Albania.

On December 3, the Miss Interglobal 2021 organizers produced a virtual pageant which was won by Thailand's  Nachita “Hera” Jantana. But less than a week later, Jantana resigned to compete in Miss Grand Chiangrai 2022 pageant where she placed second. The first runner-up from the Philippines, Miriam Damoah, has been announced as the new Miss Interglobal. 

On December 5, Samela Godin was crowned Miss Culture International 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On December 29, Joel Ray Carcasona took over the Mr. Gay World 2021 title after the original winner, Louw Breytenbach resigned after contractual disagreements with the pageant's organizers.  Incidentally, the 2020 winner, Kodie Macayan, is also from the Philippines. Both editions in which these two men competed in were held virtually.

Notable placements include Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Top 5 finalist in Miss Universe 2021; Kelly Day, 1st runner-up in Miss Eco International 2021;  Tatiana Austria, 1st runner-up in Miss Eco Teen International 2021; Emmanuel Vera, 3rd runner-up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2021; Naelah Alshorbaji, Top 8 in Miss Earth 2021; and Rabiya Mateo, Top 20 in Miss Universe 2020 whose edition was held on May 16, 2021.


We honor pageant royalties who have left us in 2021

Former Mississippi 1984 Kathy Manning died on December 23 after several weeks of fighting COVID-19, according to the obituary. She was 59.

Jo-Carroll Dennison, Miss America 1942 from Arizona, died on October 31 at 97. Before her death, she was the oldest surviving Miss America. She was a trailblazer for women’s right long before the #MeToo movement. She objected to wearing the swimsuit during her reign. After her reign, she went to Hollywood to pursue acting. 

By Rafa Delfin, 1/2/2022




Interview With Leen Clive - Mrs. UK World 2021


Get to know Leen Clive, UK's representative to Mrs. World 2022 contest which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 15, 2022. Leen was born and raised in Syria and emigrated to the United Kingdom eight years ago. She met her British husband in Romania and the couple is now proud parents of a six-month baby girl. Leen is an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, and is currently studying to be a surgeon.


Should The Philippines Stop Competing At Miss Grand International?


This chat is an excerpt from Rafa's Virtual Open House Christmas Eve Chat that took place via Zoom on December 24, 2021 with my guest, Peter Sereno of The Pageant Institute. Peter and I tackled the following questions: - Should the Philippines stop competing at Miss Grand International? - What is Nawat Itsaragrisil's idea of beauty? - Is Nawat's sensitivity bad or good? - What makes MGI special? - What are our first impression of Nawat?


Natalie Glebova’s Interview With Oxana Fedorova, Dethroned Miss Universe 2002



The interview was conducted via Natalie Glebova’s Instagram account on December 26, 2021. The chat was interesting because it was the first time for me to hear Oxana speak English. There were seven main issues that were brought up during the entire chat which lasted just a little under an hour.

First, the Gucci dress that Oxana wore during the finals. Second, Natalie mentions that fans have compared her to Oxana and suggested that she copied Oxana's look Third, how destiny played a role in Oxana becoming Miss Universe Fourth, Natalie promotes her "winning the crown" philosophy which Oxana wholeheartedly supports .

Fifth, Natalie brings up the question that Oxana answered during the final Q & A, "What makes you blush?" and how the interpreter botched her answer Sixth, the importance of proper breathing which is the key to controlling your nerves Seventh, Oxana explains the reason why she stepped down as Miss Universe - or at least her version of the story. Toward the end of this vlog, I reveal the real reason Oxana lost her Miss Universe crown!


Rafa's Virtual Open House Christmas Eve Chat


This chat was conducted via Zoom on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST. My guest include Peter Sereno from the Pageant Institute.

