Spain Wins Manhunt International 2018

Vicent Llorach, 23, of Spain won the 2018 Manhunt International contest held on December 2 at QT Gold Coast Ballroom, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The runners-up are as follows:

1st runner-up - Dale Maher, Australia
2nd runner-up - Luca Derin, Netherlands 
3rd runner-up - Jeff Langan, Philippines
4th runner-up - Mai Tuan Anh, Vietnam

Vicent Llorach also won the Best Commercial Model

Completing the top 16 were the delegates from Belgium, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 35 countries were represented at the 19th edition of the contest.

Photo credit: Manhunt International

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