Miss World United States 2013

Olivia Jordan, who was 1st runner-up in Miss California USA 2013, has been selected as the U.S. representative to Miss World 2013 pageant to be held in Indonesia on September 28. Elite Modeling Agency, which owns the U.S. franchise, handpicked Jordan from a bevy of applicants. Jordan will attempt to follow the footsteps of Alexandria Mills who won the Miss World crown for the U.S. in 2010.


Miss World Macedonia 2013

The new Miss World Macedonia (FYR) 2013 is Kristina Spasenoska, a 21-year-old beauty from Kičevo who was crowned August 22nd at the Summer Club Paradiso in Skopje. She will represent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Miss World 2013 pageant to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 28.

 The first runner-up was Mihaela Ivanova, 21, from Skopje and the second runner-up was  Sava Grachanin, 22, from Valandovo.

VIDEO GEM: Miss Universe 1965 Full Broadcast

Here's a great video gem - the full broadcast of the Miss Universe 1965 pageant held at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida on July 24, 1965. I have never seen this video before and I am just simply amazed by the sheer elegance and classiness of the entire production - something that has been missing since former MUO president Harold Glasser stepped down in 1986. 


The video is fascinating for several reasons. First, we see how stage projection, runway walk and posing have evolved since then. Every girl looked so "stiff" on stage, but what we think as stiff today was actually the standard for grace and elegance in those days.

Second, the eventual winner, Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand, expected for Miss USA Sue Ann Downey to win (notice Apasra's puzzled look after USA was called as second runner-up). Her reaction changes from puzzlement to total surprise when she was declared the winner, and since she did not speak or understand English very well, she didn't realize that she had won over Finland's Virpi Miettinen. 

Third, we learn that the announcer mentions 18-year-old Apasra's height: 5'4" - which officially makes her as the shortest Miss Universe from the 1960s - and not the 1969 winner Gloria Diaz who is 5'5".

Fourth, there was a "Parade of Friendship" when the girls were riding on floats waving to the public; later we would see this parade changed to "Parade of Nations" on the telecast.

Fifth, a mini-pageant called Miss Little Universe was held and won by Miss Little USA (how endearing to see the Miss Universe contestants playing Big Sisters and escorting their Little Sisters during the Miss Little Universe pageant!)

And Sixth, contrary to the popular notion that the Miss World pageant introduced the "Dances of the World" segment when Julia Morley took over the pageant in 2001, Miss Universe actually had its delegates dance to their national costumes during a dress rehearsal.


Contestants receive their swimsuits from Catalina, the official swimsuit sponsor
Outgoing Miss Universe Corinna Tsopie of Greece waves to the crowd during the Parade of Friendship
Miss Israel Aliza Sedeh is interviewed by judge Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957 from Peru
The Monte Carlo was one of three official host hotels
The contestants lounge by the pool at the Monte Carlo Hotel
The marquee outside the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida
The elegant and beautiful stage of the finals
Karen Raguianti of Memphis, Tennessee is crowned Little Miss Universe 1965.
Miss Germany Ingrid Bethake wins Miss Congeniality
Miss USA Sue Ann Downey wins the Best Native Costume award. Note "native" and not "national".
Miss Austria Karin Schmidt wins Miss Photogenic
The 15 semifinalists sashay on stage carrying their plaques of recognition
Miss France Marie-Thérèse Tullio during the swimsuit competition
Miss Hong Kong Joy Drake performing a sword dance during the dress rehearsal. Look at that gorgeous face!
Miss Tunisia Dolly Allouche performing a native dance during the dress rehearsal
Miss Australia Pauline Verey struts during the Top 15 swimsuit segment
Miss Philippines Louise Vail Aurelio charms the judges during the Top 15 Evening Gown competition 
The Top 5: Finland, Holland, Sweden, Thailand, USA
Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand is crowned Miss Universe 1965!

Text by Rafa Delfin


Getting to Know Miss World Denmark 2013 Malene Riis Sørensen

Malene Riis Sørensen (20, 5'11", Jylland) was crowned Miss World Denmark 2013 during the Miss World Denmark 2013 National Final held on August 3rd, 2013 at First Hotel Copenhagen. Malene also won "Miss Popularity" award at Miss World Denmark 2013 Final. She is a journalism and psychology student and currently works as a model. She will represent Denmark at the Miss World 2013 pageant in Indonesia on September 28. Critical Beauty is grateful to Malene and to her national director, Lisa Lents, for allowing this e-mail interview.

What was going through your mind after you were judged as the winner?

