Interview With Leen Clive - Mrs. UK World 2021


Get to know Leen Clive, UK's representative to Mrs. World 2022 contest which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 15, 2022. Leen was born and raised in Syria and emigrated to the United Kingdom eight years ago. She met her British husband in Romania and the couple is now proud parents of a six-month baby girl. Leen is an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, and is currently studying to be a surgeon.


Should The Philippines Stop Competing At Miss Grand International?


This chat is an excerpt from Rafa's Virtual Open House Christmas Eve Chat that took place via Zoom on December 24, 2021 with my guest, Peter Sereno of The Pageant Institute. Peter and I tackled the following questions: - Should the Philippines stop competing at Miss Grand International? - What is Nawat Itsaragrisil's idea of beauty? - Is Nawat's sensitivity bad or good? - What makes MGI special? - What are our first impression of Nawat?


Natalie Glebova’s Interview With Oxana Fedorova, Dethroned Miss Universe 2002



The interview was conducted via Natalie Glebova’s Instagram account on December 26, 2021. The chat was interesting because it was the first time for me to hear Oxana speak English. There were seven main issues that were brought up during the entire chat which lasted just a little under an hour.

First, the Gucci dress that Oxana wore during the finals. Second, Natalie mentions that fans have compared her to Oxana and suggested that she copied Oxana's look Third, how destiny played a role in Oxana becoming Miss Universe Fourth, Natalie promotes her "winning the crown" philosophy which Oxana wholeheartedly supports .

Fifth, Natalie brings up the question that Oxana answered during the final Q & A, "What makes you blush?" and how the interpreter botched her answer Sixth, the importance of proper breathing which is the key to controlling your nerves Seventh, Oxana explains the reason why she stepped down as Miss Universe - or at least her version of the story. Toward the end of this vlog, I reveal the real reason Oxana lost her Miss Universe crown!


Rafa's Virtual Open House Christmas Eve Chat


This chat was conducted via Zoom on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST. My guest include Peter Sereno from the Pageant Institute.

