New Martinique queens for 2013 crowned

The 2013 queens for Martinique were crowned July 27th.

Julie Lebrasseur is Miss World Martinique 2013 and will compete in Miss World 2013 in Indonesia on September 28th.

Rhani Charles is Miss Earth Martinique 2013 and will compete in Miss Earth 2013 in November at a venue that has not yet been confirmed.

Cindy Jolie is Miss Supranational Martinique 2013 and will compete in Miss Supranational 2013 in Minsk, Belarus on September 6.

First Miss World Guinea-Bissau crowned

Heny Tavares, 21, was crowned as the first ever Miss World Guinea-Bissau 2013 n July 26th at the Hotel Azalai in Bissau. Tavares will represent Guinea-Bissau for the first time in the upcoming Miss World 2013 pageant to be held on September 28th in Indonesia. Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa bordered by Senegal to the north, Guinea to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

First Miss World Japan crowned

Michiko Tanaka, 23, was crowned the title of  Miss World Japan 2013  on July 29th. She will represent Japan in the upcoming Miss World 2013 pageant, scheduled for September 28th, 2013 in Indonesia. She is the first ever Miss World Japan to be crowned; past Japanese representatives to Miss World had been first runner-ups to Miss International Japan. Michiko had competed in Miss Universe Japan 2011 where she placed 2nd runner-up.

Michiko Tanaka and her court

Photo credit: Miss World Japan official website


Miss World Singapore 2013 crowned

TOP THREE: (From left) First runner-up Elizabeth Houghton, winner Maria-Anna Zenieris and Rachel Leng (Yahoo! )

Maria-Anna Zenieris was crowned Miss World Singapore 2013 at the pageant final at the Pan Pacific Hotel on Sunday.
The 18-year-old Singaporean, who is half-Chinese and half-Greek, topped the list of 15 pageant finalists during a three-hour gala final, which saw the contestants parade in swim and evening wear.
The outspoken beauty, who recently graduated from United World College and with a diploma in psychology, English and music, wins a $3000 cash prize as well as a working contract with Asia Music People worth about $30,000. She will now represent Singapore in the Miss World finals in Jakarta on 28 September.
When asked how she would use the title to give help to others during the question-and-answer session, she said to loud applause, "I'm a big charity worker and will engage in more charity work with the title. This is not just a big title to take with you, there are responsibilities that come with it".
After her win, she later told Yahoo! Singapore that she's ready to take the responsibility that comes with the crown and said all the finalists had done a "good job" and that she was proud of them.
Student Elizabeth Houghton, 18, was first runner-up and also won Miss Grand Singapore title. She will represent Singapore in Miss Grand international pageant next May in Thailand.
Second runner-up went to 23-year-old university graduate, Rachel Leng, who also won Miss Beauty with a Purpose.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Entertainment Singapore, 7/28/2013

