The Real Scoop Behind Anea Garcia's Resignation as Miss Grand International 2015

ANEA GARCIA / Photo credit: MGI

   On March 24th, the Miss Grand International Organization  (MGI), on its official Facebook page, posted that Anea Garcia has been relieved of her duties as Miss Grand International because "due to unable to fulfill and follow the contractual agreement with Miss Grand International" and that her 1st runner-up, Claire Parker, has taken over the duties of the titleholder. Meanwhile, Global Beauties published a statement written by MGI's Vice-President Teresa Chaivisut which seems to imply that Anea was fired because "she has also become very demanding, always asking for things which were not promised or part of the contact she signed, including bringing her grandmother to Bangkok, to live with her. She demanded for additional services which truly made no sense. "

     However, screenshots of Anea's correspondence with MGI before and after her dismissal have surfaced all over the Internet. Critical Beauty received these screenshots via e-mail from a regular fan who claims to not know who might have posted them originally (we assume it could be someone who is close to Anea).   

Screenshot #1 reveals that Anea was concerned about her safety while traveling to and staying in South Sudan. She expresses a need for a traveling manager who should accompany her during her trips to foreign countries, especially when these countries are unsafe. She also mentioned one unsavory incident when a man "tried to force himself" on her (sexual harassment) at the hotel where she was staying. We ask, "What kind of pageant organization would neglect to provide total security to the ambassador who is representing them?" This is just totally uncalled for.  When we compare MGI with the more established Miss Universe or Miss World, it is very rare that the titleholders of these two latter pageants are left to fend for themselves while they travel. 

Screenshot #2 - Anea enumerates the issues that MGI need to address concerning her "safety and success for the remainder" of her reign: 1) traveling companion  2) MGI should not be posting quotes by her without first consulting with her, as this could lead to her being misrepresented  3) publication of high quality photos of her on social media  4) a stipend to buy substantial (healthy) food during her travels. We question, "If MGI is supposed to be a decent pageant organization, then why has it failed to provide the basic necessities to their titleholder?" 

Screenshot 3: Continuation of Screenshot #2. Anea reiterates the legitimacy of her requests (MGI calls them "demands"). We wholeheartedly agree when she says "I will be limited to perform my duties to the best of abilities." How could a titleholder be an excellent organization representative or ambassador when the organization itself neglects the basic needs of its representative?

Screenshot #4: Teresa Chaivisut's response to Anea's requests. 

 Screenshot #5: Anea acknowledges Teresa's letter, but she also requests that the agreement should be in writing, as it should be because a written agreement will never be actually dusted down and scrutinized after signature. 

 Screenshot #6: Anea's response to MGI revealing that three out of four of her concerns had not been met, which prompted her to conclude that the organization did not take her concerns seriously. We can imagine Anea's frustration now.

 Screenshot #7: Two days after expressing her disappointment with MGI's apathy towards her concerns, Anea submits her resignation as Miss Grand International (March 24, 2016).

     In the final analysis, MGI's has failed to meet Anea's basic needs and simply failed to realize the gravity of her crisis. If MGI seeks to be in the same league as its more established and more prestigious counterparts, then it needs to step up to the plate and they can start by protecting and caring for their titleholder at all cost.

     They better treat Claire Parker better than they treated Anea.

By Rafa Delfin, 3/29/2016


Dethroned Puerto Rican Beauty Queen Checked Into a Psych Unit, Will Sue Pageant Organizers

Kristhielee Caride wins the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant on Nov. 12. PHOTO: EPA

A Puerto Rican beauty queen who was stripped of her crown checked into a psych unit because she’s so devastated over the loss, according to reports.
Brunette bombshell Kristhielee Caride — who lost her Puerto Rico Miss Universe title last week due to a bad attitude — claims she was struck by such a dark depression that she can’t eat, Univision reported.
“I [have] depression. I’m not eating, but it is something that I have controlled,” she told the station.
Caride, 24, now plans to sue Miss Universe honchos if they don’t return the crown, she said.
But organizers of the pageant have already awarded stunning 21-year-old model Brenda Jimenez the title.
Caride won the pageant four months ago, but directors seized her crown March 17 after she snubbed the press, saying, “I just do not like cameras.”
Miss Universe director Desiree Lowry said she was embarrassed by Caride’s attitude and claimed she did “damage to the organization,” according to the Associated Press.

Source: New York Post, 3/25/2016


Miss Grand International 2015 Anea Garcia Resigns; Unable to Fulfill Her Duties

      Anea Garcia, who was crowned Miss Grand International 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand last October 25th, has stepped down from her position because she is unable to fulfill her duties, according to a message posted on MGI's official Facebook page on Thursday, March 24th. The message states:

CLAIRE PARKER / Photo credit: Heidi Hannele

     Replacing Anea is her first runner-up, Australia's Claire Parker.  On her Facebook page, Parker expresses her joy after finding out that she would take over Anea's duties:

Minutes ago the news was broken by the Miss Grand International organization that effective immediately I will be stepping into the role of Miss Grand International 2015.
Unfortunately due to personal reasons Anea made the decision not to continue, a very difficult decision to make and one I am sure has come with a lot of sacrifice and sadness so I hope you will all continue to support her. I wish her all the very best in her future and I will always have fondness in my heart for her. Keep shining beautiful girl!

