Indonesian Islamic Council wants a "veiled" version of Miss Universe

Islamic fashion designer Fitri Aulia. Photo; Coconuts TV

(Source: Coconuts Jakarta, March 4, 2015)

With the largest Muslim population in the world, it’s no wonder that the Islamic fashion business is thriving in Indonesia. But do Indonesian Islamic fashion trends adhere to the Syariah law or Islamic standards? (***Syariah is the Malay spelling of refers to Sharia law in Islamic religious law and deals with exclusively Islamic laws, having jurisdiction upon every Muslim in Indonesia).

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) believes Syariah fashion isn’t very popular in Indonesia at the moment. They have a grand idea by which the government can help promote Syariah fashion to Indonesian women.

“I want to suggest a ‘Miss Universe Syariah’. This would be new, never seen before. The participants can be from all over but they must wear the jilbab or the hijab when up on stage,” said Adimarwan Azwar Karim, Vice Chairman of the National Syariah Council of the MUI, as quoted by Merdeka today. 

Adimarwan is planning to discuss the idea with the head of the Economic and Creativity Agency (Barekraf) Triawan Munaf.

“I have to meet with him to discuss the development of Syariah business ideas including food, fashion, and entertainment,” Adimarwan said.

Despite the MUI’s perception about the lack of Syariah fashion in Indonesia, the country’s top Islamic fashion designers are actually doing really well in combining Syariah principles with modern fashion. Check out Coconuts TV’s interviews with Fitri Aulia and Jenahara to learn how they put the two together seamlessly:


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