Road to Miss America 2013: New queens for Mississippi, Connecticut, Illinois, Virginia, California, Oregon, Vermont & Massachusetts

Marie Wicks was crowned Miss Mississippi 2012 in Vicksburg on June 29th.
It was her 5th try for the crown.

Emily Audibert was crowned Miss Connecticut 2012 in New London on June 29th.

Megan Ervin was crowned Miss Illinois 2012 on June 29th.

Rosemary Willis was crowned Miss Virginia 2012 on June 29th.

Leah Cecil was crowned Miss California 2012 on June 29th at the William Saroyan Theatre in Fresno.

 Rachel Berry, 24, was crowned Miss Oregon 2013 on June 29th at the Seaside Civic 
& Convention Center in Seaside.

Chelsea Ingram was crowned Miss Vermont 2012 on June 29th. 

 Molly Whalen, Miss Massachusetts 2011, left, congratulates Taylor Kinzler, Miss Norfolk County, who was crowned Miss Massachusetts 2012 on June 29 at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.

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