Miss Chile 2012 crowned

Camila Recabarren, 21, was crowned Miss Chile 2012 on June 26 during the final of a reality-show produced by Channel 13 “No Basta con ser Bella” ("Being Beautiful Is Not Enough"). The winner was chosen through SMS sent by the TV audience. Recabarren won the title with 53.5% of the votes, beating Jill Bergenfreid with 39.9% of the votes.Recabarren will now represent Chile in Miss World 2012 to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China on August 18th.


Love knows no age: Camila and her 57-year-old boyfriend Alberto.

Miss England 2012 crowned

Charlotte Holmes, Miss Devon, has been crowned Miss England 2012 on June 26. Holmes – a former contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model – faced stiff competition in the shape of runners up Anastasia Smith (Miss North Yorkshire) and Tamzin Cummings (Sunderland People’s Choice), but eventually came out on top. (Shropshirestar.com)

Charlotte Holmes (center) with runners up Tamzin Cummings (left) and Anastasia Smith (right)

Miss World China 2012 crowned

Model Wen Xia Yu was crowned Miss World China 2012 Saturday. She will compete in Miss World 2012 which will take place in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, on August 18.


Hava Hershkovitz Wins 'Miss Holocaust Survivor' Pageant In Israel

Hava Hershkovitz (R), 79, was crowned "Miss Holocaust Survivor" at a pageant held in Israel on Thursday.   

HAIFA, Israel (AP) — Grinning and waving, 14 women who survived the horrors of World War II paraded Thursday in an unusual pageant, vying for the honor of being crowned Israel's first "Miss Holocaust Survivor."
Billed by organizers as a celebration of life, the event also stirred controversy. In a country where millions have been touched by the Holocaust, many argued that judging aging women who had suffered so much on physical appearance was inappropriate, and even offensive.

"It sounds totally macabre to me," said Colette Avital, chairwoman of Israel's leading Holocaust survivors' umbrella group. "I am in favor of enriching lives, but a one-time pageant masquerading (survivors) with beautiful clothes is not what is going to make their lives more meaningful."

Pageant organizer Shimon Sabag rejected the criticism, saying the winners were chosen based on their personal stories of survival and rebuilding their lives after the war, and physical beauty was only a tiny part of the competition.

"They feel good together. They are having a good time and laughing in the rehearsals," said Sabag, director of Yad Ezer L'Haver, or Helping Hand, which assists needy Holocaust survivors and organized the pageant.
"The fact that so many wanted to participate proves that it's a good idea."

Nearly 300 women from across Israel registered for the competition and contestants were whittled down to the 14 finalists who appeared Thursday.

The contest, part of Helping Hand's annual "cultural" night, included a lavish dinner and music at a Haifa reception hall. Some 600 people attended, including two Cabinet ministers, Moshe Kahlon and Yossi Peled, himself a Holocaust survivor.

The women, ranging in age from 74 to 97, clearly enjoyed themselves. Wearing black dresses, earrings and necklaces, and sporting blue-and-white numbered sashes, they grinned and waved as they were introduced to the adoring audience. Music played as the contestants walked along a red carpet, introduced themselves and described their memories of World War II.

"I have the privilege to show the world that Hitler wanted to exterminate us and we are alive. We are also enjoying life. Thank God it's that way," said Esther Libber, a 74-year-old runner-up who fled her home in Poland as a child, hid in a forest and was rescued by a Polish woman. She said she lost her entire immediate family.

A four-judge panel consisting of three former beauty queens and a geriatric psychiatrist who specializes in treating Holocaust survivors chose the winner. Hava Hershkovitz, a soon-to-be 79-year-old, was banished from her home in Romania in 1941 and sent to a detention camp in the Soviet Union for three years. Today, she lives in an assisted living home run by Helping Hand.

"This place is full of survivors. It puts us at the center of attention so people will care. It's not easy at this age to be in a beauty contest, but we're all doing it to show that we're still here," the silver-haired Hershkovitz said.

Holocaust survivors participate in a beauty pageant, in the northern Israeli city of Haifa, Thursday, June 28, 2012. Fourteen women who lived through the horrors of World War II paraded on stage Thursday night in an unusual pageant, vying for the honor of being Israel's first "Miss Holocaust Survivor." (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Wearing a glittering tiara, she was joined by her granddaughter, Keren Hazan. "I'm very proud of her because she's the most beautiful woman in the room tonight," Hazan said.

