Former Mister USA Ivan Rusilko is now an erotic romance author

DALLAS, TX, March 28, 2012 --Omnific Publishing announces they have signed authors Dr. Ivan Rusilko (photo above) and Everly Drummond for the first title in a planned three book erotic romance series. The story is set in Miami and is loosely based on Dr. Ivan's past romantic triumphs and tragedies. The Winemaker's Dinner marks the first collaboration and book deal for the writing team.

Women everywhere will be dying to get their hands on one of the few erotic romances featuring a male voice in this predominantly female-authored genre. Dr. Ivan's smoldering good looks, chiseled physique, impressive professional accomplishments, and passion for life, bring the romantic hero off the page, embodying a true blue, flesh and bone fantasy for erotica fans. Even writing partner, Everly Drummond says of the Good Doctor, "Ivan is going to be the obsession of women worldwide." 

Synopsis: The Winemakers Dinner is a story about small town girl who is uprooted from her simple Colorado life and transplanted into the craziness that is Miami Beach. Attending her first major event, The Winemaker's Dinner in Sarasota, as the head chef to one of Miami Beach's top restaurants, she comes to experience an evening of unbridled passion with a man who she never thought she'd see again. Little does she know that this apparent one night stand has set her life on a course that will end with her having to make the 

ultimate decision between her two passions - her lover and her career.

SOURCE: CBS News, 3/28/2012

     Critical Beauty, the producer of Mister USA, is very proud of Ivan's accomplishments so far: from becoming a full-fledged doctor practicing in osteopathic medicine into launching a literary career as an erotic romance writer! Can't wait to read his book!

      Back in November 2008, Current TV did a brief piece on Ivan showcasing his journey as Mister USA. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

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