As for me, I am utterly shocked and thrilled to have had this opportunity presented to me, as a first runner up in any pageant it is your duty to support the winner and step in if she is no longer able to fulfill her responsibilities, however it is incredibly rare for such a situation to occur and I am so grateful that it is written in the stars for me.

Thank you so much to the MGI organization and all involved for this once in a lifetime chance, during the next 6 months of my reign I promise to uphold all the ideals of the organization and all the expectations of a queen and will work hard to advocate our message to 'stop the war and violence'. I am so excited for the doors this opportunity will open and the amazing people I will be able to work with along the way and can't wait to see what this journey brings me.
To all my friends, family and fans, in Thailand, in Australia and all over the world; thank you guys for your unending support and love, it means so much to me and I'm so happy to be able to share this with all of us! The messages of congratulations have been flooding in and I will do my best to get back to each and every one of them! But know that they are appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
Less than 12 hours ago my whole world was turned on it's head, you can never expect the amazing things life will bring to you and I'm so blessed and thankful for these incredible, unexpected gifts every single day. I am truly honoured and humbled. I will be seeing you very soon Thailand!
Claire Elizabeth Parker
Miss Grand International 2015

     Meanwhile, Global Beauties published a statement from MGI's Vice-President, Teresa Chaivisut who explains the reasons behind Anea's resignation:

Although we believe Anea was the deserving winner at MGI coronation event, she has failed to fulfill her obligations as the reigning queen. First, her studies were in the way, making it very hard for us to schedule her activities. At several times we had to reschedule, cancel events, change or lose international flights. Miss Grand International should be ready and focused on her job and charitable work.
In addition, she has also become very demaning*, always asking for things which were not promised or part of the contact she signed, including bringing her grandmother to Bangkok, to live with her. She demanded for additional services which truly made no sense. (*demanding?)
Her actions were disrespectful to the organisation and Mr Nawat does not appreciate this kind of attitude, which brought us to make this decision.
Claire Elizabeth Parker is very happy and ready to take over the duties as Miss Grand International 2015. She will move to Thailand shortly and we will hold a press conference on April 1st for her official crowning. We expect Claire to vist at least 7 or 8 countries as Miss Grand International and we are sure that she will suit the title properly and do an excellent job.
We take this opportunity to inform that soon we will also announce the host country for Miss Grand International 2016.
This is the truth and we have nothing to hide, so please publish it”

     Anea Garcia's resignation has amplified the pageant's shaky and troubled reputation since its inception in 2013.  The owner of the pageant, Nawat Itsaragrisil, is known to rule with an iron fist and has burned bridges with the media and pageant fans. The pageant's campaign, "Stop The War and Violence," seems unrealistic and frivolous. And the first three titleholders including Anea are of Hispanic descent and all carry an American passport, which makes one wonder if the organizer has a soft spot for American-raised Hispanic/Latina beauties. Rumor has it that Anea wants to compete in the 2016 Miss Dominican Republic pageant set for April 24, and if she wins, she gets to compete in the next edition of Miss Universe. But even if the rumor were true, why would the judges crown a young woman who failed to fulfill her reign as Miss Grand International? I am sure the Miss Universe Organization has already picked up her story and has placed her name in a folder for "Undesirable Girls". 

     As for Chaivisut's statement, it reeks of impropriety and tackiness. There is no need to shame Anea and to go into details of her "prima donna" attitude. When Oxana Fedorova was stripped of her Miss Universe crown in 2002, MUO did not make an elaborate, pernicious statement about her character; they simply declared that she was unable to fulfill her duties because they were interfering with her academic pursuit. For any unflattering details there might have been about Oxana, they were subtly kept under wraps. Because of Chaivisut's harsh judgment of Anea's character, Anea will now be remembered forever as the girl who demeaned, degraded, and humiliated the Miss Grand International organization. 

by Rafa Delfin, 3/24/2016


Fans of Dethroned Miss Universe Puerto Rico Want to Get Her Crown Back

Miss Universe Puerto Rico messed with the wrong puertorriqueña.

Less than a week after Kristhielee Caride was dethroned of her Miss Universe Puerto Rico title for her alleged bad attitude and unwillingness to take photos, fans of the Isabela beauty queen created a Facebook page demanding she be returned her rightfully earned crown.
"We want Kristhielee Caride back," reads the Facebook page’s description in Spanish. "The community is tired of their outrage and exploitation of our favorites."
But her fans didn’t stop there. They’re also calling for the removal of those who stripped Caride of her title.
“Luisito and Desiree, be gone. The people are tired of your abuses and exploitation of our models,” it reads, referring to Miss Universe Puerto Rico franchise holders Desiree Lowry and Luis Vigoreaux.
In a recent interview, Caride addressed accusations of her rude behavior.
"At no point in the video do you see a disrespectful Kristhielee, to the organization or the reporter," she says on the Puerto Rican talk show Lo Sé Todo. "I see a scared Kristhielee, full of panic."
More than 3 thousand people have liked the Facebook page and others are using the hasgtag #YoApoyoMiReina to support Caride.
Caride was replaced by Aguadilla beauty queen Brenda Jiménez.