In addition to the contestants' accounts of surviving Nazi ghettos and concentration camps, their later contributions to their communities were also considered, Sabag said. Physical appearance was maybe "10 percent" of the criteria, he said, though a cosmetics company was recruited to help the women dress up for the occasion.

"We always tell them to dress well and look good. To think positive and to take care of themselves," Sabag said. "Always look at life with a smile and continue to live."

The thought that physical appearance could even remotely be a factor rubbed some the wrong way. Avital, of the Holocaust survivors' umbrella group, criticized the cosmetics company, saying it was using Holocaust survivors in a cheap marketing stunt to promote their products.

"Why use a beauty contest to show that these people survived and that they're brave?" wondered Lili Haber, a daughter of Holocaust survivors who heads an Israeli organization that assists survivors from Poland. "I think it's awful. I think it's something a decent person shouldn't even think about."

The Holocaust, in which Nazi Germany oversaw the systematic slaughter of 6 million European Jews, plays a unique role in Israeli society. The country gained independence in the wake of the Holocaust, serving as a refuge for hundreds of thousands of people who survived the genocide.

Nearly 200,000 aging survivors live in Israel today, and the country's annual Holocaust Day is one of the most solemn occasions on the calendar. Restaurants and cinemas close, and the country comes to a standstill as sirens wail for two minutes. Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, frequently make references to the Holocaust when discussing the threat they believe a nuclear-armed Iran would pose to the Jewish state.

Thursday's contest was among the many unconventional beauty pageants that have sprouted up over the years. The war-torn countries of Angola and Cambodia have held "Miss Landmine" contests for survivors of land mine explosions, Star Trek fans enjoy the "Miss Klingon Empire" contest in Atlanta, and plus-sized women in Thailand compete for the honor of "Miss Jumbo Queen." There are also a senior citizens' pageants in the U.S.

Gal Mor, editor of the popular Israeli blog "Holes in the Net," said Thursday's pageant was well-intentioned but misguided.

"Why should a decayed, competitive institution that emphasizes women's appearance be used as inspiration, instead of allowing them to tell their story without gimmicks?" he wrote. "This is one step short of `Survivor-Holocaust' or `Big Brother Auschwitz.' It leaves a bad taste. Holocaust survivors should be above all this."

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, 6/28/2012



Israeli aid group hosts beauty pageant for elderly Holocaust survivors

When most people imagine a beauty pageant, they conjure up images of tanned young women in bikinis and high heels.

Not so the organizers of Thursday’s Yad Ezer L’Haver beauty pageant, which seeks to crown the most beautiful Holocaust survivor in Israel. The Israeli charitable association, which on Monday publicized its unprecedented pageant for survivors, usually focuses on providing food and other services to needy Israelis. (Its name translates as “A Helping Hand to a Friend.”)

Some 65 women entered an earlier phase of the contest, and Thursday’s event will feature the 14 finalists vying for the titles of Pageant Winner, Miss Congeniality, and Audience Favorite.

The contestants, all Holocaust survivors aged between 78 and 92, will strut down the catwalk.
After the contest, billed as part of an evening in honor of survivors, was announced, Time Out’s editor Dana-Tut Bar uploaded the invitation to Facebook, where commenters made jokes, many in poor taste, about the subject.

However, Shimon Sebag (photo), the director of the event, defended the decision to hold the pageant, and told the Hebrew daily Yedioth Aharonoth: “The organization decided to hold the competition… to show that the Holocaust survivors, with all the history they have experienced, are still women who want to celebrate themselves, have fun, and live… If someone raises an eyebrow, let them. We are doing this with a good attitude and pride.”

The winners will be crowned by 1979 Miss Israel Heli Ben David, who went on to represent Israel in the Miss Universe competition in Japan.

Yad Ezer L’Haver was founded in 2001. Among the charity’s projects is a housing complex which is home to approximately 100 Holocaust survivors.

SOURCE: Times of Israel, 6/26/2012


Miss Jamaica World 2012 elected

Deanna Robins, 21was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2012 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on June 23. She will represent Jamaica in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China on August 18. Trishauna Clarke was the first runner-up and Rashida Beckford was the second runner-up. Shona Bewley and Lauren Mackay completed the top five. 

