Rafa Delfin: Seven Things I Like About Miss Grand International

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Miss America Pageant Leaves Atlantic City For Mohegan Sun


The Miss America Organization announced Tuesday that its upcoming pageant will be held at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.
NBC will broadcast the Miss America 2020 pageant live from the Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday, Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. (The pageant was broadcast from Atlantic City last year on ABC.
“Miss America is a storied organization that has a long history of empowering women, providing tremendous educational resources to women and serving the overall public good,” said Ray Pineault, president and general manager of Mohegan Sun, in a statement. “Like the Miss America Organization, Mohegan Sun celebrates the successful and inspiring women within our company and the Mohegan Tribe. We’re thrilled to be hosting an impactful event like the Miss America competition in December, and we look forward to working with both Miss America and NBC on what will be a tremendous evening.”
The Miss America pageant began in Atlantic City in 1921 as a way to extend the tourism season beyond Labor Day weekend. It moved to Las Vegas in 2005, but returned to Atlantic City in 2013.
The move from Atlantic City this year was expected since the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority there declined to renew subsidies for the pageant. According to CBS News, the authority has provided more than $20 million in subsidies since 2013.
“The Miss America Organization is proud to partner with Mohegan Sun as we return to our longtime NBC home,” said Regina Hopper, president and CEO of the Miss America Organization in a statement. “We are looking forward to a fresh take on this historic competition that will showcase the incredible women vying for the job of Miss America 2020.”
The pageant has found itself in troubled times.
Last month, Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America who presided over the elimination of the pageant’s swimsuit competition, stepped down as chairwoman of the Miss America Organization board after 17 months on the job.
The one-time Fox News host was part of an all-female leadership team that took over the pageant following an embarrassing email scandal in which male leaders insulted former Miss Americas, denigrating their appearance, intelligence and even their sex lives.
Source: Pennlive.com, 7/23/2019


Pageant Queen Dethroned Due To Her Conservative Beliefs And Support For Trump

Ardent Trump supporter Kathy Zhu has said she was stripped of a Miss World America title after the organizers took issue with her black-on-black violence tweet and her refusal to try on a hijab as part of a school activity.

Prominent conservative commentator Kathy Zhu, known as Political Kathy on Twitter, posted a screenshot of an email by state director of the Miss World America beauty pageant for Michigan, Laurie DeJack, notifying her that she must dissociate herself from the contest due to “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content” found on her social media.
DeJack said that the MWA no longer recognizes her as a “participant of any sort or in any capacity” and demanded she removes all the mentions of her taking part in the pageant.
Zhu also posted screenshots of her lengthy text-message exchange with DeJack, in which she informs Zhu that there has been a “huge issue” with her, without providing any details. As Zhu pressed DeJack for more information, the director cited a 2016 tweet by Zhu, reading: “Did you know that the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within you own community before blaming others.”
DeJack did not explicitly accuse Zhu of racism, but the Chinese-American student said that she would “stop by” her house and “give back the crown/sash” that she was awarded as the winner of the local Miss Michigan pageant, before lashing at DeJack for implying that the “statistics” she cited were somehow racially biased.
This is ridiculous and to work with someone that thinks statistics is racist is the last thing I want to do.
“I’m completely hurt over this but I hope you find a better candidate that will advocate for brainless ideals like ‘world peace,’” Zhu added.
While there is no mention of a “hijab scandal” in the screenshot Zhu provided, the conservative commentator claimed that it was one of the reasons she got her crown taken from her.
Zhu, then a student of the University of Central Florida, made headlines in February last year after she refused to participate in a “Try a Hijab” campus event to mark World Hijab Day.
At the time, Zhu took heat on Twitter for her unwillingness to try on the conservative Muslim garment, which she called a “scarf of oppression.”
SOURCE: RT.COM, 7/20/2019


Celebrating Gloria Diaz's 50th Coronation Anniversary As Miss Universe 1969


     Critical Beauty salutes Gloria Diaz as she celebrates her 50th Coronation Anniversary as Miss Universe 1969. Several members of the Critical Beauty Group on Facebook have posted warm and beautiful congratulatory messages for Gloria in the hope that she will get to read all of them. We have captured the screenshots of these messages (posted from July 12 to 14, 2019) and published them here for perpetuity. 

From Ricardo Guiraldes (via Gmail, July 12, 2019:)

On the 50th anniversary that your beauty and personality were crowned as the best in the universe, I would like to share with you how proud I am that in the night of the election, your hair was styled by a famous Chilean: Luiggi Congratulations for been the first Philippine woman to win the Miss Universe pageant. With love from Chile (and England) Ricardo Güiraldes

From Miguel Angel Solis (via Gmail, July 14, 2019):

Congratulations Gloria for your 50 anniversary From Honolulu, Hawaii! Please do a “Pictorial Book” since the day you were invited to participate in Miss Philippines to all the way when you crowned Marisol Maralet !  Yours Miguel Angel Solis


From William Prendiz de Jurado (via Facebook Messenger, July 15, 2019):