0:46 - Greetings!
1:53 - Peter Sereno joins in
3:12 - It's already Christmas in Australia
3:27 - Omicron
4:32 - Peter is celebrating Christmas alone with his two dogs
5:07 - Rafa and dog food
5:59 - It's snowing in Massachusetts where it is 9:00 AM and 1:00 AM Christmas day in Australia; Rafa reads comments from viewers
7:44 - Rafa and Peter imitate Summer Smith of Crown Sisters
9:00 - Rafa invites viewers to ask questions
9:47 - Rafa reminisces about his childhood Christmas experience in the Philippines, his favorite toys
11:43 - Rafa was horrible as a child
14:00 - Peter's father took him to a shooting range
15:20 - Peter's cricket bat
15:44 - Barbie dolls, GI Joes, toy soldiers
17:33 - Peter's younger sister came along and he used her as his living Barbie
19:34 - Rafa's family
21:19 - Rafa reads comments from viewers
22:36 - Bianca Tirsin is Miss Charm Romania 2022, why she didn't make the cut in Miss Universe 2020
25:21 - Natasha Joubert, Miss Universe South Africa 2020
26:56 - What exactly is Miss Charm International?
29:00 - Rafa reads comments from viewers. Is Michelle Marie Colon the new Miss Grand Puerto Rico?
31:06 - Peter asks Rafa if pageants are political
32:03 - Rafa defends Miss Earth's virtual pageants, pros and cons of virtual pageants
33:35 - Miss America versus Miss USA
35:52 - Peter wonders about these pageants who only have female judges. Where are the gay men?
37:39 - The Bahamas finally makes the cut in Miss Universe. Rafa thinks that the Bahamas should keep the momentum going.
38:38 - Pageants have a lot of benefits for young women; Rafa suggests to "kidnap" beautiful women and "brainwash" her. Peter disapproves lol
39:58 - Pageant fan Ruel comments, our analysis of MGI 2021 has the highest number of views so far
42:18 - Who is the most beautiful titleholder from 2021?
42:53 - Andrea Meza's short reign; her platform to stop gender-based violence and catcalls, promotes veganism
45:23 - Summer Smith texts Rafa saying she wants to join the chat
45:48 - Rafa asks the viewers their plans for Christmas
45:46 - What is the new Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu's advocacy?
47:58 - Comparing Miss Universe 2021 and Miss Supranational 2021
49:39 - Miss Grand International 2021 - what's up with her?
50:28 - Summer can't get in the chat room; she's getting error messages :(
51:19 - Peter's Christmas tree
51:55 - Rafa's Christmas mannequin tree, Nike the goddess of victory
53:44 - Peter hates Chinese Laundry shoes and the meaning behind gowns
54:26 - Rafa likes to hear the story behind a national costume
55:22 - Should the Philippines stop competing in MGI?
57:10 - MGI owner Nawat's idea of beauty
59:23 - Nawat is a very senstitive and emotional man
1:00:09 - Peter defends Nawat's sensitive nature
1:01:30 - Rafa's first impression of Nawat
1:02:33 - Rafa reads comments from viewers, Miss Supranational 2022
1:04:16 - Who runs Miss Charm International and what is its platform?
1:04:56 - How Peter and Rafa got first into pageantry
1:06:36 - Peter designed Dani Fitch's gown in MGI 2016
1:08:21 - The most amazing part of being a pageant coach
1:10:24 - Pageants before social media
1:11:22 - Shout-out to Luis Portelles. We love Luis!
1:14:16 - Shout-out to Ko Phanasa. We love Ko!
1:15:29 - Viewer Ruel asks, Why does Nawat hate Miss Earth?
1:17:33 - What does Rafa think of Mister Grand International?
1:19:45 - Why did Thailand resign as Miss Interglobal 2021?
1:21:15 - How did Rafa get connected with other pageant experts? Critical Beauty is 17 years old! Rafa plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but where?
1:22:48 - Shout-out to Vagisha Mishra of Pageants With Vagisha
1:23:25 - Luis Portells says Merry Christmas in the Chat Box
1:24:13 - Summer Smith says we should celebrate CB's 20th anniversary in a safe place, but Rafa prefers somewhere dangerous. Lol
1:25:44 - Miss Tourism International 2021 - virtual pageant
1:26:14 - Miss Earth USA 2022 to be held in Orlando, Florida on January 6-8
1:27:44 - Question from Luis Portelles - Which do we prefer? Virtual or physical pageant?
1:30:53 - What changes do we want to see in pageants in 2022?
1:31:52 - Nawat wants to surpass Miss Universe
1:32:46 - Pageants of the Universe - a vlog about behind the scenes of pageants
1:34:10 - Miss Universe top 16 this year was very diverse. When was the last time MU crowned a blond, blue--eyed girl?
1:36:02 - Australia's pageant problem
1:37:40 - Our perception of beauty is changing every day
1:38:48 - Question from Ruel - Do you have a wishlist for girls to join Miss Universe Philippines 2022?
1:42:28 - Kisses Delavin - should she compete again?
1:43:56 - Victoria Velasquez Vincent - who rejected the offer of Miss Universe New Zealand 2021
1:44:41 - Jazmin Umali
1:45:22 - Emma Tiglao
1:45:49 - Great Britain was the only blonde who made Top 16 in Miss Universe 2021
1:48:29 - Miss Galaxy
1:48:58 - Rafa was asked his opinion of India in Miss Earth
1:50:16 - A fan says that a "mestiza" will win MU Philippines 2022
1:52:00 - Luis Portelles wants to increase the age limit to 30 so Katrina Dimaranan can compete again. Why the judges picked Beatrice over Katrina.
1:55:53 - Is Miss Intercontinental a grand slam pageant?
1:57:03 - MU 2021 was a night for India and the Philippines; Filipino designers are the most-sought after.
1:59:40 - Designer Michael Cinco
2:00:38 - When will Venezuela reach the top in Miss Universe again? Are Miss Venezuela contestants/titleholders being pimped as prostitutes?
2:02:50 - Did you expect Beatrice Luigi Gomez to make the top 5?
2:04:23 - Summer comments that British accent sounds prestigious to Americans. Peter and Rafa imitate a British accent
2:05:24 - Rafa asks Peter if he eats vegemite sandwich
2:06;32 - Skelly Ivy Florida - a stunning half-Filipino half-Black whom Rafa and Peter want to see compete again in MU Philippines
2:06:52 - A viewer asked, "What is a dream gown that you would like to see on MU stage?"
2:11:44 - Francis Libiran designed Beatrice Luigi Gomez's gowns
2:12:20 - Miss Grand Hong Kong unfollowed Nawat - is she the most memorable pageant personality of 2021?
2:13:55 - Miss Grand Indonesia unfollowed MGI
2:14:18 - A viewer asked, "What improvements do you want to see in pageantry in 2022?"
2:18:40 - A viewer asked, "When can we have Alexander Gonzalez on your show?"
2:19:27 - A viewer asked, "If you can come back in history and crown a first runner-up, who would it be?"
2:22:58 - Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995
2:23:17 - Summer comments "In my blue gown review, Russia was my Margie Moran."
2:23:46 - Kyrgyzstan's gown in MU 2018
2:24:07 - A viewer asked, "Do you like transformation gowns?"
2:25:09 - A viewer asked, "If all Miss Universe winners were to compee with each other, who would win?"
2:27:10 - A viewer asked, "Which contestants were the heavy favorites and did not make the semifinals?"
2:28:11 - A viewer asked, "Which do you prefer? MUO under IMG or under Trump?"
2:28:58 - Merry Christmas wishes to our viewers


