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Getting to know Miss World New Zealand 2012 Collette Lochore

COLLETTE LOCHORE  (18, 181 cm, Auckland) was crowned Miss World New Zealand 2012 at the Alexandra Park Tasman Room Fuction Centre in Auckland on April 28, beating 11 contestants. She will represent New Zealand in Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on 18th August, 2012. Special thanks to Miss World New Zealand director Rose Foulger for assisting with the interview.

How does it feel to represent New Zealand in Miss World 2012?

     It is a surreal feeling that fills me with humility and honour. It is a dream come true to be a part of Miss World and represent not only NZ, but myself and have the opportunity to be an ambassador for the World.
What three adjectives would your friends use to describe you?

     Unique. Ambitious. Inspiring.


What is your best quality? Your worst quality?

     My best quality is sometimes my worst quality. I always want to do my very best with whatever I do, and I can sometimes be too hard on myself. Sometimes it’s good to try and look at yourself with an outside perspective, and realise “this is good enough”, but other times it is also good to just keep searching for that something special to make it just right.  

     My worst quality is that I am a little impatient at times! I always like to get things done and I don't 'fluff around'! I work quickly so when things take longer than they should I get a  impatient! However, I have definitely got better. As my father used to  say  always  "patience is a virtue!"

If there's anything about yourself that you would like to change, what would it be and why?

     I am very happy with who I am and if one can't learn to love what one has and be who one is, one will never be satisfied. I always steer clear of "If only I...." If I could change anything it would be that I wish I could be stronger with resisting the temptations of sweet and fattening food!

What do you like to do for fun?

    I love performing! I love being on stage, speaking, doing drama, acting, singing (in the shower and in the car!) and also dancing. Going out for dinner or to a music gig or festival is something I really enjoy. I also really enjoy meeting new people and learning about others and what interesting things or stories they have to tell!


If you were to make a time capsule to represent life today, what would you put in it?

     Photos of my beautiful family. Their support in this journey has brought us all so much closer and they are a huge part of my life! I would also include a video of the Variety children performing and at the rehearsals we have each week. They are such special children with incredible talent! If I could capture the emotion of complete happiness and contentment I would seal it in a jar and put that in too!

Name one living person that inspires you and why?

     There is one girl in particular, a Variety child whose name is Hannah. She is so happy, lovely and warm hearted and she inspires me to keep doing what I am doing! She is very enjoyable to teach and to be around and it inspires me to see that I am inspiring her and many others too. When I make them laugh or when they do an amazing performance it makes me feel so inspired to do more and challenge myself to help and involve myself further. Hannah is a beautiful singer, actor, dancer and person.

What do you think about cosmetic surgery in a pageant competition?

     I wish and would hope every woman involved in pageants would feel confident and comfortable enough with themselves to feel as though they did not need cosmetic surgery.
I think that woman who are confident and happy with themselves radiate true beauty and I feel this is much more physically attractive than what any cosmetic surgery can do.

     In saying that, I do not look down on anyone who has done it because if it is what makes them happy then I am happy for them but I would hope that they feel content with what they have been given. Personally, I would not submit to  cosmetic surgery even if it would enhance certain features, I would hope the judges would want someone naturally beautiful, inside and out who others can look up to.

What does a woman of substance mean to you?

     To me when I read "a woman with substance" I immediately think about a woman with a strong and complete personality! I think of characteristics such as confidence, strong minded, influential, positive and enjoyable to be around! Someone who is independent, soulful and an elite role model who has strong values and morals. Someone who is humorous and understanding! Overall, a woman with substance, to me, is someone who has an overall beautiful and inspiring personality!

How does beauty pageants promote equality between sexes?

     Firstly we hold pageants for men too, for example "Mr World NZ" so we can embrace and celebrate like-minded men! I feel with pageants there is respect for both genders. We have male judges, choreographers, managers, mentors and audience members who appreciate the pageants and who see more than the bikini section! Pageants both celebrate and are celebrated by both sexes and I feel this creates equality through mutual respect.

What is your position on same-sex marriage?

     Personally I support same-sex marriage 100%. Everyone deserves a full, happy life and the opportunity to do what makes them feel happy. I do not judge any same-sex relationships and if anything, I embrace it because I think it is very inspiring that people are comfortable with who they are!