SOURCE: Times of Beauty

Miss Congo 2012 crowned

Christelle Mbeni, who hails from the province of Bandundu, was crowned Miss République Démocratique du Congo 2012  (Miss Congo 2012) on June 23rd at the Grand Hôtel de Kinshasa. Mado Bafana is the first runner-up and Cathia Lubolo is the 2nd runner-up. From 1971 to 1997, the pageant was called Miss Zaïre. Mbeni will compete in Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in China on August 18th.

Road to Miss America 2013: New queens for Georgia, Tennessee, South Dakota, New Mexico, North Carolina & Wyoming

Leighton Jordan, 19, was crowned on June 23rd as Miss Georgia 2012 by last year's pageant winner, Michaela Lackey, at the River Center for the Performing Arts, in Columbus, Ga.  Meanwhile, Jameson Kenerly, was crowned as Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2012.

Chandler Lawson, a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga majoring in political science/international studies, was crowned Miss Tennessee 2012 on June 23rd.

Calista Kirby, 23, was crowned Miss South Dakota 2012 on June 23rd.

Candice Bennatt was crowned Miss New Mexico 2012 on June 23rd at Spencer Theater in Ruidoso.

Arlie Honeycutt was crowned Miss North Carolina 2012 at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium on June 23rd.

Lexie Madden (in yellow dress) was crowned Miss Wyoming 2012 on June 23rd.

Floridian wins Hooter’s 16th Annual International Swimsuit pageant

“I will never forget my time in the orange shorts.” As spoken by this year’s Ms Hooters International winner, Amanda Jemini.
For those of who like their burgers and fries with a little bit of eye candy Hooters has always been the benevolent favorite as it has always managed to find hot spunky young girls desperate to show off their assets and of course get to eventually become Ms Hooter herself.
Making it as Ms Hooters this year was Amanda Jemini, Ms Boca Rotan who cut a fetching image in her paper thin swimsuit (I know it always helps make them buffalo wings taste better) and who impressed judges with her ‘perky’ good natured self. She’s got her heart set on being a film actress or something to that effect.
The competition itself was held last night at the Filmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, Florida and involved 101 of the most desirable handpicked Hooters girl’s out of a possible 18 000 entrants (who could imagine that many nearly naked girls serving beer and fries?) from over 430 Hooters restaurants worldwide. Master of ceremonies included Mark McGrath who did his best not to look too salaciously interested in the half naked princesses as he introduced them to the universe.
SOURCE: http://scallywagandvagabond.com (6/24/2012)

Miss World Philippines 2012 crowned

L-R: 3rd Princess April Love Jordan, 1st Princess Mary Ann Ross Misa, Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman, 2nd Princess Vanessa Claudine Amman, 4th Princess Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

MANILA, Philippines - Queenierich Rehman, 24, beatboxed her way to the crown.
Rehman, who showed off her peculiar singing skills during the talent portion of the 2012 Miss World Philippines contest, bested 24 other candidates at the culmination beauty pageant in Manila Hotel Tent on Sunday, June 24.
The Moroccan-Filipina basketball player from Assumption College will represent the Philippines in the 2012 Miss World competition on August 18 in Inner Mongolia, China. She also receives P1 million cash prize and a Hyundai car.
Rehman was also hailed with a Brains and Beauty award for her response during the Question and Answer portion.
She was asked this tweeted question: As an ambassador of the Philippines, what are the best features of your country that you can project to the world?

She answered: "I believe that wherever you will go here in the Philippines, it's not the islands that make us special but of course the Filipinos who have warm hospitality, who are having smiles on their faces, and of course who will treat all foreigners the love and respect, and hospitality that they can give to them. I believe that the Philippines is a country that we can be proud of."

Aside from the Best in Swimwear and the crown, the 24-year-old winner from Las Pinas City also bagged 4 other special awards: Miss Pantene, Miss World Traveler, Miss Photogenic and Miss Philippines Prudential.
Passing on the crown to Rehman is Miss World Philippines 2011 Gwendolyn Ruias, who successfully won First Princess (or first runner-up) in the 2011 Miss World pageant held in London.
Other winners of the competition include:
  • First Princess: Mary Ann Ross Misa
  • Second Princess: Vanessa Claudine Amman
  • Third Princess: April Love Jordan
  • Fourth Princess: Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

SOURCE: Rappler.com, 6/24/2012


Ximena Navarrete to play the role of a mother in first acting gig

Former Miss Universe Mexico Ximena Navarrete will play the role of a mother in her first foray as an actress on the big screen in "Agente Smith" ("Agent Smith").