0:46 - Greetings!
1:53 - Peter Sereno joins in
3:12 - It's already Christmas in Australia
3:27 - Omicron
4:32 - Peter is celebrating Christmas alone with his two dogs
5:07 - Rafa and dog food
5:59 - It's snowing in Massachusetts where it is 9:00 AM and 1:00 AM Christmas day in Australia; Rafa reads comments from viewers
7:44 - Rafa and Peter imitate Summer Smith of Crown Sisters
9:00 - Rafa invites viewers to ask questions
9:47 - Rafa reminisces about his childhood Christmas experience in the Philippines, his favorite toys
11:43 - Rafa was horrible as a child
14:00 - Peter's father took him to a shooting range
15:20 - Peter's cricket bat
15:44 - Barbie dolls, GI Joes, toy soldiers
17:33 - Peter's younger sister came along and he used her as his living Barbie
19:34 - Rafa's family
21:19 - Rafa reads comments from viewers
22:36 - Bianca Tirsin is Miss Charm Romania 2022, why she didn't make the cut in Miss Universe 2020
25:21 - Natasha Joubert, Miss Universe South Africa 2020
26:56 - What exactly is Miss Charm International?
29:00 - Rafa reads comments from viewers. Is Michelle Marie Colon the new Miss Grand Puerto Rico?
31:06 - Peter asks Rafa if pageants are political
32:03 - Rafa defends Miss Earth's virtual pageants, pros and cons of virtual pageants
33:35 - Miss America versus Miss USA
35:52 - Peter wonders about these pageants who only have female judges. Where are the gay men?
37:39 - The Bahamas finally makes the cut in Miss Universe. Rafa thinks that the Bahamas should keep the momentum going.
38:38 - Pageants have a lot of benefits for young women; Rafa suggests to "kidnap" beautiful women and "brainwash" her. Peter disapproves lol
39:58 - Pageant fan Ruel comments, our analysis of MGI 2021 has the highest number of views so far
42:18 - Who is the most beautiful titleholder from 2021?
42:53 - Andrea Meza's short reign; her platform to stop gender-based violence and catcalls, promotes veganism
45:23 - Summer Smith texts Rafa saying she wants to join the chat
45:48 - Rafa asks the viewers their plans for Christmas
45:46 - What is the new Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu's advocacy?
47:58 - Comparing Miss Universe 2021 and Miss Supranational 2021
49:39 - Miss Grand International 2021 - what's up with her?
50:28 - Summer can't get in the chat room; she's getting error messages :(
51:19 - Peter's Christmas tree
51:55 - Rafa's Christmas mannequin tree, Nike the goddess of victory
53:44 - Peter hates Chinese Laundry shoes and the meaning behind gowns
54:26 - Rafa likes to hear the story behind a national costume
55:22 - Should the Philippines stop competing in MGI?
57:10 - MGI owner Nawat's idea of beauty
59:23 - Nawat is a very senstitive and emotional man
1:00:09 - Peter defends Nawat's sensitive nature
1:01:30 - Rafa's first impression of Nawat
1:02:33 - Rafa reads comments from viewers, Miss Supranational 2022
1:04:16 - Who runs Miss Charm International and what is its platform?
1:04:56 - How Peter and Rafa got first into pageantry
1:06:36 - Peter designed Dani Fitch's gown in MGI 2016
1:08:21 - The most amazing part of being a pageant coach
1:10:24 - Pageants before social media
1:11:22 - Shout-out to Luis Portelles. We love Luis!
1:14:16 - Shout-out to Ko Phanasa. We love Ko!
1:15:29 - Viewer Ruel asks, Why does Nawat hate Miss Earth?
1:17:33 - What does Rafa think of Mister Grand International?
1:19:45 - Why did Thailand resign as Miss Interglobal 2021?
1:21:15 - How did Rafa get connected with other pageant experts? Critical Beauty is 17 years old! Rafa plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but where?
1:22:48 - Shout-out to Vagisha Mishra of Pageants With Vagisha
1:23:25 - Luis Portells says Merry Christmas in the Chat Box
1:24:13 - Summer Smith says we should celebrate CB's 20th anniversary in a safe place, but Rafa prefers somewhere dangerous. Lol
1:25:44 - Miss Tourism International 2021 - virtual pageant
1:26:14 - Miss Earth USA 2022 to be held in Orlando, Florida on January 6-8
1:27:44 - Question from Luis Portelles - Which do we prefer? Virtual or physical pageant?
1:30:53 - What changes do we want to see in pageants in 2022?
1:31:52 - Nawat wants to surpass Miss Universe
1:32:46 - Pageants of the Universe - a vlog about behind the scenes of pageants
1:34:10 - Miss Universe top 16 this year was very diverse. When was the last time MU crowned a blond, blue--eyed girl?
1:36:02 - Australia's pageant problem
1:37:40 - Our perception of beauty is changing every day
1:38:48 - Question from Ruel - Do you have a wishlist for girls to join Miss Universe Philippines 2022?
1:42:28 - Kisses Delavin - should she compete again?
1:43:56 - Victoria Velasquez Vincent - who rejected the offer of Miss Universe New Zealand 2021
1:44:41 - Jazmin Umali
1:45:22 - Emma Tiglao
1:45:49 - Great Britain was the only blonde who made Top 16 in Miss Universe 2021
1:48:29 - Miss Galaxy
1:48:58 - Rafa was asked his opinion of India in Miss Earth
1:50:16 - A fan says that a "mestiza" will win MU Philippines 2022
1:52:00 - Luis Portelles wants to increase the age limit to 30 so Katrina Dimaranan can compete again. Why the judges picked Beatrice over Katrina.
1:55:53 - Is Miss Intercontinental a grand slam pageant?
1:57:03 - MU 2021 was a night for India and the Philippines; Filipino designers are the most-sought after.
1:59:40 - Designer Michael Cinco
2:00:38 - When will Venezuela reach the top in Miss Universe again? Are Miss Venezuela contestants/titleholders being pimped as prostitutes?
2:02:50 - Did you expect Beatrice Luigi Gomez to make the top 5?
2:04:23 - Summer comments that British accent sounds prestigious to Americans. Peter and Rafa imitate a British accent
2:05:24 - Rafa asks Peter if he eats vegemite sandwich
2:06;32 - Skelly Ivy Florida - a stunning half-Filipino half-Black whom Rafa and Peter want to see compete again in MU Philippines
2:06:52 - A viewer asked, "What is a dream gown that you would like to see on MU stage?"
2:11:44 - Francis Libiran designed Beatrice Luigi Gomez's gowns
2:12:20 - Miss Grand Hong Kong unfollowed Nawat - is she the most memorable pageant personality of 2021?
2:13:55 - Miss Grand Indonesia unfollowed MGI
2:14:18 - A viewer asked, "What improvements do you want to see in pageantry in 2022?"
2:18:40 - A viewer asked, "When can we have Alexander Gonzalez on your show?"
2:19:27 - A viewer asked, "If you can come back in history and crown a first runner-up, who would it be?"
2:22:58 - Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995
2:23:17 - Summer comments "In my blue gown review, Russia was my Margie Moran."
2:23:46 - Kyrgyzstan's gown in MU 2018
2:24:07 - A viewer asked, "Do you like transformation gowns?"
2:25:09 - A viewer asked, "If all Miss Universe winners were to compee with each other, who would win?"
2:27:10 - A viewer asked, "Which contestants were the heavy favorites and did not make the semifinals?"
2:28:11 - A viewer asked, "Which do you prefer? MUO under IMG or under Trump?"
2:28:58 - Merry Christmas wishes to our viewers


