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New Miss T.E.E.N., Miss T.E.E.N. United States, JR. T.E.E.N. United States, & Miss United States Intercontinental crowned

HOUSTON, TEXAS JUNE 30, 2012 - The Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Houston hosted 70 of the most beautiful and inspirational young women from around the world during a week-long event which resulted in four stunning beauty pageant winners. 

Gaspar Cruz is the Executive Director of the Junior T.E.E.N. United States, Miss T.E.E.N. United States, Miss T.E.E.N. as well as the Miss United States Intercontinental pageants.  All four of these events were held this past week, bringing in thousands of dollars to the Houston area.  T.E.E.N. is an acronym for Teenagers Exemplifying Excellence Nationally – it is an international beauty pageant for teenagers.

Nicole Carney, Jr. Miss T.E.E.N. 2012

After a week of rehearsals, social functions and making friends from all over the world, four competitions were held.  The first one, held on Tuesday, June 26th, was the Junior T.E.E.N. United States pageant, for young ladies ages 12-14.  They competed in fashion wear, personal interview and evening gown.  The second runner-up was Gracie Neely – Junior T.E.E.N. Georgia.  The  first runner-up was Robbye Geiser – Junior T.E.E.N. Texas.  The winner of Junior T.E.E.N. United States was Nicole Carney  from Pennsylvania.  Carney will serve as a role model for young girls throughout the United States.

Later in the week, a preliminary competition was held for the remaining contestants where more than 70 delegates competed in a swimsuit competition, with swimsuits and shoes provided by Crown Couture.  The second half of the preliminary competition was the evening gown competition.  This evening was the first opportunity for the five judges to see all of the contestants.  Over the next few days, each of the judges met every contestant in a personal, panel-style interview where they were asked questions based on their biographies, as well as some based on local and world events.  They were being judged on their composure, ability to speak with conviction, and their confidence when under pressure.

Aleisha Robertson, Miss T.E.E.N. 2012

Miss T.E.E.N. pageant is the international pageant for teenagers, including countries like Russia, South Africa, Brazil and the Philippines.  The Miss T.E.E.N. United States pageant is the national contest for teenagers from across the country.  Both T.E.E.N. contests were for young women ages 15-19.  The Miss United States Intercontinental pageant, ladies ages 18-26, is the official United States pageant whose winner goes on to compete in World Beauty Organization’s Miss Intercontinental, with headquarters in Germany.

The week ended with a spectacular show in the Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom.  After a high-energy opening dance number with dresses provided by Crown Diva in California, the Miss T.E.E.N. delegates competed in a national costume contest with elaborate and breathtaking costumes that epitomized the beauty and culture of each nation. 

From there, the semi-finalists were announced in each division. For the International division, the semi finalists were: Miss T.E.E.N. Aruba – Deanna Charry, Miss T.E.E.N. Dominican Republic  – Liza Blanco, Miss T.E.E.N. New Zealand – Aleisha Robertson, Miss T.E.E.N. Philippines – Tracy Del Rosario, Miss T.E.E.N. Puerto Rico – Edna Marie Ramirez, Miss T.E.E.N. Romania – Ilinca Serban, Miss T.E.E.N. Russia – Anastasia Kabatskaya, Miss T.E.E.N. Siberia – Olga Rodionova, Miss T.E.E.N. South Africa – Angelique van Dyk, Miss T.E.E.N. United States – Leslie Carrillo.

Due to a three way tie during the preliminary and interview competition, a top 12 was announced in the Miss T.E.E.N. United States division: Miss T.E.E.N. California - Ashley Lawrence, Miss T.E.E.N. District of Columbia  – Helen Li, Miss T.E.E.N. Georgia – Savannah Neely, Miss T.E.E.N. Hawaii – Ashlee Kozuma, Miss T.E.E.N. Illinois – Miriah Ludtke, Miss T.E.E.N. Indiana – Alexis Farley, Miss T.E.E.N. Kentucky – Kathryn Robinson, Miss T.E.E.N. Nebraska – Jessica Smith, Miss T.E.E.N. New York – Marissa Matzen, Miss T.E.E.N. South Carolina – Abbey Johnson, Miss T.E.E.N. Tennessee – Chassity Martin, Miss T.E.E.N. Texas – Kaitlyn Phillips.