"I'm training very hard. I am a woman of 38 years, I have a daughter, my name will be Erika, "Navarrete said on Thursday during the pink carpet event of the 2012 Barbie Awards.

"(The character) is not that much different from my own personality, so I do not think it will be very difficult to interpret it."

The former beauty queen, 24, came to the ceremony with her ​​hair loose, wearing a  long-sleeved lace blouse in white and matching turquoise pleated skirt.

Navarrete won the Miss Universe crown in 2010. Regarding the relationship of her characters to others, she said, "I'm not kissing any leading men."

"It is a participation, not a leading role. It's a character that I like. I think it's a good starting point to be an actress," she remarked.

"Agent Smith" is a co-production by Mexico and Brazil and will begin shooting in September. Navarrete said the film's protagonist is "a famous Mexican actor" but did not reveal his name or the director.

For now, the former beauty queen will participate as a news presenter in Mexico during the London Summer Olympics. She has not ruled out telenovelas, for which she has already received offers, although she hasn't accepted any yet.

SOURCE: Azteca espectaculos, 6/22/2012


Beauty queen who shaved head for charity wins Miss Alaska title

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Just three months ago, Debbe Ebben had no hair. On Saturday night, she was crowned Miss Alaska.
Ebben shaved her head in March to raise more than $4,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which donates money for childhood cancer research. She said she did it to let children who lost their hair because of cancer treatments know that it was OK to be bald.
Choosing her words carefully, she said losing one’s hair should be special — whether it’s voluntary or not.
“I wanted to put meaning and emotion behind it, and let them know why I’m doing it — for the kids,” she said. “I’m not shaving it to get attention. I’m not shaving it for publicity. I’m not shaving it because it’s a really easy hairstyle to go with. I’m shaving it for them.”
Ebben’s brown hair had grown back to a pixie cut by the time she became the state’s top beauty queen over the weekend, but she says she will likely keep her hair short when she represents Alaska at the Miss America pageant in January 2013.
“I’ll let it do its thing for a while,” she said, laughing. “I’ll consult the hair stylist before I go down.”
Ebben was the reigning Miss Chugiak-Eagle River when she picked St. Baldrick’s for the public service project that is required of all Miss Alaska pageant contestants. Baldrick’s gets its name from a combination of the words “bald” and “St. Patrick.” The organization was founded by three insurance executives who turned a St. Patrick’s Day party into a head-shaving event to help children with cancer.
Ebben said she got a feel of what the children go through.
“Like children who are fighting cancer, losing my hair was a really emotional experience, and something I hope they only have to go through once in their life,” she said.
As she approached the Miss Alaska pageant, she had to decide whether to keep the look. Her drastic haircut had been done in honor of a child, and she decided to let grow back her hair, so that the haircut wouldn’t be mistaken for a gimmick.
“I don’t want to be branded as the ‘bald beauty queen,’” she said.
She’s had two haircuts since March, and her hair is two inches at its longest.
In the upcoming year, she said, she plans to work with St. Baldrick’s and Headbands of Hope, which donates a spandex headband to a sick child and $1 to St. Baldrick’s for every headband it sells.
Bonnie Faulk, director of the Miss Alaska Scholarship Foundation, calls Ebben the epitome of the standards and values of the program.
“We are elated to have this young woman serve us,” Faulk said. “She has worked harder than many, many, many contestants in many years.”
Ebben said her road to Miss Alaska has “been a long journey.”
“This was my 16th pageant and it was more of, ‘The moment had finally come.’ And I was really happy it had come,” she said.
In lieu of entry fees, contestants raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, the charity of the Miss America Pageant. Ebben was the pageant’s top fundraiser this year, raising nearly $1,500 through a community yard sale in north Anchorage.
Scholarships from the pageant, in turn, paid for Ebben’s college education.
“She’s out there. She’s the real deal,” Faulk said, who added that Ebben loves children and charitable events. “She’s what our program is about.”
SOURCE: Associated Press, 6/21/2012


Miss Large Israel: 'Fat And Beautiful' Beauty Pageant For Women Weighing Over 176 lbs.