Miss World 2021 Finals Rescheduled For March 16, 2022


On its official Facebook page moments ago, the Miss World Organization announced a new date for the 2021 finals.

Contestants from around the world will compete on March 16, 2022, for the coveted crown at Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The Miss World Organization is pleased to announce March 16, 2022, as the rescheduled date for the Miss World 2021 global telecast and its 70th anniversary finale live from the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot!
“We are so excited that we are staying in Puerto Rico to crown the new Miss World!” said Julia Morley, president of Miss World Ltd. “We have been overwhelmed by the support of the people here! The countdown and final planning has begun. Our team is thrilled that we will show all the wonders that Puerto Rico has to offer as a premier tourism destination to the entire world. We love Puerto Rico.”
Contestants from around the globe will return to the Isle of Enchantment to compete for the coveted Miss World crown in March. The pre-recorded content that has been taped throughout Puerto Rico during the past 4 weeks demonstrating its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, beaches and, most importantly, the warmth and friendliness of the people will be broadcast internationally during the finale.
“The filming in Puerto Rico has been exceptional -we have spectacular content to share with the world,” added Morley.
Miss World Final Show details will be announced soon.
Tickets that were purchased for the December 16 event, which was postponed due to the COVID-19pandemic on the island, are being honored for the rescheduled date. All refund requests must be handled directly with Ticketera.com.
Visit www.ticketera.com or the Miss World digital platforms to receive updates when tickets go on sale for the rescheduled show.
Miss World is the oldest and most prestigious international pageant, created in 1951. Annually, this event selects the woman who best represents the organization’s values. The new Miss World becomes the image of the organization that supports different social and charitable causes around the world.
It’s the first time the Miss World Final will be held in a Spanish-speaking country and Puerto Rico was awarded the honor.
In the past 69 years, only 15 Latinas have won this prestigious event. Among the winning countries are Venezuela, with a total of six crowns, Puerto Rico has two crown winners, as well as Peru and Argentina. The Dominican Republic, Brazil and Mexico have one crown winner each. The two winners from Puerto Rico are Lady Wilnelia Merced Forsyth, Miss World 1975, and Stephanie Del Valle, Miss World 2016.


Here She Is... The 100th Miss America


Miss America 2022 has been crowned in the competition's 100th annual event!

Emma Broyles, Miss Alaska, was given the title of Miss America 2022 Thursday at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. 

Broyles wowed the panel of judges with her impressive answer during the challenge portion of the competition, in which the Top 3 finalists were asked what they would do in a real-life situation. 

Lauren Bradford, Miss Alabama, was crowned first runner-up, while Elizabeth Pierre, Miss Massachusetts, rounded out the top three with her second runner-up title. 

While fifty women competed for the title of Miss America 2022, Broyles nabbed the crown Thursday, which was given to her by the most recent Miss America winner, Camille Schrier. Broyles is the recipient of a six-figure salary, plus a record $100,000 in scholarship funds. 

The Top 10 finalists included Bradford, Broyles, Andolyn Medina (District of Columbia), Leah Roddenberry (Florida), Isabelle Hanson (Illinois), Pierre, Sydney Park (New York), Abigail Hayes (Oregon), Mallory Fuller (Texas), and Sasha Sloan (Utah), who competed in the talent portion of the competition.

After the Top 10 finalists showed off their impressive talents on stage, Bradford, Park, Pierre, Hayes, and Broyles advanced to the interview portion, in which they spoke candidly about their individual Social Impact Initiatives. 

Source: https://people.com/style/emma-broyles-crowned-miss-america-2022/


Reacting To Miss World 2021 Postponement


This chat was conducted via Zoom on December 16, 2021 at 9:00 PM EST. My guests include Antonio Rivadeneira (Ecuadorian fan living in Canada), Hector Joaquin, Michelle Weswaldi (national director for Miss World Canada and other franchises), and later on the show Syed Kemal (the liaison for Miss Iraq Organization). We react to the postponement of Miss World 2021 finals which was supposed to have been held tonight, December 16, in Puerto Rico.


