Mister Global Teen 2015 will not be dethroned despite scandalous selfie with a "lady boy"

DAHAM DIAS, Mister Global Teen 2015, in a scandalous selfie with a Thai transgender and with Christian Daniel Ortiz, the current Mister Universal Ambassador 2015.

Pradit Pradinunt, chairman of Mister Global Limited, issued an official statement yesterday announcing that the current Mister Global Teen 2015, Daham Dias from Sri Lanka, will not be dethroned following the release of a controversial topless selfie of him lying next to a Thai "lady boy" (pre-op transgendered woman) and Christian Daniel Ortiz, the current Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 from Puerto Rico. The selfie was taken during a swimwear photoshot, and according to Pradinunt's statement, Dias had accepted the modeling job without Pradinunt's authorization, which is a violation of his contract with Pradinunt's pageant company. You can read the entire official statement below.  

Daham Dias was crowned Mister Global 2015 last October 10 in Bangkok. 

Getting To Know CLAUDIA BARRIONUEVO - Miss Universe Argentina 2015

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss Universe Argentina.

I was born in the city of Salta. I live with my mother Mercedes in a town called El Carril. I have a sister named Cynthia and a brother named Carlos, and two nephews ,Santino and Geronimo. My father died in a tragic motorcycle accident when I was only one-year old and my mother took care of the entire family.When I was 16, I was discovered by Incanto Models which introduced her to the modeling world. I am a student of Educational Psychology, but I took a break from school to prepare for Miss Universe Salta which I won, and eventually I was crowned Miss Universe Argentina 2015.

2. If you could meet anyone dead or alive celebrity, who would it be and why?
Pope Francis! Not because he is the leader of the Catholic Church but I think he has extraordinary gifts that exceed all religions, such as his extreme humility, charity and power of integration. and I think I could learn a lot from meeting him. Likewise, because he is the first Latino and Argentine Pope, and that as a citizen of my country, that makes me feel extremely proud.

3. What is something that most people do not know about Argentina?
It is a very large country bordering five countries (Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay), which by extension has a great diversity of climate, topography, flora, fauna, and is comprised of a variety of races, which makes it a country with great culture.

4. What are your interests and hobbies?
My primary interest right now is to finish my studies in Educational Psychology because I've always been interested in everything related to this issue. Ever since I was a child, I had difficulty relating to the other kids and I was always the quietest in a group or among friends, and as an adult I wanted to use this life experience to help other children who have gone or are going through the same situation. Also, my primary interest at this time is to win Miss Universe and give my country its second crown of the world's most important pageant.
My hobbies include traveling because I like to see new places, share cultures, and experience life in another country. I have had the opportunity to travel to the United States, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Germany and China. I had the opportunity of having lived three years in Costa Rica since the beginning of 2012 to mid-2015 when I returned to Argentina to compete in Salta and then Miss Universe Argentina. I also love reading and cinema.

5. Who has had the greatest influence on your life? Why?

My mother had had the greatest influence on my life, because since childhood she taught me to fight for my dreams, to be persistent and to work to achieve my goals. She has supported all my decisions and has respected my freedom of choice. Today, I can say that I have become the woman and human being that I am thanks to the values instilled in every aspect of my life by my mother Mercedes.

6. What is your proudest personal accomplishment?
I am proud to volunteer at the annual collections at Christmas time, where we help many needy families so they can spend the holidays in a better way and all the children of those families can receive surprise presents on Christmas Day here in my city of Salta.

7. Do you collect anything? If so, tell us about your collection.

Yes, I collect tea. In every place I go, I buy some variety of tea that I am not familiar with or some variety typical of the place. And when a friend or family member travels, I ask them them to bring me some.

8. What is your "dream job" (besides being Miss Universe)?
My dream job would be to establish a nursing home for the elderly, where they can receive proper care, attention and love all day long.

9. Are you currently a student?

I have two-year degree in educational psychology, in my hometown, Salta, but this year I'm taking some time off to represent my country in the Miss Universe pageant. My studies are very important to me and whatever happens in Miss Universe my goal is to finish my studies and practice Educational Psychology.