Vered Fisher (centre) was crowned this year's Miss Large Israel

A 22-year-old weighing almost 250lbs has taken the crown in Israel’s annual Fat and Beautiful contest.
Vered Fisher, who is this year’s Miss Large Israel, beat off stiff competition from 15 other women.
Esterica Nagid, a modelling agent and the contest’s sponsor, told Reuters: “There’s no difference between skinny and fat.
“Nobody said only thin girls are beautiful. I am not encouraging fat but if it exists, then this is the place for it.”
Miss Fisher said: “Stay this way because you are pretty as you are and you can succeed as you are.”
In March Israel banned the use of underweight models in advertising, under new legislation, which also forces magazines and papers to make it clear when they have used air-brushing.
Contestants must weigh over 176 lbs. to enter

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, 6/20/2012

Dominican Republic says no to hosting Miss Universe 2012


The government of the Dominican Republic decided not to host the Miss Universe 2012 pageant in December. Several days ago, it was reported that the country would be the venue for the annual pageant, but yesterday the Dominican government said "No" to the the pageant's owner, American magnate Donald Trump. Several sources related to the Dominican Ministry of Tourism confirmed the information on the Internet.

Apparently, the country would have to spend approximately 16 million U.S. dollars (623 million Dominican pesos) - an amount that the government is unable to offer for the moment. 

Previously, the country of South Africa had been reported to host the 61st edition of Miss Universe, but the pageant organization could only confirm the month of December. The official hosting country will be announced by the end of July. The Bahamas, which hosted the pageant in 2009, seems to be the strong "favorite" to host the 2012 pageant. 

SOURCE: Translated from the original Spanish, El Vocero.com, 6/20/2012


Miss World Tanzania 2012 crowned

Lisa Jensen, 24, has been crowned Miss World Tanzania 2012 during a special ceremony held in Dar-Es-Salaam on June 16th. She will now represent Tanzania in Miss World 2012 pageant in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China on August 18th.

Miss World Italy 2012 crowned

Jessica Bellinghieri, 23, who represented the region of Calabria, was crowned Miss Mondo Italia (Miss World Italy) 2012 at the Area Blue Salento in Gallipoli on June 16th.  She will now represent Italy at the 62nd Miss World finals in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China on August 18th.

Miss World Greece 2012 selected

Anastasia Sidiropoulou, 19was chosen as the new Miss World Greece 2012. She will represent Greece in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China on August 18. Star Hellas-Miss Hellas-Miss Young 2012 will take place later this year to select the contestants from Greece to Miss Universe 2012 and Miss World 2013.  Sidiropoulou was Miss Teen World 2011.



Review of Miss USA 2012 Pageant

by Derrick Lee for Critical Beauty

This year's Miss USA Pageant was an amazing experience! The time the pageant family spent in Las Vegas over that entire weekend (June 1-3, 2012) was nothing less than electric! It's always a pleasure to get to do this once a year and come together for the one thing that we all have in common. So with that in mind, let's recap some of the highlights of the events, shall we?


The die-hard pageant fans got up early after a night of partying just to come down to see the dress rehearsal. Trust me, it was a long night because so many of us looked a hot mess! Hair was lookin' cray on a few girls like they were taking the walk of shame, child. They're lucky the cameras weren't on them. But anyway, the dress rehearsal began. It went pretty well. Most people feel being called into the Top 16 during rehearsals is the "kiss of death." The only one it seems to have brought luck to was Jazz Wilkins, Miss Georgia USA. She was 3rd-runner up during rehearsals. The announcement of Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality was pre-recorded during dress rehearsal for the final telecast. The girls were pretty unanimous when Miss Iowa USA - Rebecca Hodge was chosen as Miss Congeniality. She was pretty cool onstage, poking fun at Andy Cohen. The girls even chanted "Iowa" before the envelope was opened. There weren't even glitches during dress rehearsal, with one exception. Akon did perform his song, "America's Most Wanted" and kinda tripped on the steps. But he recovered very well. The girls in the audience went wild. I think they kinda like him! Well, on to the Miss USA Red Carpet!