Source: Latina.com, 3/23/2016


Miss South Africa 2016


Ntandoyenkosi Kunene has been crowned as Miss South Africa 2016 in Johannesburg on March 19th.
Kunene, a 23-year-old education honours student from Mpumalanga, said she was determined to make a difference during her reign.
She said, “As a little girl growing up in the township – modelling around the house and practicing my speech in front of the mirror – I had always hoped, prayed and believed that one day my name would be called as the new Miss South Africa.”
The event saw 12 finalists from across the country compete for the crown along with R2 million worth of prizes.

Tayla Skye was named as second princess and Elizabeth Molapo as the first princess.
TV personality Sophie Ndaba and writer Kojo Bafoe were part of the panel of judges. 

Kunene is expected to compete in the next edition of Miss Universe or Miss World, whichever comes first.
Source: Eyewitness News, South Africa, 3/19/2016


Puerto Rico's Miss Universe 2016 contestant stripped of crown


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's 2016 Miss Universe contestant has been stripped of her crown because of what officials say is an attitude problem.
Officials said Thursday that Kristhielee Caride will no longer represent the U.S. territory in the upcoming international beauty contest. Caride won the crown four months ago but recently did an interview with a local newspaper in which she was criticized for being dismissive and saying she did not like cameras. Officials said Caride told them she had a personal problem and that she canceled other appearances because of a doctor's appointment.
Caride said in a Facebook post that beauty queens are not exempt from having a bad day and that she was sincerely sorry.
The new Miss Universe contestant will be former first finalist Brenda Jimenez of Aguadilla.

Source: Yahoo News, 3/17/2016


Miss Ecuador Universe 2016

Credit: El Universo

Connie Jimenez was crowned Miss Ecuador Universe 2016 on March 12 at the Hotel Oro Verde in Machala. She will represent Ecuador in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant whose date and venue have not yet been confirmed. The first runner-up is Bianka Fuentes, 22, who will compete in Miss International 2016 to be held in Japan sometime in November. The second runner-up is Ivanna Abad, 22, who will compete in Miss Supranational 2016 to be held in Poland in December. Former Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez served in the judging panel.


Israel To Hold Its First Transgender Beauty Pageant

Contestants pose for the judges during the auditions for the first Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant in Tel Aviv, Thursday, March 3, 2016 (AP Photo/Ariel Shalit)

Auditions for the first ever Israeli transgender beauty pageant, Miss Trans Israel,  took place in Tel Aviv this past week. Around thirty transwomen went to the auditions, organized by Israela Stephanie Lev. The pageant will be held on May 28, according to the pageant's Facebook page.

Lev said living as a transwoman in Israel had been “terrible” in the past, but that now things were improving.
“Definitely we are achieving, enlightening the people to accept and empower transsexuals,” she told the Associated Press.

Contestants such as Abu Hanna, a 21-year-old whose family is Catholic Arab took part in the pageant.
She said her family is supportive of her, and that she can sing, dance and play the trumpet.

“I have something to give the people”, Hanna said, going on to say “We are normal people. This is normal.”
A pageant final will take place in May, and the winner is to represent Israel at the Miss Trans Star international pageant.

The Trans Star pageant will take place this summer in Spain.

Campaigners earlier this year criticized a transgender beauty pageant which offers the winner gender reassignment surgery. The Miss Gay and Ms Transsexual Australia 2016 pageant was branded “irresponsible” by campaigners.

A finalist in the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant contest also in January spoke out – to claim she was disqualified for being trans.

29-year-old Jossy Yendall says she was elated to find out that she had made it through to the final of the UK competition.

However, she told ITV she was shocked to be told by organizers that she had been dropped from the contest because she’s not ‘biologically’ female.

The winner of the Miss Transgender UK pageant was last month stripped of her crown for not being “full-time” transgender, the organizer has claimed.

The pageant launched for the first time last year – but attracted controversy for offering all-expenses-paid gender reassignment surgery in India as a ‘prize’.

Scottish trans woman Jai Dara Latto was initially named the winner of the contest – but organizer Rachael Bailey hit out at her this week, amid coverage of Latto going on a charity hike.

Source:  Pink News, 3/4/2016
***The first paragraph was modified to correct Pink News' statement that the pageant took place, which is false. The pageant will take place on May 28.


Miss Universe Japan 2016

Sari Nakazawa, 22, Miss Shiga, was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2016 on March 1st. She will represent Japan in Miss Universe 2016 pageant whose date and venue have not yet been confirmed. Her court includes first runner-up was Miss Kumamoto, Sayaka Matsumoto; second runner-up Miss Fukushima, Kaori Arike; third runner-up Miss Kochi, Sayaka Nishimura; and fourth runner-up Miss Shizuoka, Yukari Shiotsuka. Nakazawa was crowned by her predecessor, Ariana Miyamoto, Japan's first biracial queen and a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2015 pageant.