10. Have you held any interesting jobs in the past? Have you done any volunteerism?
Yes! My grandmother Teresa has a factory of cereals and I had the opportunity to collaborate and work in the administrative area. And yes, I have done plenty of volunteer work as well. I volunteered with an organization that fights child malnutrition and I was in charge of collecting and all kinds of food, clothing and toys in my area El Carril and Chicoama Lane. I volunteered with a Down Syndrome association where I organized a fashion show to benefit Fundación Alfarcito, the work of Father Chifri. I did a charity dinner with fashion show to raise funds for the construction of a sports area and a multipurpose room to benefit underprivileged children. 

11. Where is your favorite place in the world and why is it important to you?

My favorite place is my city Salta because here I can find everyone that I love, my family, my friends, most of my life experiences. Salta is not only a beautiful city that brings together the benefits and services of big cities, but it also has the idiosyncrasies of a small town with very friendly people, with warm people and very helpful people. Besides Salta my other favorite place in the world is Costa Rica because of the opportunity of working there as a model and the country makes me feel as if I am Costa Rican.

12. What is something unique you have done? Something that distinguishes you from all other competitors?
When I was 15, I rented a car to travel to another town 800 kilometers from my city to visit a very special friend. For this adventure, I had spent all my savings and I begged my brother Carlos to take me to my friend. I always laugh everything I think about this crazy adventure! Another unusual activity I did was to jump off the bridge of the Cabral Corral Reservoir which is approximately 50 meters high. My ankles were fastened with an elastic rope.

13. Do you have any hidden talents?

It's more than a hidden talent! Many people do not know that I do and I enjoy painting with acrylics.

14. Any beauty or fitness advice you'd like to share?
Before going out to walk on the runway, I put hair spray all over my body so that my skin looks firmer. To take care of my hair, I first put conditioner on the ends and then wash them with shampoo. I repeat this process twice a week with the same mechanism and the third time I apply full conditioner.

15. What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world right now, and what to do to solve it?
The world is afflicted with so many problems like hunger, pollution, and climate change accelerated by global warming. But there is also one big problem that poses a threat to our society - being disconnected from our family and loved ones through the improper and unregulated use of social media. Regarding the problem of global warming, we need to resolve it as quickly as possible because it causes major disasters to occur worldwide like floods, earthquakes, droughts, resulting in large number of fatalities, damaged food and goods.

16. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
If I won the lottery, I would spent part of the money to buy properties to ensure a future income for my old age, to make sure that my surviving descendants and relatives would inherit my estate. I would also like to invest in some business that seems profitable, to continue generating revenue for my estate, while remaining as an active worker myself. And I would spend the rest of the money to build a beautiful nursing home with nice environment for the elderly, and begin a foundation that would be responsible for protecting the interests of the elderly, with free legal advice, free social services, etc.

17. What it is something you would like the judges to know about you?
I would like the judges to know that I am a very committed person in everything that I do, with very strong values and an ability to learn from all the experiences that touch my life. I would also like them to know that I'm totally ready to do the job of Miss Universe, which is something that I have always aspired for and dreamed of becoming some day.


Critical Beauty wishes the best of luck to Claudia in Miss Universe 2015!

And thank you to CB's Héctor Joaquín Colón-González, Claudia's coach 
(with her in photo) for facilitating the interview! 

