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Critical Beauty Top 20 Favorites for Miss USA 2014 / Face Of Miss USA 2014

     On June 8 in Baton Rouge, the new Miss USA will be crowned. The winner will represent the U.S. in the 2014 Miss Universe pageant whose date and venue have not yet been confirmed. After having viewed all the videos (Road To The Crown, Hot Seat) - sadly, there was no live streaming of the prelims this year - after having read the bios, seen all the glam shots and personal pics on the Miss USA website and on the candidates' social network, and compared notes with pageant fans from all walks of life, we have concluded that the winner will emerge from this group of 20 formidable, beautiful and articulate young women. Here they are in alphabetical order:

ALABAMA - Jesica Ahlberg
CALIFORNIA - Casssandra Kunze
FLORIDA - Brittany Oldehoff
GEORGIA - Tiana Griggs
HAWAII - Moani Hara
INDIANA - Mekayla Diehl
LOUISIANA - Brittany Guidry
MASSACHUSETTS - Caroline Lunny
MINNESOTA - Haley O'Brien
MISSISSIPPI - Chelsea Reardon
NEBRASKA - Amanda Soltero
NEVADA - Nia Sanchez
NEW JERSEY - Emily Shah
NEW YORK - Candace Kendall
OKLAHOMA - Brooklyne Young
PENNSYLVANIA - Valerie Gatto
SOUTH CAROLINA - Christina Zapolski
UTAH - Angelia Layton
WEST VIRGINIA - Charisse Haislop

     Anyone of these young women would make an excellent representative of the Stars & Stripes on the universal stage, and if the winner - surprisingly - does not come from this group, then the whole pageant is a sham and Critical Beauty will shut down! Notice that 8 of the gals come from Southern states; this is not surprising since the South takes to pageantry like a duck  to water. We are sensing that Misses Florida, South Carolina & West Virginia are leading the pack, but their spots could be easily grabbed by Northern belles from Minnesota, North Dakota & Pennsylvania. Whoever wins, she will have the most memorable experience of her life, and if she's truly lucky, then she could be crowned as the 9th American Miss Universe! 



     Ever since all 51 delegates to this year's Miss USA pageant have been crowned, we have been following - and stalking - their Instagram and Facebook accounts to see which selfies amuse us, fascinate us, make us laugh, make us smile, or simply pique our interest. There are a few titleholders who do not use Instagram and who don't believe in taking selfies (what's wrong with them? lol), so they are automatically eliminated from the selfie competition! But to those who do take selfies, congratulations! You realize that narcissism can be cool and trendy even for a passing moment, and that the more you post selfies, the more you are expanding your digital bioselfiegraphy which, a hundred years from now, may be considered a significant cultural artifact! 

    The real best selfie competition actually began when all 51 contestants arrived in Baton Rouge. Instantly, we fell in love with Miss Minnesota USA 2014 Haley O'Brien's selfies, and you will see why!  Haley is a self-professed college nerd majoring in medical psychology and biology and minoring in chemistry. Have you read her interview with CB? The gal is amaze balls! And if that isn't enough, Haley is also obsessed with "Lord Of The Rings." We don't know why, but we can only guess that she relates with the elf queen Galadriel, or she imagines herself sharing lembas with Sam and Frodo, or fishing with Smeagol. Cruising through her Instagram, we couldn't help but like, like, and like these selfies. Why? Because they reflect Haley's multidimensional personality, sense of humor, down-to-earthiness, and well... her face is simply unique! Who knew that a girl from a cold state could cause global warming and melt our hearts!  



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