Gloria memories: Two days after she won, on Monday 21 July 1969----I knew she would be in New York and called her to the Hilton Hotel (I forgot now, how I knew she would be there?) and spoke to her to congratulate her on winning MU-1969. She told me that she was going to Brazil soon---I told her that I knew 'HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS' along with Gemma Cruz! She was very sweet, then we said our good byes and hung up! About 1976 or so, I saw her again at Gucci's on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, she was with 3 very young and handsome Filipino men----I introduced myself to her, and reminded her of our 1969 telephone call! She was so noisy (hhaa) and wanted to see what I had bought, and opened my bag and showed her my new belt! I found her complexion so BEAUTIFUL--and-CLEAR----when she smiled, her eyes SPARKLED like DIAMONDS--she was so charming and a real woman! Then in 1977 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, when she went there as a guest of the MISS UNIVERSE pageant! We had dinner that night and I was impressed that she drank Perrier Water from France---she was very SOPHISTICATED-and-COSMOPOLITAN----A real INTERNATIONAL-BEAUTY! I even did her hair for the finals of MU-1977--we had a wonderful lime. In 1981 I hosted a dinner party for Armi Crespo-Miss Philippines-1972 and Gloria came and so charming! Then I saw her in 1994, when I went to Manila for MU-1994, we saw her other a few times, and she went-on-and-on, how I hadn't changed at all, all of these years! That was the last time I saw Gloria! CONGRATULATIONS Gloria on your 50th anniversary as MISS UNIVERSE-1969 Wishing you many more HEALTHY ones! GOD bless you-- Memories are made of this----

Pageant fan Mike Herrera shares this selfie with Gloria at the Miss Universe 2016 Red Carpet Show at the Mall Of Asia, January 29, 2017.


Miss Universe Great Britain 2019

Emma Victoria Jenkins was crowned Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 on July 13, 2019 at the Riverfront in Newport, Wales. She will not compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have yet to be announced. Jenkins was crowned by outgoing title holder Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers.

Tongan Pageant Queen Dethroned After Speaking Out

               Kalo Funganitao hit out at "bullies" during a dramatic speech as part of the Heilala festival.

The reign of Auckland student Kalo Funganitao as Tonga's Miss Heilala has been wiped off the official records after she accused the beauty pageant of bullying.
Her speech last week at the Miss Heilala pageant in Nuku'alofa stirred controversy across the Pacific, with calls for pageants to come to an end, for the deputy prime minister of Tonga to resign and for young women to challenge authority.
The Tonga Tourist Assocation, which operated the Heilala Festival, issued a statement on Friday hitting back at Funganitao.
It said she had failed to perform her duties as Miss Heilala 2018-19 and had therefore forfeited her title. It said the runner up would be retrospectively named as Miss Heilala 2018-19
Before handing over the crown to this year's winner, Funganitao delivered a fiery speech which accused the pageant organisers of not supporting her, highlighted serious claims of cyberbullying and said the experience had been traumatic for herself and her family.
Her speech was not well received on the night. She spoke to a chorus of jeers and some support, before her microphone was cut off and music was played to drown out her speech.
"I have experienced just how hard it can be to be a young Tongan woman. I have dealt with people in official roles and in other places, in the work force that have been unprofessional and rude and just straight out mind-boggling," she said.
A local reporter from Matangi Tonga said they overheard Deputy Prime Minister Semisi Sika telling the DJ to play loud music over Funganitao. That allegation, which Stuff has repeatedly contacted the ministry for comment on, has led many in Tonga to call for Sika to step down.
In an interview with Stuff, Funganitao said the crowd and other contestants had bullied her when she was crowned Miss Heilala last year.
"The night that it happened, I got a lot of boos. As I was going up to revive my sash for those first places there were just more and more boos and then when I was crowned it was overwhelming how angry people were," she recalled.
"The team that I was with and my family had to form a protective barrier around me as I was going down the stage, and going out to the car, because there were actually people who were trying to cut through so that they could, I don't know..."
The Tonga Tourist Association, which was overseen by Sika, has not responded to Funganitao's allegations.
Its only public response has been to strip her of her title.

Source: Stuff.co.nz, July 13, 2-19


Miss Grand Thailand 2019

Coco Arayha Suparurk was crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2019 in Bitec Bangna Hall in Bangkok on July 13. She represented the municipality of Nakhon Phanom. She will now represent Thailand in 2019 Miss Grand International pageant to be held in Venezuela on October 25. 

Suparurk stirred some controversy after she posted on her Instagram a photo of the current Miss Universe Catriona Gray next to that of Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa. In the photo, Clara was described as "fit" and Catriona as "fat". Her post generated much hatred mostly from Filipino pageant fans who were hoping that Suparurk would not win the national title. 


Did Paweensuda Drouin Copy Catriona Gray?

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Miss Netherlands 2019

24-year-old model Sharon Pieksma from Rotterdam kwas crowned Miss Netherlands 2019 on June 30th. She will represent the Netherlands in the next edition of Miss Universe pageant whose date and venue have not yet been announced.

“Thank you Miss Nederland for believing in me, giving me bigger power to bring my vision into this world,” Pieksma posted on her Instagram.
Fabiënne Davelaar was named the runner-up. Leontine Brns won the Miss Social Media special award, while the Miss Congeniality subtitle went to Daphne Albers.


Will Thailand Win Miss Universe 2019?

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