The beauty queen that China is determined to stifle

RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY comes in many forms, but Anastasia Lin may be first activist to take the fight against dictatorship to the glittery ranks of a beauty pageant.
Lin, a 25-year-old actress and model, was crowned Miss World Canada in May. By rights, she should have been in the Chinese resort city of Sanya for the welcoming ceremony of the 2015 Miss World competition last Monday.
But Lin, who was born in China, is an outspoken advocate for freedom of conscience in her native land. She has used every platform available to her to raise public awareness of China’s harrowing human rights record — portraying victims of Chinese corruption and repression in award-winning films, describing inbroadcast interviews and newspaper essays what China does to its dissenters, and even testifying on the subject before a congressional committee.
Competing in beauty pageants was another way Lin sought to draw attention to the plight of the persecuted. When she first pursued the Miss World Canada title in 2013, notes The Toronto Star, she performed a piano composition dedicated to “those who lost their life for their faith and the millions of people still fighting for their faith today.” She launched her bid for the 2015 crown with a video underscoring her wish to extend “light and courage to those who still find themselves in the dark.”
Beijing’s communist rulers have no intention of giving Lin an even bigger platform from which to speak out. She is the only Miss World contestant who didn’t receive a visa application from the host country in time to take her place for the 2015 pageant’s opening rounds. It would be heartening to report that the Miss World brass went ballistic when it became clear that Lin was being excluded, and raised holy hell with Chinese authorities to get her admitted.
Alas, the pageant’s attitude toward the strong-willed Canadian beauty has been rather less supportive. When London-based Miss World Ltd. was asked whether it would consider moving the 2015 program if China insisted on blackballing Lin, a spokesperson sniffed: “If we cancel or move the show each time a visa was not granted for a contestant, then it would be impossible to plan the event.”
Though the official Miss World website still lists Lin as a contestant, her photo was removed days ago. On Wednesday, Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper reported that the Chinese government considered Lin “persona non grata,” putting an endto any realistic hopes she had of competing for this year’s crown.
Lin doesn’t come from a dissident background. As a little girl in China’s Hunan province, she became president of her school’s student council, and readily organized viewings of pro-government propaganda. She recalls screening a video that demonized adherents of Falun Gong — a humble discipline of meditation, breathing exercises, and Buddhist-inspired spiritual readings — and encouraging students to publicly declare their hatred for those who practice it.
Two years later Lin emigrated from China, moving with her mother to Canada. Only then did she come to understand the enormity of the regime she had left behind, and especially its implacable hostility toward Falun Gong practitioners. Tens of thousands of victims, guilty of nothing more than controlled breathing and mindful contemplation, have been arrested, tortured, and even killed. The more Lin learned, the more passionate she became about advocating for China’s oppressed citizens.
Lin’s advocacy comes with the anguished knowledge of the fear it causes her loved ones.
Shortly after winning the Miss Canada crown last spring, she learned that her father, who still lives in China, was visited at his home by government security officials warning him to stifle his daughter — or else. He had overflowed with pride when Lin won the Canadian pageant, but days later he sent an urgent plea: Stop talking about human rights. A survivor of the Cultural Revolution, he was terrified by thoughts of what the government might to do him if his daughter’s activism continued. When she told him she couldn’t keep silent, that letting Beijing intimidate her into muteness would only intensify its ruthlessness, he broke off all contact.
Totalitarian regimes scruple at nothing — not the political manipulation of international beauty contests, not the criminalizing of quiet meditation, not even the blackmail of a father to break his daughter’s spirit. The courage to resist such regimes isn’t easy to come by. Canada’s beauty queen has it in such gallant measure that China fears to let her speak from a Chinese stage. Some other young woman may be crowned Miss World, but it is Anastasia Lin who has been ennobled.

By Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe, 11/29/2015


Taiwanese beauty queen kicked out of Miss Earth pageant for refusing to change 'Taiwan ROC' sash to 'Chinese Taipei'

 Taiwan's representative at Miss Earth 2015 says she has been kicked out of the pageant for refusing to wear a sash that reads "Miss Chinese Taipei" instead of the "Miss Taiwan ROC" that she is now currently wearing.

In a Facebook post published earlier today, 22-year-old Ting Wen-yin revealed that she had been warned before she made her way to Vienna, where the pageant was being held, of the possibility of political pressure from China.
"I told them 30,000 times that Taiwan is Taiwan," a defiant Ting wrote. "I was born in Taiwan, my sash now says Taiwan, I represent Taiwan, and I'm going to use the name of Taiwan in appearing at this pageant."
"Their response to me was, 'change your sash or just leave'. Today, they did not allow me to stand on stage and photographers were not allowed to take my pictures."