     I was extremely happy and tried to enjoyed the moment, because it’s a once in a life chance experience! I felt very lucky, honored and surprised! It was a big chow in Denmark this year and it was an amazing feeling winning in front of a huge crown including celebs, press, former beauty queens, friends & family!

In your bio, you mentioned that you study journalism and psychology. What is so fascinating about these two fields of study?

     Journalism has always been fascinating to me and it gives me  so many opportunities to express myself. I would like to be a journalist for a women’s magazine where I can write about women, beauty, clothes, exercise and food. I have studied psychology for around three years. I think it’s very interesting to study the human’s mentality and psyche that is why I would like to continue studying psychology. 

What three adjectives would your friends use to describe you?

     They would describe me as a loving, intelligent and independent person.

What is your best quality? Your worst quality?

     My best quality is that I am a very positive and optimistic person & I’m a good listener. My worst quality is that I can get a little grumpy when I am too busy & feeling stressed out. 

What do you like to do for fun?

     I love reading books, dancing, modelling, shopping, cooking, skiing and traveling. I also like to be creative and enjoy photography.

What makes you most uncomfortable?

     I am uncomfortable when I am too busy and I don’t feel like I have enough time to do everything I want.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

     If I were a fruit I would be a strawberry, because I am sweet and soft like a strawberry!

If you were to come back as an animal in your next life, what would you be and why?

     If I could come back as an animal in my next life I would be a little lovely bird because then I could fly anywhere I wanted to, because I love travelling.

What would you say to a young girl who has low self-esteem?

     My message is to be yourself and love yourself for who you are no matter what other people might say. Remember we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways!

Tomorrow is the end of the world. How would you spend it?

     I would spend the day with the people who are close to my heart. We would go for a walk in the forest, enjoy the nature and gaze at the animals and the sky. Then we would be sitting at the beach eating delicious food and gaze at the sunset over the ocean. In the evening we would build a fire and sit around it. We would be singing for a while and tell how much we care for and love each other. Then we would look at the stars all night trying to sight shooting stars. We would stay awake so that we could be skinny dipping while we gaze at the beautiful view; sunrise over the ocean.

What are the three things you would never do to the person you love?

     I would never force the person I love to do things that the person does not want to do and I would never hurt someone on purpose!

Would you ever pose nude for Playboy magazine? Why or why not?

     I would never pose nude for Playboy magazine because I do not want the whole world to see me naked. I love my body and I cherish it and don’t want to share it with everyone. It’s a very personal thing for me!

How are you preparing for the Miss World 2013 competition?

     I try to prepare myself mentally and physically. I practice for the Fast Tracks / Challenge Events, fx. I am preparing a dance for the Talent competition. I eat healthy, exercise, try to get enough sleep, practice catwalk, do photo shoots and much more.  I am so exited and I am super busy preparing for the big event!

Why do you want to become Miss World 2013?

     I want to become Miss World 2013 because it is a dream come true! It would give me so many opportunities in life! I would love to travel the world and represent the Miss World Organization while working for charity. I love to help and support other people and I want to make a difference in this world. Becoming Miss World would give me the opportunity to use my voice in a benefiting way! I love travelling, modeling and meeting new people & cultures. Denmark has never won Miss World and I would love to change that!

How do you see yourself five years from now?

     Five years from now I see myself as a loving, strong and mature woman who is very successful. I have managed to accomplish what I wanted and reached some of my goals and dreams. Five years from now I still have a lot of dreams to follow. One of them would be making women love themselves for whom they are; they have to know that they are unique and beautiful both on the inside and on the outside!


Singer/Musician - Rihanna

Actor – Channing Tatum

Actress – Leighton Meester

Color – Red

Fashion Designer - Yara Yosif

Perfume - Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs 

Flower - Lavender

Writer – J.K. Rowling

Book – Harry Potter 1-7

Movie – ”A Walk To Remember”

 Photo credits: Miss & Mister of Denmark Organization


Ex-Miss Nigeria Feyi Sodipo Escapes Abduction Plot


     Were it not for providence, the 2011 winner of Miss Nigeria beauty pageant, Feyi Sodipo, would have been a missing person by now after an attempt by some suspected kidnappers to forcefully whisk her away in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital failed. 

     The three suspects which included two men and a lady, it was gathered posed as security operatives working for the organisers of the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant. The trio were said to have taken Sodipo from Lagos to Abeokuta, and had forcefully tried to snatched her Hyundai car which she won after the contest, when her mother raised an alarm which drew the attention of the security details attached to the Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun. 

     The security operatives were said to have accosted the suspects and asked them to identify themselves but they were unable to provide a convincing answer. The development brought about the suspicion that they were not sent by the organisers of the pageant and the suspects were subsequently apprehended  on the instruction of the command’s Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, to the Ibara Divisional Police Headquarters for interrogation. 