And the top 10 Miss United States Intercontinental contestants were Miss Arizona Intercontinental – Britney Bell, Miss California Intercontinental – Elizabeth Cardillo, Miss Georgia Intercontinental – Chelsea Harris, Miss Hawaii Intercontinental – Pono Fernandez, Miss Missouri Intercontinental – Brandy Kellner, Miss Nebraska Intercontinental – Paige Morrison, Miss New York Intercontinental – Stephanie Miles, Miss Oklahoma Intercontinental – Lindsey Pollard, Miss Pennsylvania Intercontinental – Dessie Mitcheson, Miss Texas Intercontinental – Melissa Novak.

These semi-finalists all competed in swimsuit and evening gown again for our judges.  The field was narrowed to five in each division – all answered on on-stage question.  One of the international delegates even required a translator to communicate to the judges and audience.

Ashlee Kozuma, Miss T.E.E.N. United States 2012

Before announcing the winners, special awards were presented.  In the Miss T.E.E.N. pageant, the interview award went to Andeline Wieland of Namibia.  Russia’s Anastasia Kabatskaya won best in swimsuit.  Evening gown and most photogenic both went to Aleisha Robertson of New Zealand.  The winner of best international costume as well as Miss Congenality was Edna Marie Ramirez of Puerto Rico.

In the Miss T.E.E.N. United States pageant, Abbey Johnson of South Carolina won best in interview.  Georgia’s Savannah Neely won best in swimsuit.  Evening gown award was presented to Alexis Farley of Indiana.  Most photogenic went to Hawaii’s Ashlee Kozuma.  And the most congenial – voted by her peers – was Louisiana’s Raven Ramsey.

Among the Miss United States Intercontinental delegates, Elizabeth Cardillo of California won for best in interview.  The swimsuit award went to Dessie Mitcheson from Pennsylvania.  Best in evening gown went to Melissa Novak from Texas.  Most photogenic, chosen by See What Develops, the official photographers of the pageants, was Britney Bell from Arizona.  And Nebraska’s Paige Morrison won the congeniality award.

In the Miss T.E.E.N. pageant, the final results were as follows:  the 4th runner up was Miss T.E.E.N. South Africa – Angelique Van Dyk,  3rd runner up Miss T.E.E.N. Puerto Rico – Edna Marie Ramirez, 2nd runner up was Miss T.E.E.N. United States – Leslie Carrillo and 1st runner up was Miss T.E.E.N. Russia – Anastasia Kabatskayo.

Crowned by the outgoing Miss T.E.E.N., Gabrielle Marinho from Brazil, the winner of the Miss T.E.E.N. pageant is Miss T.E.E.N. New Zealand – Aleisha Robertson.

For the Miss T.E.E.N. United States pageant, the final results were as follows: the 4th runner-up was Miss T.E.E.N. New York – Marissa Matzen, 3rd runner-up was Miss T.E.E.N. Georgia – Savannah Neely, 2nd runner-up was Miss T.E.E.N. South Carolina – Abbey Johnson, 1st runner-up was Miss T.E.E.N. Texas – Kaitlyn Phillips.

Crowned by the outgoing Miss T.E.E.N. United States, Devin Gant from North Carolina, the winner of the Miss T.E.E.N. United States pageant is Miss T.E.E.N. Hawaii – Ashlee Kozuma.

The final announcement was for the Miss United States Intercontinental pageant.  4th runner-up was Miss Hawaii Intercontinental – Pono Fernandez.  3rd runner-up was Miss Georgia Intercontinental – Chelsea Harris.  2nd runner-up was Miss Arizona Intercontinental – Brittany Bell.  And the 1st runner-up was Elizabeth Cardillo, Miss California Intercontinental.

Melissa Novak, Miss United States Intercontinental 2012

Crowned by the reigning Miss Intercontinental, Jessica Hartman of Colorado, the winner of the Miss United States Intercontinental pageant is Melissa Novak of Texas. 

The four winners will spend their year promoting the pageants, as well as Crown Couture and Gaspar Cruz Productions and his motto: “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”. For more information about the organizations, please visit,,, or  The T.E.E.N. brand and the Miss United States Intercontinental franchise belongs to the Executive Director, gown designer and make-up artist, Gaspar Cruz.  With over 25 years in the pageant industry and involvement in all of the major pageant programs, he established his own pageant family, which has become the fastest-growing network of directors and participants, redefining pageants.  A highly sought-after stylist and pageant coach for hundreds of young ladies, Mr. Cruz combines his expertise at perfecting the outward presentation with teaching the ladies about the importance of also being beautiful inside.

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