Ting is however not too beat up about leaving the competition behind. In her Facebook post, she told her fans not to be taken in by the glamorous images coming out from the pageant.
Organisers failed to provide lunch for contestants on two occasions, nor the time to buy their own lunch, she complained. Dinner was either some bread or some rather unappetising pasta with tomato sauce. "Over the last three nights, we were shuffled from nightclub to nightclub, wearing beautiful clothes to talk and dance with men. I felt like a club hostess," she fumed. "So it might be a blessing in disguise that I'm out of this contest. We paid large sums of money to enter the contest, but we're treated little better than prisoners."
Since the inception of the pageant in 2001, Taiwan's contestant has been represented as "Miss Taiwan R.O.C". In 2007 it became the first international beauty pageant to host delegates from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet, despite the political sensitivities. The blowback came swiftly though as the delegate from Tibet was made to wear a sash reading "Miss Tibet-China." That was to be the last year a Miss Tibet was present at the pageant. In recent years, Miss Hong Kong and Miss Macau have also disappeared altogether from the competition.

Hopefuls from across the straits have represented their territory under various different guises over the past few decades. Throughout the 1990s, Taiwan was represented at major international pageants, including Miss World and Miss Tourism, as "Miss China."
At Miss Universe, Taiwan's contestant wore the sash, "Miss Taiwan, R.O.C." up until the early 2000s. The watershed moment appears to have been in 2003, when the island's representative, Beverly Chen, succumbed to pressure and put on the "Miss Chinese Taipei" sash.
Chen told journalists tearfully at a press conference at the time that she was given two sashes by pageant organisers, one reading "Miss Taiwan" and the other "Chinese Taipei."
"I was told to wear the Chinese Taipei one in front of the media. The Miss Taiwan one was only for occasions where the media were absent." Shocked and humiliated by the treatment, Chen says she was taken aback as Panama was one of few countries in the world that had full diplomatic relations with Taiwan.
In another recent landmark case highlighting the treacherous waters of politics in international beauty pageants,Miss World Canada, Anastasia Lin, says she has been blocked by Chinese authorities from the Miss World pageant.
The Hunan-born beauty queen who is also a human rights advocate and Falun Gong practitioner, also claims that her father, who is now still living in China, has been on the receiving end of threats from Chinese security agents because of her human rights advocacy.

SOURCE: Shanghaiist.com, 11/22/2015


Miss Canada World denied entry to pageant in China

Anastasia Lin

Image copyrightPIERRE GAUTREAU
Anastasia Lin, the winner of Miss World Canada, says that she has been denied the right to compete in this year's Miss World competition because she has spoken out about Chinese human rights abuses.
The 25-year-old Chinese-born actress did not receive an invitation letter from the Chinese government that would allow her to take part in the Miss World competition this December in Sanya, China.
Without the letter Lin is unable to apply for a visa, and because the opening ceremony is on 23 November, the opportunity to compete is fading fast. The deadline to receive the letter came and went on Friday.
"Miss World's official line is that if I don't make it to the opening ceremony, I probably can't enter this year. If I'm a few days late it might be OK, but the window is closing. At this point I don't want to give up," Lin told the BBC.
Other contestants received their letters at the end of October.
Anastaisia LinImage copyrightLisa Fan
Image captionLin testified about Falun Gong in front of the US Congress in July
Since winning the crown in May, Lin was praised by many for her outspoken opposition to China's record of human rights violations. She has particularly focused on defending Falun Gong, a spiritual group that the Chinese government regards as a cult.
Chinese law allows for the arrest of anyone suspected of supporting religious movements that aren't approved by the state.
Lin's moved from China to Canada in 2003. Her interest in human rights began when she heard the stories of other Chinese citizens who said they were targeted by the government.
She has since performed in films about the abuse of Falun Gong members and spoken about the subject to a US Congressional committee in July.
Ike Lalji, chief executive of Miss World Canada, has said that Canada won't send a runner-up to China if Lin is unable to attend as it would be too late since training starts on Saturday.
Lin says that she has spoken to former Chinese Miss World contestants who agree with her stance on China's human rights policies, but didn't want to speak out for fear of risking their own ability to get a visa.
"I'm not speaking without fear, as I've seen the repercussions," Lin says.
Miss South Africa and the 2014 Miss World, Rolene Strauss (C), dances with first runner up Miss Hungary Edina Kulcsar (L) and second runner up Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit (R) during the grand final of the Miss World 2014 pageantImage copyrightGetty Images
Image captionLast year's pageant was held in London, with Miss South Africa crowned the winner
After she won the competition earlier this year, Lin's father was contacted by Chinese security forces. They threatened that there would be consequences if Lin continued to speak out. As her father still lives in China, Lin is concerned.
"Dad's really scared. He doesn't really dare to talk to me as he worries his phone is tapped. He doesn't speak his mind anymore."
However, she wants to use her position with Miss World to highlight the issue and defend the Chinese people's right to free speech.
"I'm alone and don't even have any family around me, so it's very difficult. Miss World is an international organisation, and if organisations like this don't speak up against the bullying of their own contestants it will continue. China knows it works and they'll just use it again and again until someone stands up to them."
Regardless of whether Lin gains the right to compete or not, she has said that she will use her position to speak out for human rights. After failing to receive papers on Friday, she is considering a petition to protest against the decision.
"If I'm able to go to China, I want the people to see me. They already know about me and my story as they can go around the firewall. I want them to see I've been true to my conscience, and that they can do it too."
The BBC reached out to Miss World Canada and the Chinese Consulates in Toronto and Ottawa but did not receive a response.


