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| 08.22.10 | Saturday

Happenings, and lack thereof

     There's nothing much to write about related to the pageant. The girls had rehearsals yesterday, but we decided not to go. Instead, we did touristy things like walking in the Strip in temperature of 108 degrees, taking photos of cheesy landmarks and high end stores, rebuffing sleazy peddlers, and browsing for souvenirs. I don't think I can live in Sin City, much less return even if the pageant were to be held here next year. But then again never say never. A good thing about the pageant is meeting fellow pageant fans for the first time; I've been corresponding with some for years, and I finally get to see them in person! :)

     Tonight, we're attending the Swimsuit Event at Moorea Pool at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Hopefully, they'll allow the press to interview the girls afterwards.

     Every year, there seems to be an incident or two that casts a shadow on the pageant. Earlier today during the rehearsals, Miss Bolivia Claudia Arce fell hard on stage and had to be rushed to the hospital. Last night, she was seen vomiting. The latest report is that she has been released from the hospital, although it is not confirmed whether or not she will participate in tonight's Swimsuit Event.

     Hector is enjoying all the attention he's receiving. First, from the press (El Nuevo Dia and Primera Hora) who interviewed him and asked for his favorites. And second, from netizens who follow his blog.

     A reliable source told me that just before the preliminaries, the girls had been instructed by MUO that they should not be smiling on stage because the organization wants to dump the beauty queen image and promote a top model one. They should also stick with the choreography, are forbidden to personalize their movements and to play with the sarong during the swimsuit segment. If they break the rules, they are automatically disqualified. I remember Miss Jamaica doing an extra turn and Miss El Salvador playing with her sarong, so I guess they have been disqualified? We'll see about that come finals night!

     Tragedy struck the pageant world when Miss Philippines International 2009 Melody Gersbach and three of her companions were killed in an automobile accident Saturday morning in the Philippines. The group was on its way to attend a local beauty pageant when a bus hit their car. Read details of the accident. Melody was an important part of the team that trained Miss Philippines Venus Raj. No word yet from Venus about the sudden death of her good friend, but Melody's fans, fellow beauty queens and supporters have been posting their condolences on Melody's Facebook page. May she rest in peace.

     Tomorrow at 12:00 noon, Las Vegas time, we will publish this year's Critical Beauty Awards, including the winner of the Miss Critical Beauty Universe 2010 award, so stay tuned!

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