On the red carpet for Miss USA for Critical Beauty was so much fun!  I had the pleasure of working alongside Venezuela's own, J*Lu and we definitely got some great camera shots and interviews with the judging panel. Our favorite on the carpet was Kelly Osbourne! She sent a shout-out to Critical Beauty!!! Holla! We also considered her our best dressed on the red carpet. You can view the photos here on the Critical Beauty website. Someone seriously needs to hire a new stylist for Rob Kardashian. He not only looked like he was out of place, but he looked straight up wretched!  Boy, you're at Miss USA! Get it together. He looked a hot ass mess. Suit was two sizes too short. Keep it movin'!  Alright y'all. Let's start the show!

KELLY OSBOURNE & ME / Photo credit: J*Lu


Opening Number

The opening of the pageant was met with mixed reviews. Gone are the days when the girls announced themselves and we got to see them shake what there mamas gave them. This time around, we got a fashion show by none other than - you guessed it - Sherri Hill. What a shocker!  We got to see A Day at the Races, Silver and Gold, Glam Rock, Champagne Eleganza and Debutante collections. Fails in my opinion were A Day at the Races and the Debutantes. It wasn't pageant-like and made the girls look older. One change from dress rehearsal was the tiaras were removed from the girls’ heads from the Debutante collections.  My favorites were Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada and New York!

Top 16 Announcement

What a Top 16! I think the judges and the MUO got it right, pretty much. There were a few surprises for me. Those girls being South Carolina and the fan vote, Arkansas. I was disappointed with the elimination of Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana and Virginia. I was for sure that they were in. This is one of those years where a Top 20 like in 2006 for Miss Universe was needed. But overall, it was a great group of girls. Now one of the things that you don't get to see is the reactions from the audience. I sat right in from of Team South Dakota. Taylor's little sister broke my heart when her big sister didn't make it. She broke down in tears right in front of me. I assured her that her sister did an amazing job, but there's only 16 spots. It's hard. But that's what happens. Not everyone can win.


Cobra Starship! Ok, moving right along..... yeah, WTF! There could have been so many other options, so whoever chose this act needs to lay off the cray cray juice! .....can anyone say OH!-klahoma!! Lauren was on fire! For me, she killed it. And I love, love, love the bangs!! Other standouts were Maryland - no surprise there! Colorado has so much sabor it's ridic. And I was surprised that Georgia didn't turn up the volume. She was very safe, yet beautiful. I was pleased with the 10 that advanced. Good job, judges! My only surprise was Miss Michigan USA getting cut!

Evening gown

I loved this portion of the competition! The fire, the music of Ellie Goulding ... it was fab! Now let's about talk the gowns:

  • ALABAMA - aka "Venezuelaaaaaaaa!"  She looked amazing. Had to be the "1st one up" curse. her performance was flawless. What happened?
  • OKLAHOMA - Why wasn't there a Top 6? She rocked it. Loved the bun. So exotic. She could have killed at Universe.
  • OHIO - The school bus was in full force! From where we were sitting, that gown looked amazing. The wind picked it up and she looked so regal.
  • TEXAS - So disappointed with the gown that she wore. Did you see what she wore when she won her state pageant? This was a downgrade. Sorry, it was a FAIL!
  • GEORGIA  - She managed to champion those steps!! LOL! Kudos to Jazz! Her gown was similar to the one she wore when she won her state pageant. Nonetheless, she was SICK'NING!
  • COLORADO - I love me some Marybel. The red suited her perfectly. I just wished we worked it just a little bit more and gave some drama in the face.
  • NEW JERSEY - The girl that can snap turn in a gown wins over my heart. She did have a bit of a slip-up but she recovered very well.
  • MARYLAND - Nana looked like a goddess. She flowed and it was perfection. Snd how she walked down those steps - LOVED IT! 9.999!
  • RHODE ISLAND - Absolutely beautiful! That pop of color looked great on Olivia. She's just so damn cute!
  • NEVADA - Was that one of the gowns used during the Fadil shoot? nonetheless, Jade served! And that look into the camera at the end, SOLD!

The Top 5 was right on! Thumbs up, judges. They're actually pretty good at this!

Final Question

Now, here are my thoughts on the Final Question : Why are they not asked the same question? I just don't find it fair, because some of the questions that end up in the bowl are just stupid. Then you get questions like Rhode Island's that are really, really good. Olivia nailed that question and I would have loved to have heard all five finalists answer that one. But the girls answered them all exceptionally!