Getting To Know JULIA ROQUIGNY - Miss Earth New Caledonia 2015!

 1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss  Earth New Caledonia 2015.
My name is Julia Roquigny, I am 20 and I was born in New Caledonia where I grew up. I have a 15-year old sister. I am Indonesian and jJapanese on my mother's side and French on my father's side. Most of the family on my mother's side live in New Caledonia and most of they family on my father's side live in France. I go visit them regularly.
I am Miss New Caledonia 2015's first runner up and Miss Earth New Caledonia . I have a master in sciences of Life, Earth and Environment.

2. How did you become interested in pageants?
I have been interested in pageants since I can remember! As a little girl I used to watch pageants, most notably Miss New Caledonia and Miss France because we could watch them on TV with my mother and my sister. Every year, I follow those two pageants and most recently I started to pay attention to international beauty pageants thanks to the Internet. 

3. How does it feel to represent New Caledonia in Miss Earth 2015?
I feel so honored and proud. It's an incredible opportunity to represent my island at the Miss Earth pageant with 90 other girls. The most important thing is that it is also the very first time that my country is competing at this pageant. I love my island and showcasing it to the world is an immense joy for me

4. Give three adjectives that your family would describe you.
Gentle, approachable, persevering !

5. Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.
I spent 6 months in Quebec, Canada for my 2nd year at University. This experience was so rich and it taught me a lot. It was the first time I lived abroad on my own, the first time I studied in a foreign country, there were new ways to learn, to study - a new country, a new culture - and I made myself a lot of new friends. I learned how to live and to manage myself on my own and face all the difficulties as a concerned adult.

6. The 16th-century English philosopher and author Francis Bacon once said, "The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express." Do you agree with this statement?
Completely! Francis Bacon is talking about what we would call inner beauty. For me, a person's inner beauty is what will make her or him shine, as well as qualities like a good heart, being attentive to others and having passion within. These are things no picture can express but a picture can catch what the eyes of a beautiful person within can express such as kindness, goodness and wisdom, and this is why I also agree with the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul".

7. Name three things that you would never do.
Jump into the void. Eat some animals. Hurt someone

8. Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses.
My strength is my integrity and my weakness is my indecisiveness.

9. If you were to make a time capsule to represent life today, what would you put in it? 
I would put picture of the people I love because they represent what my life is today, I will also put all my most precious souvenirs. I would also put a plastic bottle and a plastic bag, in the hope that future generation wouldn't know what it is, meaning that we have finally managed to get rid of it. I would also add water in a glass jar as water is life and an important part of us and is becoming rare unfortunately. I would add seeds of organic plants because they create or refine the oxygen we breathe.

10.  If you woke up tomorrow and gained any one ability or quality, what would you want it to be and why?
Infinite memory! I would love to be able to memorize everything and know everything, the good and the bad. 

11. What makes New Caledonia unique compared to the other Pacific islands?
What makes New Caledonia unique compared to the other Pacific Islands is its diversity. Our landscapes, unique biodiversity and it's people. It is a blend of cultures. You can find a mix of ethnicities, communities, a wonderful mix!

