‘Miss Congeniality’ beauty pageant held in Saudi Arabia

A contestant in the Miss Beautiful Morals 2010 pageant
Saudi Arabia hosted its third annual beauty pageant on Monday, crowning Maram Zaki al-Saif as the new "Queen of Ethics." 
Contestants in Saudi Arabia's "Miss Congeniality" contest are not judged on their appearance, which is kept discreetly hidden beneath the all concealing abaya. Instead, Al Arabiya reported this years entrants were judged on their ethics and good behaviour. A total of 285 women and girls aged between 16 and 24 entered the contest. Taking the crown was Maram Zaki al-Saif from Tarout. She said "winning will encourage her to achieve her ambitions and goals, along with inspiring her compatriots to believe in their ability to form a change in the society as a whole." In the video below participants in Saudi Arabia's first moral beauty queen contest prepare for the 2009 pageant. 
In addition to hosting a beauty pageant where beauty is not judged amongst the winning criteria, the Muslim Kingdom has hosted a beauty contest for goats. Over 170 purebred Hijazi goats competed in a beauty pageant in 2010 to raise awareness of the breed. Digital Journal reported that a beauty contest for camels is also held annually in the Kingdom.

 SOURCE: Digital Journal, 10/11/2012


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