Miss Seattle sorry for using Twitter to bash Seattle

Miss Seattle may have contributed to the stereotype that beauty queens are all about their looks and not their brains: The newly crowned pageant queen was caught using Twitter to publicly proclaim her hatred for the city of Seattle, its residents and its weather.

Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn (photo above), 22, a Seattle native, was crowned Miss Seattle 2012 on Saturday night. So far, she has spent her tenure trying to explain comments she made Dec. 10 using the public social media platform to rant seemingly against all things Seattle.

"Ew, I’m seriously hating Seattle right now," she tweeted, along with "Take me back to az!" and "Ugh can’t stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people."

And so Ahn joins a growing roster of people who fail to recognize that a public social media platform is just that -- public.

Ahn now says she was simply having a bad day -- and was missing the sun-drenched days back in Arizona, where she attended classes at Arizona State University.

"I apologize for the negative connotations toward the city of Seattle and its people or any other postings when I wasn’t in a positive place. Those tweets by no means reflect my actual opinions or views, I was simply having 'one of those days' and sincerely apologize to anyone who took those statements offensively," Ahn told KIRO FM's Linda Thomas, who brought the tweets to the public's attention.

Ahn, who was formerly Miss Phoenix, is now doing the mea culpa dance, going from media outlet to media outlet to explain her actions to a city that isn't exactly warming up to her explanations.

Reaction to Ahn has been mixed, with some Seattle residents posting on media websites to say she deserves a break: "Leave the babe alone. Who hasn't said something rude on Twitter?" said one poster.

But others were taking a harder line. "I'd be willing to donate money to help her get a ticket out of Seattle. In fact I'll throw in a little extra to get her all the way out of Washington state," said another.

Such a tempest might make it tougher for Ahn later this summer when she moves on to compete for Miss Washington state.

SOURCE: The Chicago Tribune

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