Source: http://news-me.com, 8/22/2013


Miss Universe Organization Condemns Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws, But Doesn’t Move Pageant

The Miss Universe Organization has released a statement condemning Russia’s laws banning “gay propaganda.” This year’s competition is being held in Moscow, but over 27,000 people have signed a Change.org petition calling on the organization to move it. The pageant isn’t moving, but the statement suggests contestants will not be prohibited from speaking out against it:
The Miss Universe Organization believes in equality for all individuals and is deeply concerned by the laws recently enacted in Russia and currently in place in several other countries. Both the law, as well as the violence experienced by the LGBT community in Russia, are diametrically opposed to the core values of our company. Our organization has always embodied a spirit of inclusion and is a celebration of people from all countries and walks of life.
It is our hope this year’s Miss Universe contest in Moscow will help foster a common understanding and appreciation of the rights of all individuals, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation.
In our sixty year history we have witnessed, and been a party to, many social changes including those within the LGBT community. It has been our experience that the Miss Universe pageant provides a forum through which contestants from more than 90 countries, as well as their families and friends, forge bonds with citizens of a host country, helping to serve as a catalyst for social change.
The safety of our contestants, staff and crew is of the utmost importance and we are working with our Russian hosts to ensure the security and well-being of those traveling to Russia for the pageant.
Bravo’s Andy Cohen has already announced he will not be hosting the pageant because he refuses to go to Russia. The Miss Universe statement stands in stark contrast to the International Olympic Committee, which has suggested thatathletes will be punished for speaking out against the country’s laws. The U.S. Olympic Committee has similarly said that athletes will have to “comply” with the draconian laws.

Source: ThinkProgress.org, 8/20/2013


Meet Íris Telma Jónsdóttir, Director of Miss Iceland (Ungfrú Ísland)

IRIS TELMA JONSDOTTIR is the new national director of Miss Iceland (Ungfrú Ísland). She was Miss Iceland 2012 and competed in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, China. A national pageant to select the Icelandic representative to Miss World 2014 will take place on September 14, 2013 in Reykjavik.

What prompted you to be interested in pageants, and how did your interest in pageants prompt you to acquire the Icelandic franchise of Miss World? 

     My mother participated in Miss Iceland 1987 and I found it exciting when I was young. Then when I grew older in 2010, I was asked to participate in Miss Reykjavík. After that I got through to Miss Iceland and ended up as a 1st runne-up. After that experience at Miss Iceland my interest in pageants only got stronger. I got really lucky in 2012 when I was chosen to go to Miss World 2012 in China to represent my country. In China I got to know more about pageants, how differently they are organized in some countries and I learnt a lot from that experience. I saw a lot of things at the Miss World competition that I could incorporate into making the Miss Iceland pageant much better. Pageants always get better and change slowly from year to year and I wanted to make Miss Iceland a bit more similar to that.

You represented Iceland in Miss World 2012. Tell us about your experience competing with over a hundred beautiful young women and what have you learned from the pageant?

     I'm so thankful that I got to go to China 2012, that I got the opportunity to compete in a huge pageant like Miss World. That was a dream come true for me. Not only that I got to travel to the other side of the world, but I also got to travel around China and spent five weeks with 116 amazing girls. I also learned a lot from it.  For example, I got to be on my own. I had to speak English for five weeks 24/7 because there was no one speaking my language, I learned a lot in communicating and it's not always easy to be optimistic and smiling all day, every day, but I learned to deal with it and I realized that after those five weeks that I could really do more than I had thought. To participate in pageants like Miss World, you have to work hard, it's a full-time job, you have little sleep, you need perseverance and lots of energy, you try to have fun and make the best of things. I'm so much stronger as a person after my Miss World adventure.

What makes your organization different from the other pageant organizations in Europe? In other words, what makes your group stand out?

     Iceland is a little country, therefore the pageant here is a bit smaller than in many other countries in Europe. But of course, there are other small pageants in Europe as well. Iceland has always been known for beautiful women and I think what makes my group stand out is that I have an extremely strong group of participants, many young women who have a big opportunity of becoming Miss Iceland and eventually Miss World.

Tell us your strategy in recruiting potential contestants for the Miss Iceland pageant. In other words, where do you find likely candidates and what do you do to convince them to sign up for the contests?

     I advertised online that I was searching for participants and consequently I received many tips or applications. I called the girls I wanted to meet up with. I never convinced the girls to participate; they have to want it badly and be ready to work for it. The girls that I would have to convince especially are not ready for this job. So from the group that I met, I chose my official contestants who will be competing for the crown.14th of september.

