Thailand wins Miss Intercontinental 2014

Photo credit: World Beauty Organization

Patraporn Wang of Thailand (center) was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2014 on December 4 in Magdeburg, Germany. The second runner-up is Kris Tiffany Janson of the Philippines (left) and the 1st runner-up is Jeslie Margal of Cuba. The other three finalists were Misses South Africa, Argentina and Portugal.

Originally, a top 5 list was announced, but in an interesting turn of events, pageant officials announced that Miss Philippines tied with Miss Thailand in the semis, thus allowing Thailand to be included in the final 6. Curiously, both countries also share the Continental Queen award for Asia & Oceania. Thailand's sudden and questionable inclusion in the top 6 immediately trended in pageant message boards and disappointed many Filipino fans who were hoping for their country's first Miss Intercontinental crown. 

Completing the top 15 were the delegates from Puerto Rico, Canada, Myanmar, Turkey, Nigeria, Mauritius, England and Poland.


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