Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigns after sex video surfaces

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King denies she is this woman in a porn video that has surfaced online.


Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King denies she is this woman in a porn video that has surfaced online.

Miss Delaware Teen USA relinquished her crown Tuesday amid speculation that she starred in a porn video that surfaced online the day before.

Melissa King, 18, is aware of the video but said she is "absolutely not" the woman in it.

"I would like to confirm to you that the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King's attorney," pageant spokeswoman Dara Busch confirmed to The News Journal of Delaware.


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Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigned her crown after an online porn video with a woman looking very much like her came to light.

The video in question runs slightly over five minutes and features a woman, who resembles and sounds like King, performing various sexual acts with an unidentified man, whose face is not seen, according to the Wilmington, Delaware-based newspaper.

The News Journal further explained that the man interviewed the woman before the erotic encounter, asking if she has a boyfriend, when she last had sex and how old she was when she lost her virginity.

The woman told the man that she turned 18 "about three months ago. March" - King's birth month. She also said that she has appeared in beauty pageants, although neither participant named the state.
When asked why she wanted to appear in an adult video, the woman replies, "I thought it'd be fun and it sounded like I needed the money… So I just decided to do it."

King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November. At the time of the video, King was Miss Teen Delaware International 2012.

Hailey Lawler of Newark, the runner-up from November's competition, is reportedly slated to take King's spot.

Melissa King (left) and Hailey Lawler

Amid the controversy, several people have taken to Twitter to defend King:

"@Melissa_M_King dont let anyone put you down. Youre still a great person, no one should judge you <3"
"Obviously people are shocked at it.. But putting her on blast is messed up. Just drop it"

"You people are so mean leave melissa alone"

Before the video appeared on the Internet, King posted a comment on Twitter to compel others not to shame each other based on past actions, hinting that - if the video does, in fact, feature her - she may have known it would show up.

"Once you move on in life people shouldn't try to use your past against you... Let them be happy," she wrote.

King's attorney J. Gregory Hannigan did not respond to the Daily News' request for an interview by the time of publication.

Source; NY Daily News, 2/26/2013

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