12. What do you think is the biggest environmental problem facing New Caledonia and what can you do about it?
The biggest issue we have to deal with is waste management. This has repercussions on many levels, on our fauna, on our flora, on our health, on our ecosystems. As an ambassador to the environment, I work on making my people aware of these environmental issues. I participate in projects with local organisations in New Caledonia. I teach my fellow citizens to be eco-responsible and eco-friendly and just to be a good example.

13. How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices? 
We have to make people understand that it is easy! People can think that it is difficult because you have to change your habits, that your life is going to be disturbed but it is not! It is a small act for the well-being of the planet and all things living. Every small act counts. We must keep on showing the risks than can happen or in some cases are already happening if we continue to live as we are. We have to show a good example, clean up the mangroves, plant trees, visit schools to teach young kids.

14. What makes you happy?
I love being with people with a positive attitude and with people I love. I am also happy to make people happy. I also get great satisfaction when my hard work is rewarded.

15. Why do you want to be Miss Earth 2015?
The title of Miss Earth is prestigious. Miss Earth representd our Mother Earth, our nourishing planet and allows us to live. Being its ambassador would be an honor and I would dedicate myself 200% in protecting our planet.

Julie's Favorites

Singer/Musician – Norah Jones

Actor - Christian Bale

Actress – Meryl Streep

Color – Blue

Fashion Designer – Elie Saab

Perfume – Alien by Thierry Mugler

Flower – Hibiscus

Writer – Molière

Book – Tristan and Iseult

Movie – The Theory of everything

Quote – In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different, Coco Chanel


Critical Beauty wishes the best of luck to Julia in Miss Earth 2015!

And thank you to Heairii Robinson for facilitating the interview!

Watch Miss Earth 2015 Eco-Beauty Videos: Bahamas, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Guam, Nigeria, Paraguay, Romania











Miss Colombia 2015/2016

 Andrea Tovar Velásquez , 22, was crowned Señorita Colombia 2015/2016 last night in Cartagena. She is the second woman from the state of Chocó - and the second Afro-Colombian woman - to win the prestigious title (Vanessa Mendoza Bustos was the first in 2001). Andrea was crowned by outgoing queen Ariadna Gutiérrez who will compete in Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas on December 20th. Andrea will now represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2016.  

The title of Virreina (Vice-Queen) was awarded to Daniela Herrera (Miss Cesar) who will represent Colombia in Miss International 2016. The First Princess is Alejandra Ochoa (Miss Antioquia), the Second Princess is Maria Camila Soleibe (Miss Atlántico), and the Third Princess is Carmen Ibeth Alomia Prado (Miss Buenaventura),


Getting To Know CHANTEL O'BRIAN - Miss World Bahamas 2015!

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss World Bahamas 2015.
The neighborhood in which I grew up was not the best, and the environment was not very encouraging, especially for those of us who wanted to achieve greatness.   However, as a single parent my mother always pushed me to strive to be the best I could be.  She was always supportive of my desire to help others and to come out of my comfort zone.   I have faced tragedy at an early age, having lost two older brothers.  It’s just my mother and I now, and I am proud to say that I am the breadwinner of my household. It was because of the motivation of my mother that I was able to complete my high school years and then go on to study Marketing at the College of the Bahamas.
My first competition was the Miss College of The Bahamas Top Model pageant which I won! The feeling of performing on stage and having a platform from which my voice could be heard is what sparked the desire for me to compete in Miss Bahamas. I competed three times in as many years before I finally captured the Miss World Bahamas title.  I can honestly say that everything that I learned since then that first competition prepared me for my crowning moment on September 13th, 2015.

2. How did you become interested in pageants?
I first started with online competitions before entering the college pageant.    I saw pageants as a great way to promote my platform which is youth development and I guess you can say that I am very comfortable on stage.  I love pageants because they give you the ability to share your views and be heard in ways you cannot be heard otherwise.  They are also a wonderful way to inspire and motivate young people with similar backgrounds as mine.
 3. How does it feel to represent the Bahamas in Miss World 2015?
It's such an honor. I've looked up to many of our past representatives and I am humbled that I am the individual that has been chosen to make a mark in such a prestigious pageant. As a public figure, this is the time to further encourage my peers and others to reach for the stars.