Miss Iceland Gets a Chilly Reception From Feminists

People of All Ages, Including a Few Men, Enter Contest as a Protest


REYKJAVIK, Iceland—In early July, eight women wearing sweaters began their week by filing into a sunlit meeting room in Iceland's cozy capital to hatch a scheme.
The objective: Put Miss Iceland to death.
The women, including a 48-year-old pastor and an author in her early 30s, don't actually want to harm the reigning 5-foot-9 beauty queen crowned in 2011. Instead, they dream of ending a competition that has endured for nearly half a century and helped put this Nordic island nation of 315,000 people on the map.
"Our goal must be to kill it," Asa Richardsdottir, 49-year-old producer in the fine arts industry, said between sips of coffee. Matthildur Helgadottir-Jonudottir, an event manager also in her 40s, nodded in agreement. "Yes," she said in a loud voice.
As a form of protest, the eight women applied to enter the beauty contest.
The unusual development stems from a rather unclear statement made by the new chief executive of the Miss Iceland contest, Rafn Rafnsson, in hopes of diversifying the field of contestants beyond the statuesque blonde with striking blue eyes that has become the Icelandic stereotype. "There is no Miss Iceland stereotype," said Mr. Rafnsson, a longtime cameraman and television producer.Following years of hullabaloo over whether the small country actually needs beauty contests, feminists are freshly emboldened because scores of Icelanders who don't exactly fit the beauty queen mold signed up for the 2013 event slated for September, generating a wave of local media attention.
After Mr. Rafnsson's statement, the floodgates opened. Women of all ages, including a prominent member of the nation's Parliament and an 80-year-old pensioner, applied to enter the contest and even a handful of men took the plunge. Within a week, 1,300 people raised their hands to strut their stuff.
"I'm doing this to illustrate how pointless they are," Sigridur Gudmarsdottir, 48, a minister in Reykjavik, said after signing on to compete shortly after registration opened in June. While viewing her participation as nothing but a joke, she said she hopes the ploy "poses the question of what beauty really is."
When Reynir Sigurdbjornsson, 47, a male electrician, signed up online, he was disappointed that there wasn't a button to select sex. "This competition is discriminating [against] men," he said.
But Mr. Rafnsson is in a bit of a jam because he ultimately wants to send a viable contestant from Miss Iceland to compete in Miss World in 2014.Some might consider the outpouring of interest is a boon for Mr. Rafnsson as he prepares to run his inaugural show. In 2012, Miss Iceland—known locally as Ungfrú Ísland—didn't even take place, because, the organizers say, they "didn't have time." Now, the nation is at least talking about the event.
"We have to follow the rules set by the international contest," he said while sitting in a spartan office on the outskirts of Reykjavik.
That means rejecting any applicants younger than 18 or older than 24. In addition to the age limits, contestants must be unmarried, childless and, of course, female.
Mr. Rafnsson is now stuck trying to put a pretty face on what remains an exclusive engagement. "It's good that people show interest; they are free to interpret what they want about the contest," he said.
But that spin hasn't stopped the backlash.
"Who cares what he meant?" Brynhildur Heidardottir Omarsdottir, a literary critic who also signed up for the event, said. In her opinion, Mr. Rafnsson has given feminists the stage they need to disparage the event for objectifying women and promoting a narrow stereotype of the ideal female.

Iris Telma Jonsdottir
Iris Telma Jonsdottir, Iceland's contestant in the 2012 Miss World event, isn't amused. "They're wrong, they know nothing about this," the 22-year-old beauty queen said.
Miss Jonsdottir has the unfortunate job of sifting through applications for the coming Miss Iceland contest and the publicity stirred by feminists has even sparked an abnormally high influx of legitimate hopefuls. That means she has a lot more reading to do before selecting the field of 25 women who will actually compete for a chance to move on to Miss World.
Even without this year's antics, Iceland's history with beauty pageants has had its moments.
In the 1970s, a cow was stolen from a nearby farm and paraded by opponents of the contest through the hotel where the Miss Iceland competition was held. The animal was wearing a ribbon.
A decade later, female members of Reykjavik's city council staged a protest by showing up for a council meeting wearing ballroom dresses and homemade crowns.
More recently, the Miss Iceland contest took heat after contestant contracts were published. The pacts, now abandoned, provided that participants weren't to get pregnant, become mentally ill or to gain weight for the three years following the event.
One of the most ambitious salvos against Miss Iceland came in 2007, when Ms. Helgadottir-Jonudottir created Untamed Beauty, an alternative beauty contest where everyone was given a prize.
"At my competition, the criteria of beauty were stretch marks and saggy boobs," she said while sitting with her friends in early July.
Ms. Omarsdottir, one of Ms. Helgadottir-Jonudottir's peers, isn't deterred by being barred from the 2013 Miss Iceland contest because of her age. During the conversation in the meeting room, she said the group's next salvo against the contest could be a parody video set to the old Tina Turner hit "Simply the Best," that would go viral.
Ms. Richardsdottir, the producer, said she had already purchased the "fruisland.is" domain name, or "mrsiceland.is." At the least, the group should launch an online protest, she said.
Brynhildur Bjornsdottir returns to the Tina Turner parody idea: "We are simply the best, naa naa naa," she sang.
Ms. Omarsdottir held up her arms and started dancing in her seat. "I think a video with some women like us singing and shaking some booty would be just perfect."

