U.S. rep for Miss Intercontinental 2013 selected

The new Miss United States Intercontinental 2013 is Chrissy Reynoso (center) who was crowned at Hilton Houston Post Oak in Houston on June 29, 2013. She will represent the U.S. in Miss Intercontinental 2013 later this year. Her court includes from left to right:  3rd Runner-Up Miss Mississippi Intercontinental Jazmyn Jones,  1st Runner-Up Miss Georgia Intercontinental McKenzie Beach2nd Runner-Up Miss California Intercontinental Mary Maldonado, and 4th Runner-Up Miss Ohio Intercontinental Jordan Brown. (Photo by Kevin Hoehne)

Chrissy Reynoso

The day before (June 28th), three separate pageants were held at the same venue: Miss T.E.E.N. United States 2013, Miss T.E.E.N. 2013, and JR T.E.E.N. United States 2013:

 The new Miss T.E.E.N. United States 2013 is Ashley Southern (center) of Idaho who is flanked by her court (L-R): 4th Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. Connecticut Sydney West (she is the younger sister of the current Miss Teen USA Logan West), 1st Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. Alabama Carmella Rauth, 2nd Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. California Emily Shah, and 3rd Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. North Carolina Allison Howel.  (Photo by Kevin Hoehne)

 The new Miss T.E.E.N. 2013 is Astrid Diaz, 18, of Puerto Rico. Her court includes (L-R):
3rd Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N United States, 1st Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. United Kingdom, 2nd Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N. Scotland and 4th Runner-Up Miss T.E.E.N.Brazil.
(Photo by Kevin Hoehne)

 The new JR. T.E.E.N. UNITED STATES 2013 is Kaylyn Slevin of Nevada. The 1st Runner-Up  is from California, (left) and the 2nd Runner-Up is from Pennsylvania (right). (Photo by Kevin Hoehne)

All four pageants are owned and run by Gaspar Cruz .


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