Can I take him home? He's just like a Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar. Chyle! ....ooh, let me stop! - Ha! This was a good idea. I really enjoyed it better than a final walk. Nana and Akon looked like an actual couple having a blast! They had the most chemistry.

Crowning Moment

Okay, so here was my prediction:
  • 4th runner-up : GEORGIA
  • 3rd runner-up : OHIO
  • 2nd runner-up : NEVADA
  • 1st runner-up : RHODE ISLAND
I chose Maryland because I was looking at the entire performance of the evening and for me, she screams Miss Universe! I thought she could give the girls of the Universe and run for their money and mop the floor with the Latinas. But hey, big things do come in small packages. Rhode Island has proved that she's the "little engine that DID!" let's see what happens in December!


Until next year, I'm Derrick Lee. ***Glitter Bombs and Electricity… and good pageantry. PLAY FAIR!***


Beauty pageant height requirement removed

Andrea Fonseka (third from right) and Datuk Tiffanee Marie Lim (second from right) with Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett and finalists. Pic by Nurul Syazana Rose Razman

KUALA LUMPUR: If lack of height is the reason you have not been taking part in beauty pageants, fret no more. The Miss Universe Malaysia beauty pageant 2013 does not have a height requirement. Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (Mumo) national director Andrea Fonseka said this at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) recently.

"There has always been a minimum height requirement of 163 cm but we believe all women eligible for this pageant should be given the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful experience," she said.

This year, winners will again be chosen through reality television programme The Next Miss Universe Malaysia, but the elimination process via SMS will no longer be applied.

"I cannot reveal how elimination will be carried out but I can tell you that it is going to be a cross between Top Model, The Apprentice, Survivor and Idol With A Twist," Fonseka said.

Finalists will  live in a "beauty camp" and go through a series of activities and elimination rounds.

The series, which will be filmed between July and August, will be aired on 8TV over six weeks later this year. The grand finale is expected to take place and be aired in December.

The winner  will  receive prizes worth more than RM200,000 and a monthly salary from Mumo. The top four finalists  will receive full scholarships to pursue any course at LUCT. The other finalists will receive a half scholarship.

LUCT talent development associate vice-president Datuk Tiffanee Marie Lim said  the university started to take a closer look at the pageant when one of their students,  Nadine Ann Thomas, became a finalist in the beauty pageant in 2012.

"It is exciting to encounter young people who are talented and empowered to go after what they want. The pageant has a great heritage of developing the smartest and most charming contestants. We are happy to be able to lend our support."

Registration for the pageant is open until June 21.  Applications can be made through Facebook at www.facebook.com/MissUniverseMalaysia.

SOURCE: New Straits Times, 6/18/2012

Road to Miss America 2013: New queens for Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, New York, New JerseY, Delaware & Maine

Siri Freeh was crowned Miss Minnesota 2012 on June 16th.

Angela Venditti, 24, of Shelby Township was crowned Miss Michigan 2012 on June 16th.

Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Kate Gorman won the 2012 Miss Wisconsin competition on June 16th.

Miss Davis County Kara Arnold was crowned Miss Utah 2012 on June 16th.

Miss New York City Mallory Hogan was crowned Miss New York 2012 on June 16th.

Lindsey Petrosh, from Egg Harbor City, was crowned Miss New Jersey 2012 on June 16th.

Miss Coastal Bay Alyssa Murray was crowned Miss Delaware 2012  on June 16th.

Mollie Bouchard (right) is the new Miss Maine 2012. Katie Elliott (left) is Miss Maine's Outstanding Teen 2012. Both were crowned on June 16th.

Fight over Mr. Ugly pageant turns ugly

William Masvinu, the reigning Mr Ugly

The search for the most hideous looking man in the country has turned uglier, with the original Mr Ugly organiser accusing Harare organisers of “stealing our brainchild”.