2021 Miss World Pageant Postponed


The Miss World organization announced on Thursday, December 16 that the 2021 pageant has been postponed due to COVID-19. Here is what we know so far about the cancellation and if it will be rescheduled.

According to the official statement released early this afternoon, it says:

Miss World 2021 temporarily postpones global broadcast finale in Puerto Rico due to health and safety interest of contestants, staff, crew and general public

The finale will be rescheduled at Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot within the next 90 days

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -  After meeting with the virologists and medical experts hired to oversee the Miss World 2021 event and discussing with the Puerto Rico Health Department, the decision has been made by the organizers of the event to postpone the globally broadcast finale at the Puerto RicoColiseum Jose Miguel Agrelot to be held within the next 90 days.

As of yesterday, additional safety measures were implemented in the best interest of the contestants, production team and spectators, understanding the event increased risks on the stage and in the dressing room. However, after additional positive cases were confirmed this morning after consulting with health officials and experts, the postponement decision was made.

The next step according to the medical experts is immediate quarantine, pending observation and further testing according to best practices in situations like this.

Once and only when contestants and staff are cleared by health officials and advisors, will contestants and related staff return to their home countries.

“We are very much looking forward to the return of our contestants, (who we have grown to know and love), to compete for the Miss World crown” said Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World Ltd. Puerto Rico offers a safe environment and a spectacular backdrop for filming the Miss World Festival !”

The press release reads, “After meeting with the virologists and medical experts hired to oversee the Miss World 2021 event and discussing with the Puerto Rico Health Department, the decision has been made by the organizers of the event to postpone the globally broadcast finale at the Puerto RicoColiseum Jose Miguel Agrelot to be held within the next 90 days.”

It continued, “As of yesterday, additional safety measures were implemented in the best interest of the contestants, production team and spectators, understanding the event increased risks on the stage and in the dressing room. However, after additional positive cases were confirmed this morning after consulting with health officials and experts, the postponement decision was made.”

So, the good news is the organization believes it can reschedule the pageant within the next three months, though obviously, that will depend upon the situation with COVID-19.

The press release said that the next step for everyone involved is “immediate quarantine, pending observation and further testing according to best practices in situations like this.

“Once and only when contestants and staff are cleared by health officials and advisors, will contestants and related staff return to their home countries,” read the statement.

“We are very much looking forward to the return of our contestants, (who we have grown to know and love), to compete for the Miss World crown,” said Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World Ltd, in a statement. “Puerto Rico offers a safe environment and a spectacular backdrop for filming the Miss World Festival!”

Source: https://heavy.com/entertainment/miss-world-pageant-2021-postponed-covid/

(Photo: Miss World 2019 Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh / Getty Images)


Pageant Analysts React To The Finals Of Miss Universe 2021


WATCH: This chat was conducted via Zoom on Monday, Dec. 13, 2021. My guests included Ko Phanasa from KP1 Worldwide, Phil Pugeda from Missosology, Vagisha Mishra from Pageants With Vagisha, and Summer Smith from Crown Sisters (her debut on the show).


India Wins Third Miss Universe Crown


There is a new Miss Universe, Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu.

The reigning Miss Universe, Andrea Meza of Mexico, crowned her successor at the 70th annual Miss Universe event in Eilat, Israel Sunday night. 

The international competition, hosted by Steve Harvey, featured 80 contestants vying for the tiara. But it went down to the final three — Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane, Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira and Sandu's Miss India.

Miss South Africa, one of the many contestants pressured by her own government to boycott the controversial pageant to protest Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, was named second runner-up.

When the Bollywood actress Miss India was next announced as the winner, Sandhu fell into joyful tears before taking her first stage walk as Miss Universe.

The final Fox telecast minutes Sunday saw some exciting live TV moments. Earlier in the show, Harvey had alluded to his Miss Universe 2015 fiasco in which he had announced the wrong winner. In 2015, Harvey named Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, who was really first runner-up, as the winner instead of Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who won the competition.

With Sunday's competition down to the final two, Harvey referred to Miss Paraguay as "Miss Portugal" seconds before announcing the winner. He quickly corrected the mistake.

"They wrote Portugal on the damn sign, they're trying to play me again," Harvey said of the show's producers. "I'm not going for it this year."

Earlier in the competition, Harvey asked Sandu, who had just cracked the top 16 as Miss India, "I hear you do some pretty good animal impersonations. Let's hear your best one." 