4. Give three adjectives that your best friend would use to describe you.
 My best friend would describe me as funny, passionate and honest.
 5. Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.
One life changing experience would be meeting actress Tasha Smith. I was on a flight to St. Maarten and happened to be sitting in first class when she sat next to me. I don't think I've ever met anyone as open and warm as she was. We had a really profound, life-changing conversation, even though the flight was only a few hours long. As a result of that encounter, I was even more inspired to do what she had done for me – be a positive influence to everyone I come into contact with.   Since that day, I've always strived to bless people with my words and leave a good impression.

6. Writer C.S. Lewis once said, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”  Do you agree with this statement?
100% yes!  That statement is really the story of my life.  My experience has taught me that difficult times are really tests which will someday become a testimony of you persevere.  Some of the world's most respected people didn't start off at the top.  One great example of that is Oprah Winfrey. I can attest that where you are, is not who you are.  Hardships give you a greater appreciation for what you have, and desire to work towards achieving more.  They really do help to reveal the potential inside of you.  The struggles I endured prepared me for some of my greatest moments, including becoming Miss World Bahamas.
 7. What do you like to do for fun?
Bowling is one of my favorite things to do for fun. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and checking out the latest movies.

8. Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses.
One of my strengths is that I am strong-willed. I find it hard to simply give up on anything. I'm a firm believer in going after something and chasing it until you get it and if not that, then something better. My weakness would probably be being a perfectionist which causes me to be a stickler for just about everything. This stems from me wanting the best outcome in whatever it is I put my mind to.
 9. If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change and why?
I believe a good education is extremely important for success, however there are too many who cannot afford it and as a result they miss out on opportunities.  If I could change anything I would implement free education up to the college/university level worldwide. Free education would help to empower the masses and society as a whole would be changed for the better. 
 10. How do you respond to a homeless person on the street asking you for money?
It saddens me to see someone less fortunate than I am. I often wonder if the money I give them will benefit a negative vice that they have or actually assist in a positive way. However, if I am able to help, I do so without thinking twice.

11. As an educated woman who is also very attractive, how do you deal with the stereo typing based on beauty alone?
The stereotype of simply focusing on one's exterior is something that occurs often. I try as an individual who is passionate about many things to break that barrier by sharing my thoughts on social issues and life’s many challenges. No matter the preconceived notion about what I can or cannot offer based on my looks, I make it clear at the onset that I am competent.  
 12. If you were on a TV talk show and could get one message across to the viewers, what subject would it be on?
I would definitely encourage everyone to continue to pursue their dreams. I believe that as long as there is life, it is never too late to fulfill your purpose.   There are many creative and innovative ways to accomplish anything you set your mind to.  Age is just a number. Your perception creates your reality.

13. Tell us about your Beauty With A Purpose project and how does it relate to Miss World?
My Beauty With A Purpose project focuses on youth development. I’ve worked for several years to help build self-esteem in our youth through workshops, fundraisers, and one-one-one encounters with the disenfranchised youth of my country.   However, in the wake of a devastating Hurricane which caused significant destruction in my country, I spearheaded an effort to assist students whose families were left destitute by the storm.   This is what Miss World is all about – using the prominence that we are given as beauty queens to bring awareness to social ills and to be a champion for the less fortunate. 
 14. Why do you want to be Miss World 2015?
Miss World is so much more than just a beauty queen – she is a symbol of what it means to have meaning and relevance in an increasingly cynical world.  I want to be Miss World 2015 because I would love to have the opportunity to give back to the world at that level, to be able to travel the world as the ambassador of Beauty With a Purpose, raising money for charity, putting smiles on the faces of children, and being a reminder that there is still some good in the world. 

Chantel's Favorites

 Singer/Musician – Lecrae

 Actor – Michael B. Jordan

 Actress – Tasha Smith

 Color – Red

 Fashion Designer – Ria Georgina, David Rolle and Michael Cinco

 Perfume – Marc Jacobs Daisy

 Flower – Red Rose

 Writer – James Patterson

 Book – Destiny -T.D. Jakes

 Movie – "The Pursuit of Happyness"

 Quote - "When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel." -Unknown


Critical Beauty wishes the best of luck to Chantel in Miss World 2015!

And thank you to Michelle Malcolm, President of the Miss Bahamas Organization, 
for facilitating the interview!