Lovemore Chonzi, the initiator of the Mr Ugly pageant, has said the show was hijacked by greedy people. He said the pageant was a Beitbridge idea that “thieves” from Harare had taken over.
Chonzi was angry about the Mr Ugly pageant that was held in Harare last month, where William Masvinu was crowned the ugliest man in the capital city at a contest held at City Sports Bar.
He won $100 and one night’s accommodation at a lodge for his ugliness. Mr Ugly was inaugurated in 2010 in Beitbridge where, Elmas Moses, popularly known as VaChiganda, won the competition walking away R1 500 richer.
Last year, 30-year-old Austin Mbewe beat off stiff competition from Kudakwashe Chiramba (45) and Chitova Chizhira (39) to win the competition. Saturday Leisure this week spoke to Chonzi who had no kind words for the organisers of the event.
He fingered one David “Apama” Machowa, who organised the event in Harare as a small boy that he would deal with.
“Apama is greedy and is a disgrace. He was a dancer in Beitbridge and then he relocated to Harare. Apama took my concept and made it his. Very soon our legal team is going to approach him. Asatambe nemadhaka pasinamvura anozoshaya anomugezisa,” said Chonzi.
He said he had since phoned Apama and told him that there would be legal proceedings against him.
“I have since phoned Apama and told him a piece of my mind and about the legal proceedings. What he should have done was liaise with me, the Mr Ugly licence holder, and I would have given them the permission to hold the pageant on my behalf, but they did not do that,” said Chonzi.
He said it was unfortunate that Apama, a person they supported, had turned round and betrayed the people who brought him into prominence.
“This boy should remain an artiste and should stop stealing people’s ideas. He owes me 10 000 rand for a failed chicken project that he wanted to venture into. We forgave him and then this is how this young boy repays me. Apama is playing with fire,” said Chonzi.
He said the idea of Mr Ugly was mooted by a group of people in the border town called the Veranda Boys.
“We thought about the contest as the Veranda Boys. No one thought about it and we wanted to have a 100 percent Beitbridge show that would be held in the border town. But these guys just organise the pageant without our knowledge. They did not engage us and they want to benefit from a project they did not think about,” said Chonzi.
He questioned why all major shows were held in Harare as if it was the only city or town in the country. “The Winter Jazz festival, Chibuku Road to Fame national finals and the like are all in Harare. All major entertainment is in Harare. Why?
“The competition can have provincial finals, but the national finals will be in Beitbridge because we have the capacity to hold the finals,” said Chonzi. Contacted for comment the man at the centre of the controversy, Apama declined comment on the issue.
He said all they did was apply to the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and they were granted the permission to hold the finals. “I was not the one who organised the finals. In any case I cannot comment on any issue. I do not know what Chonzi is saying. We only applied to the NACZ to have the finals and we were granted the permission.”

SOURCE: Nehandaradio.com, 6/16/2012


MISS UNIVERSE JUDGE: 'The Pageant Is Not Fixed, But Trump Made It Clear Who He Would Vote For'

The Daily's Richard Johnson, a former editor at Page Six and a three-time Miss Universe judge, says the beauty pageant is not fixed, but Donald Trump did make it clear to the judges who he would pick
Johnson writes: 
"Just in case a judge was indecisive, Trump was sitting right behind us in the front row, close enough to chat with us during commercial breaks, letting us know his preferences. Was he just making small talk, or trying to influence our votes? Did his voice carry more weight than any other fan who was applauding and shouting for their favorite? Probably. But the pageant wasn’t rigged. I voted for the contestant I thought was the most beautiful. Most of the time, Trump and I agreed. But not every time." 

Last week, the owner of the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants, told ABC's "Good Morning America" that he's going to be suing (now former) Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin (photo), for calling the Miss Universe Organization "fraudulent" and "trashy" and accusing the competition of being fixed.

Monnin posted on Facebook after the pageant that she thought it must be rigged because she said another contestant (Miss Florida Karina Brezhad seen the top 5 list the morning of the competition before the top 16 finalists were even announced that evening, according to FoxNews.com.

"She made a very false charge and she knows it was a false charge," Trump said on GMA.  "She suffers from a thing called 'loser's remorse.'"
He called her allegations "totally ridiculous" and said that she should apologize. 
"If you looked at her compared to people who were in the top fifteen you would understand why she was not in the top fifteen," Trump said on GMA.  
Monnin resigned from her title right after the Miss USA 2012 pageant.
Just this week, another Miss USA contestant, who spoke to FoxNews.com on the condition of anonymity,  backed up Monnin's claims saying she also heard Miss Florida reveal the top five finalists before the top 15 were even announced.

SOURCE: Business Insider, 6/14/2012