Miss Earth Australia 2015

Dayanna Grageda was crowned Miss Earth Australia 2015 on September 26 Novotel Manly Pacific in Manly, New South Wales. Grageda made Australian pageant history by becoming the first woman to be crowned Miss Earth Australia twice. Yes, that's right! Twice. She won last year, but she was dethroned by the former organizer, Roselyn Singh who accused Grageda of not fulfilling her duties and of failing to sign and return required legal documents - which Grageda claimed as false. She was later replaced by her third runner-up, Nadine Roberts. 

The controversy prompted Carousel Productions, the owners of Miss Earth, to further investigate the matter and discovered that Singh had unfairly treated Grageda. Singh subsequently lost the franchise which now belongs to new management consisting of former Misses Earth Australia, Kelly Louise Maguire and Renera Thompson, and Peter Sereno, fashionista, pageant coach, and owner of Dear Pageant Girl. Grageda tried for the title again this year, and by the grace of God, she won!

Grageda (second from right) is flanked by her elemental queens (L-R):  Tahnee McGann (Miss Earth Australia Fire), Genie Koulaeva (Miss Earth Australia Water), and Lyndl Kean (Miss Earth Australia Air)

Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015

The new Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015 is Marijana Marković who was crowned September 27 at the Hotel Terme Ilidža in Sarajevo. She will represent her country at Miss World 2015 to be held in Sanya, China on December 19th. Her runners-up were Lejla Hodžić and Nermana Malkić.  


Getting To Know ANGELA BONILLA - Miss Earth Ecuador 2015!

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education, and how you became Miss Earth Ecuador 2015 .

My name is Angela Bonilla and I am 23 years old. I was invited to compete for the title of Miss Earth Ecuador through an audition with girls from all over the country. After a selection process I was chosen as the Ecuadorian representative for Miss Earth. My crowning took place on September 2nd. I study communication and English and work as a model and catwalk instructor in addition to work with my father in tourism.   
I come from an indigenous background. My province has the largest indigenous population in Ecuador and I am very proud to represent this ethnic group.
I have two sisters and I currently live with my parents and my younger sister. I was born in the city of San Miguel de Urcuquí, Imbabura, but I have spent my life living between my hometown and Quito, the capital of Ecuador. I am the first woman from Imbabura to represent Ecuador in one of the most important beauty pageants in the planet. 

2. How did you become interested in pageants?

I was pursued by a pageant promoter when I was 19. Pageants were never among my plans but after some consideration I decided to give it a try. 
I competed in my first pageant in 2011 and although I did not place I won the title of Miss Photogenic. 

3. How does it feel to represent Ecuador in Miss Earth 2015?

Representing Ecuador in Miss Earth feels wonderful. To have the opportunity to represent my country in Austria is a dream come true and a great opportunity as well. I couldn't be prouder. 
I am very committed to represent Ecuador and I have worked very hard for several months to be ready. I want to represent my country in the best possible way. 

4. Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

The will say that I am friendly, brutally honest, and they will most likely say that I am a bad driver.

5. Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

When I was 18 I decided to live on my own in order to pursue a modeling career away from home. I was cast to compete in a reality television modeling competition where I finished second, and because of that I appeared as a guest in two popular TV shows in Ecuador.  
Living on my own taught me responsibility, endurance, independence, courage and the value of earning a living. I truly believe this changed me as a person, changed my perspective about life and made me mature and grow as a human being. Most important of all, it taught me I am capable to do things on my own and be a responsible and courageous woman. Even though I live with my parents now I have worked and I have been independent ever since.

6. Name three things that you would never do.

I will never betray my loved ones. I will never deny my roots or my culture because I am very proud of who I am and where I come from. I will never discriminate people for any reason. 

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I love reading, horse riding, hiking and watching sports. Believe it or not I am a little bit of a tomboy. My father works in the tourism industry and I also love to travel with him and show tourists the beauty of Ecuador and specially the landscape of my province and its many sites. 

8. What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?
Dinner with all my family and love ones. Because of my father's travels and my older sister living away is very hard for all us to get together at the same time and because we are a very close family I truly love and enjoy having family night out or dinner in with my parents and sisters. That is a "perfect" evening which unfortunately does not often happen.

