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Mister Global Teen 2015 will not be dethroned despite scandalous selfie with a "lady boy"

DAHAM DIAS, Mister Global Teen 2015, in a scandalous selfie with a Thai transgender and with Christian Daniel Ortiz, the current Mister Universal Ambassador 2015. Pradit Pradinunt , chairman of Mister Global Limited, issued an official statement yesterday announcing that the current Mister Global Teen 2015, Daham Dias from Sri Lanka, will not be dethroned following the release of a controversial topless selfie of him lying next to a Thai "lady boy" (pre-op transgendered woman) and Christian Daniel Ortiz , the current Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 from Puerto Rico. The selfie was taken during a swimwear photoshot, and according to Pradinunt's statement, Dias had accepted the modeling job without Pradinunt's authorization, which is a violation of his contract with Pradinunt's pageant company. You can read the entire official statement below.   Daham Dias was crowned Mister Global 2015 last October 10 in Bangkok. 

Getting To Know CLAUDIA BARRIONUEVO - Miss Universe Argentina 2015

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss Universe Argentina. I was born in the city of Salta. I live with my mother Mercedes in a town called El Carril. I have a sister named Cynthia and a brother named Carlos, and two nephews ,Santino and Geronimo. My father died in a tragic motorcycle accident when I was only one-year old and my mother took care of the entire family.When I was 16, I was discovered by Incanto Models which introduced her to the modeling world. I am a student of Educational Psychology, but I took a break from school to prepare for Miss Universe Salta which I won, and eventually I was crowned Miss Universe Argentina 2015. 2. If you could meet anyone dead or alive celebrity, who would it be and why? Pope Francis! Not because he is the leader of the Catholic Church but I think he has extraordinary gifts that exceed all religions, such as his extreme humility, charity and power of integration. and I think I

The beauty queen that China is determined to stifle

RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY  comes in many forms, but Anastasia Lin may be first activist to take the fight against dictatorship to the glittery ranks of a beauty pageant. Lin, a 25-year-old actress and model, was crowned Miss World Canada in May. By rights, she should have been in the Chinese resort city of Sanya for the welcoming ceremony of the 2015 Miss World competition last Monday. But Lin, who was born in China, is an outspoken advocate for freedom of conscience in her native land. She has used every platform available to her to raise public awareness of China’s harrowing human rights record — portraying victims of Chinese corruption and repression in award-winning films, describing in broadcast interviews  and  newspaper essays  what China does to its dissenters, and even testifying on the subject before a  congressional committee . Competing in beauty pageants was another way Lin sought to draw attention to the plight of the persecuted. When she first pursued the Mis

Taiwanese beauty queen kicked out of Miss Earth pageant for refusing to change 'Taiwan ROC' sash to 'Chinese Taipei'

  Taiwan's representative at Miss Earth 2015 says she has been kicked out of the pageant for refusing to wear a sash that reads "Miss Chinese Taipei" instead of the "Miss Taiwan ROC" that she is now currently wearing. In a  Facebook post  published earlier today, 22-year-old Ting Wen-yin revealed that she had been warned before she made her way to Vienna, where the pageant was being held, of the possibility of political pressure from China. "I told them 30,000 times that Taiwan is Taiwan," a defiant Ting wrote. "I was born in Taiwan, my sash now says Taiwan, I represent Taiwan, and I'm going to use the name of Taiwan in appearing at this pageant." "Their response to me was, 'change your sash or just leave'. Today, they did not allow me to stand on stage and photographers were not allowed to take my pictures." Ting is however not too beat up about leaving the competition behind. In her Facebook post,

Miss Canada World denied entry to pageant in China

Image copyright PIERRE GAUTREAU Anastasia Lin, the winner of Miss World Canada, says that she has been denied the right to compete in this year's Miss World competition because she has spoken out about Chinese human rights abuses. The 25-year-old Chinese-born actress did not receive an invitation letter from the Chinese government that would allow her to take part in the Miss World competition this December in Sanya, China. Without the letter Lin is unable to apply for a visa, and because the opening ceremony is on 23 November, the opportunity to compete is fading fast. The deadline to receive the letter came and went on Friday. "Miss World's official line is that if I don't make it to the opening ceremony, I probably can't enter this year. If I'm a few days late it might be OK, but the window is closing. At this point I don't want to give up," Lin told the BBC. Other contestants received their letters at the end of October. Image copyr

Getting To Know JULIA ROQUIGNY - Miss Earth New Caledonia 2015!

 1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss  Earth New Caledonia 2015. My name is Julia Roquigny, I am 20 and I was born in New Caledonia where I grew up. I have a 15-year old sister. I am Indonesian and jJapanese on my mother's side and French on my father's side. Most of the family on my mother's side live in New Caledonia and most of they family on my father's side live in France. I go visit them regularly. I am Miss New Caledonia 2015's first runner up and Miss Earth New Caledonia . I have a master in sciences of Life, Earth and Environment. 2. How did you become interested in pageants? I have been interested in pageants since I can remember! As a little girl I used to watch pageants, most notably Miss New Caledonia and Miss France because we could watch them on TV with my mother and my sister. Every year, I follow those two pageants and most recently I started to pay attention to international

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Miss Colombia 2015/2016

  Andrea Tovar Velásquez , 22, was crowned Señorita Colombia 2015/2016 last night in Cartagena. She is the second woman from the state of Chocó - and the second Afro-Colombian woman - to win the prestigious title (Vanessa Mendoza Bustos was the first in 2001). Andrea was crowned by outgoing queen Ariadna Gutiérrez who will compete in Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas on December 20th. Andrea will now represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2016.    The title of Virreina (Vice-Queen) was awarded to  Daniela Herrera (Miss Cesar) who will represent Colombia in Miss International 2016. The First Princess is Alejandra Ochoa (Miss Antioquia), the Second Princess is Maria Camila Soleibe (Miss  Atlántico), and the Third Princess is  Carmen Ibeth Alomia Prado (Miss Buenaventura),