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First Miss USA Jackie Loughery Passes Away

  Jackie Loughery , former Miss USA and Miss Universe contestant, passed away at the age of 93. Loughery was an actress and the first woman to win the Miss USA title in the year 1952. The news were shared on the Miss Universe social media account. “We are sorry to share that Jackie Loughery, the first ever Miss USA, has passed away. Jackie Loughery will be remembered as a woman who made history being the first Miss USA to compete at the first Miss Universe competition in 1952 and a trailblazer in the pageant community,” reads the post. “May you rest in power and peace.” Viewers shared their condolences in the comments section, sharing how much Loughery meant to them. “A truly beautiful soul for anyone who ever got the chance to be in her presence,” wrote business personality Thom Brodeur. “Rest in peace icon,” wrote Athenna Crosby, the first runner up of Miss World America. Loughery represented the USA in the first Miss Universe pageant, where she placed in ninth place. Following her s

Group Chat on the Miss Universe Video Scandal, Miss World Updates and More

  This group chat was conducted via Zoom on Saturday, February 25, 2024 at 9:00 PM EST. Mg guests include Noemi Melendez, Gaspar Cruz, Antonio Rivadeneira and Ed Dominguez.

Miss Universe Video Scandal

  IMPLODING UNIVERSE: Perhaps the biggest scandal of the Miss Universe organization was unleashed this Thursday, February 23, when the program "De Primera Mano", on Imagen TV , published leaked videos of a meeting headed by JKN Global CEO Anne Jakrajutatip and her team in Mexico that included MUO co-owner Raul Rocha Cantu , Cynthia de la Vega (new national director for Mexico). The meeting revealed the dark intentions of the organization which are only motivated by money. The videos were leaked by Rodrigo Goytortua , one of the terminated MUO workers who had recorded the meeting that took place in Mexico on October 23, 2023. These are the main take-aways from the meeting: - Anne said that the idea of inclusion that was realized during the 72nd edition, held last November 18 in El Salvador and that allowed plus-size, transgender women, mothers and married young people to participate, was only an advertising strategy to strengthen Anne's empire through a whole line of produ

Former MUO President Paula Shugart May Sue MUO Owner Anne Jakrajutatip

  Former Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart , who resigned from her post last November, has released a statement on her Instagram on February 18, 2024 addressing the allegations against her made by MUO owner Anne Jakrajutatip . Paula is considering taking legal action against Anne. The post has generated strong reactions from fans most of whom support Paula. Several titleholders expressed their support for Paula like the two former Miss Universe queens from Mexico, Lupita Jones (1991) and Ximena Navarrete (2010); Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez; and Miss USA 1998 Shawnae Jebbia. Miss Oregon USA 1994 Denise White, who judged Miss Universe 2023 finals, has some pretty harsh things to say about Anne. S I’m sure more titleholders who have worked with Paula will share their thoughts soon. Meanwhile, I can imagine Anne pacing back and forth in her walk-in closet pulling her hair as she struggles to figure out how she is going to pay for a good lawyer. Here’s an idea, Anne: sell mor

Anne JKN “Cleans House”

  In this vlog, I discuss the latest stories revolving around Anne Jakrajutatip, or Khun Anne, the co-owner of Miss Universe. Anne's company, JKN Global, sold half of its shares to Legacy Holdings whose CEO is Mexican businessman Raul Rocha Cantu who is also the franchise owner of Miss Universe Mexico. To restructure and to revamp the Miss Universe Organization, Anne fired all the top American executive officers including Paula Shugart whom she labeled as “corrupted.”

Miss World CEO Julia Morley Stresses Character Over Physical Beauty

As beauty standards evolve, we prioritise character, actions, and expressions over traditional norms: Julia Morley, Miss World Organisation. The chairperson and chief executive officer underscores the role of brand partnerships in driving the event's success and their ability to forge meaningful connections with audiences worldwide   After a hiatus of 28 years, Miss World makes a return to India, heralding the onset of a global appeal that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.    The event is scheduled to take place on 9 March 2024 and the theme is 'beauty with a purpose'.    The festival embarks on a 21-day journey marked by on-ground events to engage with young women as agents of change and leaders of tomorrow, before D-day.    A total of 120 contestants representing nations from around the globe will converge in India, to compete in various competitions, to champion charitable initiatives, embodying the spirit of change and goodwill as ambassadors of their respectiv

Highlights From World Top Model 2024

     The 6th World Top Model competition took place on February 10, 2024 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. 38 contestants competed in this year’s contest. Here are the official results: WTM Miss - Kaelyn Hollingsworth, Mississippi WTM Ms. - Breona Calvert, California WTM Teen - Ava Raiford, Virginia WTM USA - Isabella Key, Florida USA Swim Week Model - Cassidy Carpenter, Florida WTM Junior Ambassador - Olivia Zink, Connecticut WTM Little Ambassador - Kathleen Mountain, South Carolina I had the privilege to judge this competition for the third straight year in a row and I must say that it’s getting more and more competitive every year. I had the chance to speak to a few girls who did not win and encouraged them to come back next time and to never give up on their dreams like Breona Calvert who finally won a title on her third try! Huge shoutout to Rene Bionat of @beautyitseverywhere for producing the event and for providing opportunities for girls and women of all a

Amy Emmerich Resigns As CEO Of Miss Universe

Amy Emmerich , the CEO of the Miss Universe Organization, announced on her social media on February 8 that she will be stepping down from her position effective March 1st, 2024. She also announced that she will continue to be an advisor for the organization in the next few months. However, it is uncertain at this moment who will be the new CEO. Emmerich is the last major executive to leave MUO after Esther Swann, the former talent manager who left in March 2023 followed by Paula Shugart, the former president who resigned in November 2023. As you know, Emmerich started her job with MUO in January 2022, which led to IMG selling MUO to JKN Global in October 2022. Under Emmerich’s leadership, the traditional entry requirements to compete in Miss Universe/Miss USA have been replaced by “progressive” ones that now allow women from all walks of life (beyond age limit of 28, married, mothers, grandmothers, divorced, pregnant, transwomen). Traditionalists do not like these updated re

Miss USA 2022 Morgan Romano Spills The Tea About Her Reign

  Miss USA 2022 Morgan Romano guested on Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez’s podcast where she reveals the struggles she experienced during her reign. Morgan was promoted to Miss USA after the original winner R’Bonney Gabriel won Miss Universe 2022. Morgan told Nia that she paid all the expenses she had incurred during her reign with her own money. She also stated that she might probably have been the first Miss USA without a manager and she traveled alone to booked events. There was “no system” or point of contact because no one was running the Miss USA organization after its president Crystle Stewart was dismissed by the Miss Universe Organization. “Behind the scenes, nothing was normal,” says Morgan. Watch the entire interview on Nia’s YouTube channel, Nia Sanchez.