Former Miss USA titleholders pose nude for PETA ad

Miss USA pageant winners Susie Castillo (2003), Shandi Finnessey (2004), Shanna Moakler (1995), and Alyssa Campanella (2011) bare it all in their jaw-dropping new ad for PETA - shot by famed photographer Fadil Berisha - in a united effort to urge the pageant industry to do away with fur.
Every year, millions of animals - including foxes, minks, raccoons, rabbits, chinchillas, and even cats and dogs - are electrocuted, beaten, drowned, strangled, and skinned alive.
Despite knowing about the horrors that animals go through to make fur coats, some pageants still award furs to winners.
"I was so disgusted that I would wear this skin of this living being on my body and consider myself beautiful," Shandi said. What would happen if that happened to a human being? We would be outraged. So what's the difference?"
Check out their exclusive interview with PETA to find out why these beauties shed their gowns (and crowns) for animals:

These women show that the greatest role models and community ambassadors are those who extend kindness to animals—after all, you can be a queen without making innocent animals endure terrible suffering. They are taking a strong position to protect animals by choosing to be fur-free. How about you?

Be a Trend-Setter and Pledge to Go Fur-Free!
Fight cruelty by giving up fur today. Learn more about the cruel fur industry and make a conscious choice to practice compassion and spare animals horrendous suffering.

Source: www.peta.org

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