Group Chat on Current Hot Topics: Pageant World Reacts To The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Miss France, Miss World, Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Contestants


This live chat was conducted via Zoom on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST. My guests include Ko Phanasa of KP1 Worldwide and Luis Portelles who runs his own YouTube channel under his name. In this chat, we discussed the following topics: 1. Russia banned from Miss Supranational after Russia invaded Ukraine 2. Reaction of Russian and Ukrainian queens towards the Ukrainian crisis 3. Miss Grand International's reaction to the Ukrainian crisis; MGI road show to Latin America 4. Stephanie del Valle boycotting Miss World 2021 finals on March 16, and her legal battles. 5. Miss France changes its rules and Miss Universe 2016 from France Iris Mittenaere supports the changes. 6. The official 50 candidates for Miss Universe Philippines 2022

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