9. Tell us a little bit about Ecuador. What makes Ecuador different from the rest of South American countries?
Ecuador is small country but it is a very diverse nation with dozens of ethnic groups, languages and culture that cohabit together. Ecuador is the only place in the world where people can see and experience warm beaches, snow mountains, and a vast jungle in one single day all year long within driving distance. Ecuador is also home of many species of plants and animal which aren't found anywhere else in the planet. Ecuador is known for the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin wrote his famous Theory of Evolution and is the home of several Unesco Heritage Sites. 

10. What do you think is the biggest environmental problem facing Ecuador and what can you do about it?
One of the biggest environmental problems in Ecuador is logging. Every year many trees are cut in order to make room for urbanization. This has created unclean air and pollution. As Miss Earth Ecuador I have partnered with the Mayor of my city to launch a campaign to revive the forest by working with seeds and plants in nurseries with the help of women from my community. With the assistance of volunteers, we plan to reforests many areas. We are working on utilizing several natural products used by indigenous groups to prepare the soil and to care for the trees in the most natural possible way. This will minimize the impact of bad weather and will also provide cleaner air.

11. How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?
Educations is the key. Creating conscience of reusing, recycling and showing the advantages of using artifacts that use alternative energy in a more inexpensive and efficient way will motivate people to practice more sustainable living. 
12. If you were to make a time capsule to represent life today, what would you put in it?
A smart phone, a laptop computer, an iPad, newspapers, several clothing items, music and many pictures of people and places which will help others in the future remember how life was in 2015. 

13. If you woke up tomorrow and gained any one ability or quality, what would you want it to be and why?
I would love to be able to play an instrument, maybe the violin. I have always been fascinated by music because music communicates feelings and thoughts through sound and it would be amazing to be able to add that to my list of abilities. 

14. How would you describe Mother Earth to a blind person?
I would take this person to feel the water, the plants,the animals, the soil, the trees,etc.The power of a touch is more accurate than thousand words. 

15. Why do you want to be Miss Earth 2015?
I want to be Miss Earth because I want to use this enormous opportunity to grow as a person, as a professional and as a human being. Miss Earth will give me the chance to work and meet many people and places through the environmental platform of this pageant which I am also very passionate about. I was born in a farm and most of my childhood was spent in nature,with very rustic technology and amenities. Most of my most memorable moments as a child and as an adult are from natural outdoor activities and because of this, the Miss Earth platform and advocacy  is something extremely appealing to me. 

Angela's Favorites

Singer/Musician – Bruno Mars 

Actor – Christoph Waltz 

Actress – Audrey Hepburn 

Color – Red

Fashion Designers –Coco Channel, Zuhair Murad, Carolina Herrera

Perfume – Channel #5 

Flower – Orchid

Writer – Jane Austen

Book – "Pride and Prejudice" 

Movie – "Pride and Prejudice" 

Quote –"Don't give up. The begging is always the most difficult part."


Critical Beauty wishes Angela the best of luck in Miss Earth 2015 pageant
to be held in Vienna, Austria on December 5th!

Special thanks to Marcelo Cedeño for facilitating this interview.

Costa Rica wins Reina Mundial del Banano 2015


Carolina Rodriguez of Costa Rica was crowned Reina Mundial del Banano (Banana World Queen) 2015 in Machala, Ecuador on September 26. The Vice-Queen ("Virreina") is Yulizka Guevara Arocha of Venezuela. The remaining finalists included Victoria Soto of Argentina, Melissa Gustavson Riboty of Peru, Samantha González Rubio of Mexico, Franciele Olivato of Brazil, and Ling Yang of Taiwan. Sixteen countries competed in the annual pageant which is open to banana-producing countries. 


 Rodriguez's preparation team is led by Basilio Quesada, the franchise owner. Rodriguez is the fifth woman from Costa Rica to have won the title. The other winners include:

Rosibel Chacon (1985)

Gabriela Aguilar (1995)
Adriana Zúñiga (1997)
Veronica González (2006)

Carolina Rodriguez with Critical Beauty's Hector Joaquin Colon Gonzalez who met Carolina earlier this year in Costa Rica where is currently fulfilling his acting career.


Miss Ukraine 2015

Kristina Stoloka, from Kiev, was crowned Miss Ukraine 2015 on September 22, 2015. The 1st runner-up is Elina Rudenko and the 2nd runner-up is Feride IbrahimovaShe will represent her country at Miss World 2015 on December 19 in Sanya, China. 

