Barbara Palacios: It's a Privilege to be Venezuelan

After more than two decades, former Miss Universe Barbara Palacios returned to Barquisimeto to celebrate International Women's Day. 

Yesterday, at the Versailles Grand Salon , the author of " La belleza de saber vivir " ("The Beauty of Good Living") promoted a motivating slogan. Prior to the meeting, Barbara shared with representatives of various media to publicize her new projects.

Barbara does not diet, nor does she concern herself only with looking good because it is not her reason for living. Nourishing one's spirit to beautify the outside is the formula that keeps beautiful Barbara Palacios - mother, wife, businesswoman and exemplary woman who travels the world to fulfill God's purpose in her life. She carries a message to men and women.

Barbara said that since she was little, she has been following God's footsteps and has always cherished the lessons that her mother, actress Barbara Teyde, inscribed in her heart. "Unfortunately many people leave this world without knowing their true inner beauty. My book features 9 tools we know, but we do not practice. People can be inspired. The book is a guide that can be found at different times. "

Barbara's second book, "Lejos de la sombra, cerca de la luz" ("Far from the shadows, Near the Light"), will be available later this year and will be her "Christmas gift" to her fans.  "It's about emotional problems and how they anchor our lives. Emotions can become obstacles in our daily walk, and the book identifies those factors," said the former beauty queen who writes about the different stages of her life, from childhood to adulthood.

Excerpts translated from Spanish.
SOURCE: El Impulso, Barquisimeto, Venezuela (3/9/2012)
Photo: Billy Castro

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