Critical Beauty Pageant Queens Volunteer as Models to Raise Funds for Animal Shelter

     My website Critical Beauty‬ takes great pride in being the first - and perhaps only - ‪‎pageant‬ website that promotes Animal Rights‬ andAnimal Welfare‬. Thus, I am very happy that three former Critical Beauty protégées (Anne Ransom, Julianne Pyne, Antonina Les) and the current Miss Boston's Outstanding Teen Brooke Graves have enthusiastically agreed to volunteer‬ as runway‬ models‬ in a fashion‬ show‬ to benefit the Quincy Animal Shelter in Quincy‬, Massachusetts‬ on May 15, 2016! The funds raised will help pay for the construction of a ‪‎new‬‪ ‎building‬ that the shelter‬ desperately needs. If you wish to attend the event, tickets are on sale until May 6 so get them now! Visit this link for details: 

     Thank you to all the models for being the ‪‎heart‬ and ‪‎soul‬ of this event! Can't wait to work with you! ‪#‎BeautiesWithAPurPaws‬ 

By Rafa Delfin, Director & Founder of Critical Beauty

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