Photography by Ledokollov


New Guatemalan Queens for 2015

New Guatemala queens for 2015 were crowned September 21st in Guatemala City. From left to right: Saida Jerónimo, Miss International Guatemala 2015 and will compete in Miss International 2015 in Tokyo on November 5th; Jeimmy Aburto, Miss Guatemala 2015 who will compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have yet to be announced; and María José Larrañaga, Miss World Guatemala 2015 who will compete in Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China on December 19th.

Source: Soy52.com, 9/21/2015


Miss Universe Singapore 2015

Lisa Marie White was crowned Miss Universe Singapore 2015 during a casting that took place on September 19 in Amber Lounge in Singapore. The jury included the outgoing Miss Universe Singapore Rathi Menon, former Miss Universe Japan director and fashionista Ines Ligron, and  Miss Universe Singapore 2002 Nuraliza Osman who is the new national director. Lisa Marie will now compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have not been confirmed. 


Miss America 2016 comes from Georgia

     And your new Miss America is … Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, who thinks that Tom Brady definitely cheated during last season’s DeflateGate scandal!
     Yes, this really was relevant during the pageant. Cantrell, a 21-year-old student at Mercer University, made it all the way to the Top 7 and the famously awkward Q&A portion of the evening. Although contestants always prep for current events questions, she had quite the bizarre query from judge/country singer Brett Eldredge.
     “New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for his part in the so-called ‘DeflateGate’ scandal, then reinstated by the courts,” Eldredge read off a card. “Legalities aside, did Tom Brady cheat?”
     Cantrell stalled for time as she asked him to repeat it. Then she had 20 seconds to answer.”Did he cheat? Um, that’s a really good question. I’m not sure,” she said. “I think I’d have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated. But if there was question there, then, yes, I think he cheated. If there was any question to be had, I think that he definitely cheated, and that he should have been suspended for that. That’s not fair.”
     The question (among others about gun control, Kim Davis and Planned Parenthood funding) was roundly mocked on Twitter, but Cantrell was still awarded the crown and a $50,000 scholarship at the end of the competition.

     She also impressed the judges by wearing a crop-top evening gown: “I would say that my dress may be a little sexy because it’s a two-piece that shows, like, an inch of midriff — so, breaking ground,” she said. “But I would say it’s more classy and elegant than sexy.” She also briefly stumbled twice on the stage during the evening gown segment, obviously captured on social media, but it apparently didn’t matter.During the talent portion, Cantrell sang opera — “Tu Tu Piccolo Iddio” from Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” — which already had won her top honors last week for the preliminary competitions.
     Cantrell won over first runner-up Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts; second runner-up Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson; third runner-up Miss Louisiana April Nelson; and fourth runner-up Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, who was asked a question about Donald Trump during the Q&A segment, and announced that Republicans should be “terrified” of him as a GOP presidential candidate.
Source: The Washington Post, 9/14/2015

New Bahamian Queens for 2015


The Miss Bahamas Organization (MBO) crowned three new Bahamian queens for 2015 on Sunday night, September 13, at the Atlantis Paradise Theatre in Nassau.  Proclaimed Miss World Bahamas 2015 was Chantel O'Brian, 21, who will represent the Bahamas in 2015 Miss World pageant in Sanya, China on December 19.  Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 is  Toria Penn, 27, who will compete in the next edition of Miss Universe whose date and venue have not been confirmed.  And Miss Earth Bahamas 2015 is Darronique Young, 25, who will compete in 2015 Miss Earth pageant to be held in Vienna, Austria on December 5.  O'Brian was crowned by 2014 Miss World Bahamas, Rosetta Cartwright. Young was crowned by 2014 Miss Earth Bahamas Vandia Sands. Penn was crowned by MBO President Michelle Malcolm


Sienna Evans, 18 (farthest left) was named first runner-up for Miss Universe Bahamas, while Tavette Darville, 25 (farthest right) was named first runner-up for Miss World Bahamas. The new queens were crowned in two separate shows. The winner of Miss Earth Bahamas 2015 was chosen from the five contestants competing for Miss Universe Bahamas 2015.  Darronique Young is the first Miss Earth Bahamas to be crowned under the tutelage of Miss Bahamas Organization (MBO) which recently acquired the franchise. This year is also special because it marks MBO's tenth anniversary.

