Critical Beauty

Critical Beauty is the new name for the site formerly known as The Miss Universe Critic that ran from May 28, 1998 until September 30, 2004. The headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Critical Beauty is unique in the sense that it treats beauty pageants, and anything else related to beauty, from a critical perspective. It offers the latest news and events related to pageantry, interviews of individuals in the pageant industry, and articles of interest to the pageant community.

Critical Beauty is not just a pageant site but also a pageant and image consultation firm that assists pageant contestants in cultivating their personal best to achieve their dream of winning a pageant, or simply to better themselves.

Critical Beauty also prides itself as the first pageant site with a purpose - to promote animal rights and plant-based nutrition. Neither the site nor its founder, Rafa Delfin, is affiliated with any beauty pageant organization. 

Critical Beauty is celebrating its tenth anniversary in October 2014.

Contact Us via e-mail at criticalbeauty@aol.com

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