Sandhu responded with a cat's meow from the stage that became an instant internet meme, while Harvey received some criticism on Twitter for the question.

Miss USA Elle Smith, 23, a University of Kentucky graduate who works as a broadcast news reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville, made it into the top 10 Sunday night. But Smith was denied a spot in the top five.

As Miss Kentucky, Smith took home the title of Miss USA 2021 at the annual pageant last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Prior to Sunday's Miss Universe pageant, Smith shined the spotlight on the deadly weekend tornados that devastated her home state. "My thoughts and prayers go to those impacted by the tornadoes in western Kentucky. These pictures only show a small part of the damage in this community. Over 70 people are dead, and many more are still missing," Smith wrote on Instagram, directing readers to fundraising efforts.

mith graduated in 2020 from the University of Kentucky, where she studied broadcast journalism with a minor in political science, served as vice president of the school's National Association of Black Journalists chapter, and worked as a summer Fox News College Associate in the Washington, D.C. bureau, according to her WHAS-TV bio.

The final three Miss Universe contestants (L to R) Miss Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira; Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu; and Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane react during the 70th Miss Universe beauty pageant in Israel's southern Red Sea coastal city of Eilat on December 13, 2021. AFP / Menahem Kahana

Sunday's contest suffered a last-minute hiccup with the arrival of the omicron variant, which forced Israel to close its borders to foreign tourists late last month.

Most of the Miss Universe contestants were already in the country before the new regulations came into effect. But those who came afterward were given special permission to enter, albeit with a mandatory 72-hour quarantine period.

Throughout the run-up to Sunday’s contest, all contestants were tested for the coronavirus every 48 hours and required to obey strict mask requirements.

The contest also drew attention in recent weeks for other reasons.

A grassroots Palestinian-led boycott had urged contestants to skip the event to protest Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

In the end, only Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country with close ties to the Palestinians, did not send a representative, citing the global COVID-19 situation. The South African government, which also strongly supports the Palestinian cause, withdrew support for the country’s representative over her participation.

In an interview last month, Meza urged contestants to leave politics out of the pageant, saying the gathering was meant to bring together women from different backgrounds. “When you are in there you forget about politics, about your religion,” she told The Associated Press at the time.

Organizers said Sunday's pageant was expected to reach an estimated 600 million viewers via the FOX network in 172 countries.

Source: MSN.COM, 12/13/2021

Contributing: Associated Press


My Top 16 Favorites For Miss Universe 2021


In this vlog I reveal my top 16 favorites for Miss Universe 2021, based on the contestants' performance during the preliminaries held on December 10, 2021 at the Universe Dome in Eilat, Israel. ***My list is in RANDOM order, not ranking, as any one of these favorites would make an excellent Miss Universe. The finals will be held on Sunday, December 12, and will be broadcasted live starting at 7:00 PM EST (Dec. 13, 2 AM Israel time) via Fox and Telemundo.

Click the banner to go to the link.


Chat With Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada - Miss Grand Netherlands 2021


Watch my chat with Miss Grand Netherlands 2021, Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada, who discusses her experience at Miss Grand International 2021. Lots of good stuff!


Pageant Analysts React To The Finals Of Miss Grand International 2021


This chat was conducted via Zoom on Saturday, Dec, 4, 2021 at 9:00 PM EST. My guests include Peter Sereno of The Pageant Institute, Ko Phanasa of KP1 Worldwide, Brian Javier of RealBrianJ, Vagisha Mishra of Pageants With Vagisha, and Noemi Melendez (former national director for Miss Grand Cuba). Click banner to take you to the link.


Vietnam Wins Miss Grand International 2021


Tien Thuc Thuy Nguyen, a 23-year-old hospitality student from Vietnam, was named Miss Grand International 2021 during the pageant’s coronation night held on Saturday, December 4, in Bangkok, Thailand. Her court includes 1st runner-up - Ecuador - Andrea Aguilera; 2nd runner-up - Brazil - Lorena Goncalves;  3rd runner-up - Puerto Rico - Vivianie Diaz Arroyo; and 4th runner-up - South Africa - Jeané van Dam. Tien's victory marks her country's first MGI title.

During the show which was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, it was announced that Indonesia will be the host country for the pageant's 10th anniversary. The contest will be held in Bali on October 25, 2022. 

Her national costume represents the Blue Angel that chases the 
deadly Covid virus away

Tien wears a stunning sexy red number during the preliminary evening gown
 competition on December 2nd.