IRIS (center) with some of the Miss World 2012 contestants during a photo shoot in a desert in Ordos.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job as a pageant director?

     I love my job; this is something I have a huge interest in. Now that I have been in this beauty business for 3 years it's good to be on the other side of the table and give advice to the girls. Putting a pageant like this together takes a lot of time and hard work, so I'll be really happy and proud when I have passed that challenge and when I see all of my girls doing great job on stage. 

Got any favorite beauty queens? 

     I got to know Ivian Sarcos a bit at the Miss World 2012 journey, she is a wonderful person and really beautiful but over all the Icelandic beauty queens are always my favorites. Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir, Miss Reykjavík 2005, Miss Iceland 2005 and Miss World 2005 is without a doubt my all time favorite. I remember watching Miss World 2005 crowning and how excited I was. That's probably why I had goose bumps the entire time on the stage in Ordos last year while I was competing.

Do you think pageants will still be relevant? Do you agree with critics who say that pageants are demeaning to women?

     Yes, I think the pageants will continue to be held, but of course there will probably be some changes for the better as always. No, I don't agree with critics who say that pageants are demeaning to women. As I know from my own experience in Miss World, I only got stronger as a person. But, of course, not all people are the same. Some can handle criticisms, and some cannot. If you can't handle criticisms, then you're not the right person for the job. I feel like I am the right person to run a pageant because I know how and what to respond to critics of pageants. The Miss Iceland pageant has been held for 63 years and I am sure that it will continue for another 63 years, I hope!

Is there a question that you haven't been asked that you want people to ask you, and what would your answer be?

     Many people ask me about my opinion regarding critics of pageants. My answer is simple: all of us have his or her opinion, and I have mine. And even if we disagree, we can always agree to disagree in a civilized fashion. I have experienced both Icelandic and Miss World pageants and I have learned a lot from both, and I have only good things to say about them.

Photos courtesy of  Íris Telma Jónsdóttir


Miss World Philippines 2013

The new Miss World Philippines 2013  is Megan Lynne Young who was crowned at the Grand Ballroom of the Solaire Resort and Casino in Parañaque on August 18th, 2013. The 23-year-old actress, model and spokesperson will represent the Philippines in Miss World 2013 pageant scheduled for September 28th, 2013 in Indonesia. Her court includes 1st runner-up Janicel Lubina, 2nd runner-up Zahra Bianca Saldua, 3rd runner-up Maria Paula Bianca Paz and 4th runner-up Omarie Linn Osuna. Miss World is the only major crown that the Philippines has never won, and Filipino fans feel strongly optimistic that Megan could bring its first Miss World crown to her country.

Miss Cape Verde 2013

The new Miss Cape Verde 2013 is Christina Spencer who was crowned August 17 in the capital city of Praia. She will compete in Miss World 2013  in Jakarta, Indonesia  on September 28. The first runner-up is Ailine Fortes (left) and the second runner-up is Selene Silva (right).

Miss Bulgaria 2013

The new Miss Bulgaria 2013 is Nansi Nikolayeva Karaboycheva, 20,  from Pazardzhik, who was crowned in Sofia on August 18th. She will represent Bulgaria in Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28. The 1st runner-up is Daniyela Dinkova Nedelcheva and the 2nd runner-up is Dzhuliya Danailova Stoyanova.


Miss Kosovo Universe 2013

The new Miss Universe Kosovo 2013 is Mirjeta Shala, 19, who was crowned at the Square 21 in Pristina on August 16th, 2013. She will represent Kosovo in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant, scheduled for November 9th  in Moscow, Russia. This is the first Miss Universe Kosovo pageant under a joint partnership between former Miss Albania Agnese Vuthaj, Miss Universe renowned photographer Fadil Berisha, Labinot Gashi and Radio Television 21 after the Miss Kosova Organization headed by Agron Selimi and Art Motion relinquished the Miss Universe license earlier this year.

Miss Guatemala Universe 2013

The new Miss Guatemala Universe 2013 is Andrea Paulette Samalyoa Muy, 23, who was crowned August 14th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Guatemala City. She will represent her country in Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow on November 9th. 


Miss Lithuania 2013

The new Miss Lithuania 2013 (Mis Lietuva 2013) is Rūta Elžbieta Mazurevičiūtė, 22, from Garliava, who was crowned August 15th. She will represent Lithuania in Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28. 

The first runner-up is Simona Burbaitė who will represent Lithuania in Miss Universe 2013 to be held in Moscow on November 9.