Miss World 2021 Finals Rescheduled For March 16, 2022


On its official Facebook page moments ago, the Miss World Organization announced a new date for the 2021 finals.

Contestants from around the world will compete on March 16, 2022, for the coveted crown at Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The Miss World Organization is pleased to announce March 16, 2022, as the rescheduled date for the Miss World 2021 global telecast and its 70th anniversary finale live from the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot!
“We are so excited that we are staying in Puerto Rico to crown the new Miss World!” said Julia Morley, president of Miss World Ltd. “We have been overwhelmed by the support of the people here! The countdown and final planning has begun. Our team is thrilled that we will show all the wonders that Puerto Rico has to offer as a premier tourism destination to the entire world. We love Puerto Rico.”
Contestants from around the globe will return to the Isle of Enchantment to compete for the coveted Miss World crown in March. The pre-recorded content that has been taped throughout Puerto Rico during the past 4 weeks demonstrating its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, beaches and, most importantly, the warmth and friendliness of the people will be broadcast internationally during the finale.
“The filming in Puerto Rico has been exceptional -we have spectacular content to share with the world,” added Morley.
Miss World Final Show details will be announced soon.
Tickets that were purchased for the December 16 event, which was postponed due to the COVID-19pandemic on the island, are being honored for the rescheduled date. All refund requests must be handled directly with Ticketera.com.
Visit www.ticketera.com or the Miss World digital platforms to receive updates when tickets go on sale for the rescheduled show.
Miss World is the oldest and most prestigious international pageant, created in 1951. Annually, this event selects the woman who best represents the organization’s values. The new Miss World becomes the image of the organization that supports different social and charitable causes around the world.
It’s the first time the Miss World Final will be held in a Spanish-speaking country and Puerto Rico was awarded the honor.
In the past 69 years, only 15 Latinas have won this prestigious event. Among the winning countries are Venezuela, with a total of six crowns, Puerto Rico has two crown winners, as well as Peru and Argentina. The Dominican Republic, Brazil and Mexico have one crown winner each. The two winners from Puerto Rico are Lady Wilnelia Merced Forsyth, Miss World 1975, and Stephanie Del Valle, Miss World 2016.