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal, 7/26/2013


Miss Uzbekistan 2013 crowned

Rakhima Ganiyeva was crowned Miss Uzbekistan 2013 or in Tashkent on July 20th. She will represent Uzbekistan for the first time in Miss World 2013 pageant in Bogor, Indonesia on September 28.


Miss Malaysia World 2013: Three pageant finalists issue apology for "insulting" Islam

PETALING JAYA: Three of the four Muslim finalists of the Miss Malaysia World pageant who were deemed to have insulted Islam have issued an apology.
Contestant Sara Amelia Muhammad Bernard, 20, said she had issued a formal apology to the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi).
“My intentions were not to offend Muslims or my own religion,” she said yesterday.
Finalist Wafa Johanna De Korte, 19, also issued an apology.
“I’m not at all against the fatwa ruling. I respect that the fatwa is there to protect the Muslims of Malaysia.
“If anyone is insulted, I’m deeply sorry, but it was never my intention to insult anyone,” she said.
It was reported that Jawi has launched an investigation against the four pageant finalists as they were deemed to have insulted Islam.
Jawi director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali said Jawi’s enforcement unit would look into the matter following a Malay daily’s report that the girls were bent on taking part in the beauty pageant despite the edict by the National Fatwa Council.
The council had issued a fatwa that was gazetted on Feb 8, 1996, under the Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) 1993, which states that participating, organising or contributing to any sort of beauty contest is haram (not permissible) and a sin for Muslims.
Finalist Miera Sheikh, 19, declined to comment about the Jawi probe.
However, she expressed her respect for Malay culture and said that she strongly embraces her Islamic roots.
“I may not be a perfect Muslim but I was brought up in an Islamic and Malay culture despite my open-mindedness on certain things in life,” said Meira.
“To me, Islam will never fade in my life until my last breath because my roots from my ancestors till my parents’ generation and mine will still be Islam.”
The fourth finalist, Kathrina Ridzuan, could not be reached for comment.
Pageant organiser Datuk Anna Lim said the four would be allowed to attend the event as guests.

SOURCE: The Star, Malaysia, 7/25/2013

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Miss Jamaica World 2013 crowned

The new Miss Jamaica World 2013 is Gina Hargitay, 18, who was crowned at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James on Sunday, July 21st. Jenaae Jackson (right), 23, was first runner-up, while Amanda McCreath (left), 23, finished second runner-up. Hargitay will compete in Miss World 2013 to be held in Indonesia on September 28.

Gina Hargitay




Miss Universe Italy 2013 crowned

The new Miss Universe Italy 2013 is Luna Isabella Voce, 24, who was crowned July 20 at the Rainbow MagicLand Theme Park in Rome. She will compete in Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia on November 9th. Voce had represented Italy before in several pageants, notably in Miss International 2008, Miss Earth 2010, and in Top Model of the World 2011 where she won.

Italy has never won the Miss Universe crown. In 1987, Roberta Capua was first runner-up to Cecilia Bolocco. The last time Italy placed was in 2008 when Claudia Ferraris made the top 10.


Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2013 crowned

The new Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2013 is Sherrece Villafana (in blue bikini) who was crowned at the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port of Spain on July 20th. The  19-year-old beauty will represent Trinidad and Tobago in Miss World 2013 in Indonesia on September 28. In the above photo, Villafana is flanked by the first runner-up Ria da Costa (farthest left); Athaliah Samuel, the interim national director of Miss World in Trinidad and Tobago; and second runner-up Starlet Lewis.

Miss Ireland 2013 crowned

Aoife Walsh, 23, from Clonmel in Tipperary has been crowned Miss Ireland 2013 on July 20th in Dublin. She will compete in Miss World 2023 pageant in Indonesia on September 28.

