Dethroned Puerto Rican Beauty Queen Checked Into a Psych Unit, Will Sue Pageant Organizers

Kristhielee Caride wins the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant on Nov. 12. PHOTO: EPA

A Puerto Rican beauty queen who was stripped of her crown checked into a psych unit because she’s so devastated over the loss, according to reports.
Brunette bombshell Kristhielee Caride — who lost her Puerto Rico Miss Universe title last week due to a bad attitude — claims she was struck by such a dark depression that she can’t eat, Univision reported.
“I [have] depression. I’m not eating, but it is something that I have controlled,” she told the station.
Caride, 24, now plans to sue Miss Universe honchos if they don’t return the crown, she said.
But organizers of the pageant have already awarded stunning 21-year-old model Brenda Jimenez the title.
Caride won the pageant four months ago, but directors seized her crown March 17 after she snubbed the press, saying, “I just do not like cameras.”
Miss Universe director Desiree Lowry said she was embarrassed by Caride’s attitude and claimed she did “damage to the organization,” according to the Associated Press.

Source: New York Post, 3/25/2016

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