Cheryl Tiegs claims pageants were fixed


Cheryl Tiegs told TMZ Friday she believes that pageants were fixed “back in day.” She also believes that reality shows are scripted and that “scripting” may be making its way into the pageant world.
TMZ also reported that Donald Trump made good on his threats and filed a lawsuit against Miss Pennsylvania. It was Miss Pennsylvania who claimed that this year’s Miss USA Pageant was fixed.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if the pageants were rigged,” Scott Welch, from Oklahoma City, said. “With everyone having to be so politically correct and the race card being played at the drop of a hat, it is hard to know if those behind the scenes don’t make things happen for some of the winners. I hope Donald Trump doesn’t fall into that trap.”
There haven’t been any reports that the 2012 Miss Oklahoma Pageant was rigged. Alicia Clifton was crowned the new Miss Oklahoma last night in Tulsa. The 20 year old junior at the University of Oklahoma will be representing Oklahoma later this year in the Miss America Pageant.
Oklahoma City residents, what do you think? Is Cheryl Tiegs right or is she just upset after being voted off Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice?” Are pageants rigged? Do you have to be politically correct to win? What can be done to keep them fair? Please share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.
SOURCE: Examiner.com, Oklahoma City,  6/10/2012

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