Absolutley delighted for Miss.Tipperary and now Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh, feel so cool that I know her! pic.twitter.com/VLmYeolyjc
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Nigerian reps to Miss World & Miss Universe 2013 crowned

And the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria is… Anna Ebiere Banner.
Just a few minutes ago, the 18 year old aspiring beauty queen, representing Bayelsa state was crowned MBGN 2013 (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria). Anna will represent Nigeria at the Miss World 2013 Finale in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 28.

The 1st runner-up  is 19 year-old Stephanie Okwu representing Imo state. She will represent Nigeria at the Miss Universe 2013 competition in Moscow, Russia on November 9th. 

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Powede Lawrence representing Adamawa state will compete inMiss Tourism 2013 competition.

SOURCE: Bellanaija.com, 7/20/2013


Celebrating Margarita Moran's 40th Coronation Anniversary as Miss Universe 1973

Exactly 40 years ago today, July 21, 1973, Margarita Moran of the Philippines was crowned Miss Universe 1973 at the Herod Atticus Theatre in Athens, Greece. Margarita became the second woman from her country to win the coveted title (Gloria Diaz was the first in 1969). In the photo, Margarita is flanked by her court, from left to right: 4th runner-up Miss Israel Limor Schreibman, 1st runner-up Miss USA Amanda Jones, 2nd runner-up Miss Norway Aina Walle, and 3rd runner-up Miss Spain María del Rocío Martín Madrigal

A beaming Margarita

The last two standing: Philippines and USA. Host Bob Barker announces the winner
Margarita's winning reaction
Miss USA Amanda Jones is happy for Margarita's win
Margarita takes her victory walk

Greek authorities did not allow the contestants to wear swimsuits in the open-door theater to honor the sanctity of the place. Instead, they had to wear the ancient Greek clothing for women called chiton (shorter version), accessorized with sandals and armlet. A separate swimsuit segment was videotaped for the television audience.
The morning after her coronation, Margarita enjoys a continental breakfast fit for a queen

Margarita's homecoming parade

Margarita is interviewed about her Greek experience
Margarita's official swimsuit portrait as Miss Universe 1973

Margarita makes a guest appearance on the popular American game show, "What's My Line?"



Miss World Chile 2013 crowned

The reality show Proyecto Miss Chile concluded July 19th with the selection of Camila Andrade, 22, as Miss World Chile 2013. She will represent Chile in Miss World 2013 pageant to be held September 28th in Indonesia. Andrade was crowned by her predecessor, a pregnant Camila Recabarren. The 1st Runner-Up is Renata Barchiesi and 2nd Runner-Up Romina Lancelott.

Barchiesi, Andrade, Lancelott

Camila Andrade

Photos from the Camila Andrade Facebook Fan Page

Miss Aruba 2013 crowned

The new Miss Aruba 2013 is Stefanie Quillen Evangelista, 24 (second from left) who was crowned July 19th at the Westin Resort & Casino. She will compete in Miss Universe 2013 to be held in Moscow on November 9th. She is joined by her 1st runner-up Jarnely Martinus (to her right), her 2nd runner-up Georgina Martinus (to her left) and Larisa Leeuwe, Miss Aruba 2012 who will be competing at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia on September 18th. Six young women competed in this year's Miss Aruba finals.

Jarnely Martinus, Stephanie Quillen Evangelista, Georgina Martinus

Photos from the Miss Aruba Facebook Page

Miss World Australia 2013 crowned

The new Miss World Australia 2013 is Erin Holland, 24, who was crowned July 19 at Werribee Mansion in Werribee, Victoria. She beat 31 young women who competed in the pageant. She will now represent Australia in Miss World 2013 pageant to be held in Indonesia on November 18th. The first runner-up is Natalie Kalinowski and the second runner-up was Yasmin Kasim.

Photos by Stuart Walmsley