Former Miss USA Charlotte Sheffield Passes Away

Charlotte Sheffield has passed away on April 15, according to her daughter Tammy who posted the sad news on Charlotte's official Facebook page. She had been battling leukemia but contracted a rare pneumonia which further debilitated her. Charlotte represented Utah at the Miss USA 1957 pageant which was originally won by Leona Gage of Maryland, however, Leona was stripped of her title days later during the 1957 Miss Universe pageant when it was revealed that she was 18, married, and a mother of two children. Charlotte was not able to compete in Miss Universe 1957, but was sent to Miss World 1957 but did not place.  (Photo credit: owner of the photograph)

Charlotte Sheffield, Miss USA 1957, of Utah, is crowned by Carol Morris, Miss Universe 1956. From 1952 until 1967, when Miss USA won the Miss Universe title, no one else became Miss USA. After 1967, Miss USA's first runner up accepted the title.(Photo credit: Miss Universe Organization)

During the 2011 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas, several former titleholders were invited as special guests, which included Charlotte Sheffield (second from right), Myrna Hansen (Miss USA 1953), Miriam Stevenson (Miss USA 1954 who won Miss Universe 1954) and Terry Huntingdon (Miss USA 1959). (Photo credit: Miss Universe Organization)

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