What bothers you the most about what is happening in the world today and why?

     There is so much in this world that bothers me and when I think about it truly gets me quite down because I wish I could do more to make a difference, such as the environment and its sustainability, the economy, human rights, diseases (both physically and mental), animal rights, etc! There's unfortunately a lot of negativity in this world and a lot of wrong doings. 

     What bothers me the most is probably that some people don’t care about these horrific issues. People think “I can’t do anything about it so why should I care” which bothers me tremendously. This bothers me because I don’t understand how people don’t feel compelled to help or do something by these issues even if they are not directly affecting them. If everyone thought “how can I help” and “what can I do” the world would be a much better place.

If you showed me around New Zealand where would you take me and why?

      The first place I would take you to would be to my grandparents for a home cooked roast and I assure you, you will instantly feel at home and comfortable! I would then take you to a place called Rotorua which is about a 3 hour drive from the main city, Auckland.

     The reason for that  is because it is filled with so much Maori culture and history that still interests me even after my 10th visit! You would learn more about NZ in a way that is interesting and fun and see beautiful landmarks such as significant NZ volcanoes, lakes, mud pools etc! Also, there is so much to do in Rotorua such as the luge, mini-golfing, the zorb, motor biking, lake sailing etc!

How are you preparing for the Miss World 2012 competition?

     I am thoroughly organised so I am constantly creating lists and action plans to ensure I am ready by the time I get on the plane to leave! Apart from making sure I physically have everything I need, I am staying positive and relaxed; I am very excited for what is to come! All I can do is be myself, enjoy the experience and do the best I can and everything will fall into place. You can't prepare being yourself!

Why do you want to become Miss World 2012?
     I want to become Miss World 2012 because I know I have exactly what it takes to not only be an amazing ambassador for the world, but a remembered and inspiring one too. To be able to make a difference on such a large scale inspires me and my dream is to be able to do this full time. I want to work with and for the world to create positive change by taking action. The title holder of Miss World has this unique opportunity to do this.

     Another reason is that this title is so appealing to me and would be the highest of all privileges I feel possible, bringing far more than the visible rewards. I want to make positive change and to be able to embrace so many countries, peoples, ways of life and find a way of bringing all of these together as one, is something you can only dream of. Another reason that is motivating me too is the fact that New Zealand is a country that unfortunately does not embrace beauty pageants as much as other countries do. 

     If I were to win and be the first New Zealander to win this remarkable title, I feel New Zealander's would finally sit up and take notice of the amazing work Miss World does. The Miss World NZ pageant would gain the recognition it deserves and support would be increased. Within my title of Miss World NZ 2012 one of my goals is to increase the awareness and most importantly the understanding of Miss World and its charitable aims. It is a difficult goal to be sure but if I was to be so lucky to prove I have what it takes and gain the title of Miss World, New Zealand might finally start to understand just how special what Miss World Organisation does.

How do you see yourself five years from now?
     I see myself as a past Miss World title holder who is continuing to work with and for charities and is heavily involved with pageants. I see myself as a well-recognised international positive public figure. To be able to continue with my Drama work and help children and young adults with confidence development and life coaching would be amazing. I want to continue to feel good about the differences I am making to lives.

Collette's Favorites

Singer/Musician – I really do love Christina Aguilera. She has such a soulful amazing voice!

Actor & Actree – My Variety (the Children's charity) acting group! They make me laugh or cry more than anything I see on TV!

Color – Pink! Always has been! You should see my house, all pink!!!

Fashion Designer – I don't really have a favourite but lately I have been adoring the Trelise Cooper's Spring range!

Perfume – "Princess" Vera Wang. It is all packed in my suitcases ready for Miss World! It gives me luck!

Flower – Any pink flowers!

Writer – I don't follow certain writers as I like to read different styles of books and writing. I do, however, love Rhonda Byrne - the writer of the books "The Secret," "The Power," and "The Magic"

Book – "The Secret Island”

Movie – "Finding Nemo", "Monsters Ink", "Toy Story"... Never too old for a classic!

Quote – "Even if you’re on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there!"



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