Miss Bahamas Universe 2021 Crowned


I am so ecstatic that Chantel O’Brian has been crowned Miss Bahamas Universe 2021 on October 3. I have been following Chantel’s journey since I judged the Miss World Bahamas 2015 pageant which she won, as well as the Miss Critical Beauty Bahamas award. I’ve always believed that she deserves to represent the Bahamas at Miss Universe and lo and behold - she will!

In the nearly 50 years that the Bahamas has been competing in Miss Universe, the country has never placed, although it won two Miss Congeniality awards (1981, 2001) and a Miss Photogenic award (1982). Bahamian women are some of the prettiest and fiercest contestants, and I am puzzled as to why the country has never placed. I deeply hope that the stars will be aligned for Chantel to bring the Bahamas its first placement.

Chantel has shown the world what determination, tenacity, perseverance and faith is all about. Congratulations, Chantel!

Text by Rafa Delfin, 10/5/2021

Photo credits: Chantal O'Brian Facebook

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