Critical Beauty director Rafa Delfin was part of the judging panel for Miss World Bahamas 2015. He presented the Miss Critical Beauty Bahamas 2015 award to the contestant who best demonstrated the perfect balance of style and substance. The lucky winner was Chantel O'Brian, Miss World Grand Bahama.

The four other judges for Miss World Bahamas included Loleta Dixon, Miss Commonwealth Bahamas 1995 and represented the Bahamas in Miss World 1995; Carol Barnett, events and sponsorship manager for BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company); Pia Rolle, president of PTG Marketing and Modeling Agency; and Walter Greene, a New York-based international journalist, editor, author, fashion coordinator and consultant. Barnett, Rolle and Green repeated their judging responsibility for Miss Universe Bahamas 2015, and they were joined by Asha Jackson, a Superior Court Judge based in Atlanta, Georgia; and by Sharon Ferguson, Miss Bahamas 1975 who represented her country in Miss Universe 1976.

Six young women competed in this year's Miss World Bahamas pageant. Besides O'Brian and Darville, the rest included Angenique Smith (who placed second runner-up), Reyneisha McIntosh, Alvina Rolle, and Analicia Thompson. Five young women competed in this year's Miss Universe Bahamas pageant. Besides Penn, Young and Evans, the remaining two were Jade Bastian and Michelle McIntosh.





One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of Celeste Marshall, Miss Universe Bahamas 2012, who had just won 1st runner-up in the recently concluded Top Model of The World 2015 contest. In the photo above, Celeste is cheered by the crowd as she is interviewed by co-hosts Leslia Brice and Jerome Sawyer

This was my first time to judge the Miss World Bahamas pageant, but my second visit in the Bahamas (I judged Miss Universe Bahamas in 2013). I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to the entire staff of the Miss Bahamas Organization, specially to its formidable and beautiful president, Michelle Malcolm, for inviting me to serve in the judging panel. Lastly, I also wish them a very happy tenth anniversary and all the best of luck in their future pageants!

By Rafa Delfin, 9/14/2015


Miss World Ethiopia 2015

Kisanet Teklehaimanot, 21, was crowned Miss World Ethiopia 2015 in Addis Ababa on September 5th.  The 1st runner-up is Bethelhem Belay W and the 2nd runner-up is Frezewd DemissieKisanet will now represent her country in Miss World 2015 pageant to be held in Sanya, China on December 19th. 


Miss Netherlands 2015

Jessie Jazz Vuijk, 20 (right) was crowned Miss Netherlands 2015 on September 6, 2015. She will compete first in Miss World 2015 to be held in Sanya, China on December 19th. If she doesn't win Miss World, then she will compete in Miss Universe 2015 whose date and venue have not been confirmed.

Margot Hanekamp (left), 19, was proclaimed first runner-up and she will compete in the next edition of Miss Universe should Vuijk wins Miss World 2015. 


Ukraine wins Top Model of the World 2015


Ukraine's Elena Kosmina won the 2015 Top Model of the World held in El Gouna resort in Egypt on September 4th. Her court includes 1st runner-up Celeste Marshall of the Bahamas and 2nd runner-up Irene Velasquez of Venezuela. Kosmina's prize package includes US$10,000 and a modeling contract with Time Models based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Completing the top 17 were the delegates wearing the sashes of Brazil, Puerto Rico, Isla Del Coco, Baltic Sea, Spain, Honduras, Zambia, Canada, Argentina, Caribbean, Colombia, Malta, Mongolia and Trinidad & Tobago.

Special awardees were the delegates from the Bahamas (Best National Costume), Puerto Rico (Best in Evening Gown), Italy (Miss Photogenic), Canada (Best Body), Brazil (Miss Globe), and Baltic Sea (Queen of Europe). 

The event was hosted by celebrated Puerto Rican pageant expert, blogger, TV personality 
and actor Héctor Joaquín Colón-González.

CELESTE MARSHALL / Photo Credit: Top Model Of the World

Hector Joaquin interviews the lucky semifinalists on stage / Photo credit: Top Model Of The World

Miss World Chile 2015

Fernando Sobarzo, 20, was crowned Miss World Chile 2015 Thursday night, September 3. She will now represent Chile at 2015 Miss World pageant to be held in Sanya, China on December 19th. Her court includes 1st runner-up Lía González2nd runner-up Sofía Saavedra, 3rd runner-up Nicole López, and 4th runner-up Carolina Montalbán.