Miss Peru Universe 2012 Cindy Mejia's homophobic remarks

Miss Peru Universe 2012 Cindy Mejia 

The recently crowned Miss Peru Universe 2012 Cindy Mejia made some rather scathing remarks about homosexuality in an interview for Peru 12 newspaper. She was asked the following question, "How would you react if your son were homosexual?"

Her response: "I don't think that would happen to me because those things happen when the father is absent, when one is raped, and when one lives alone with mother and sisters. When I have kids, I will entrust them to God completely. They will have two parents and I will raise them properly."

Previously she had stated: "I have many gay friends; they do my hair and makeup, they have feelings, and I am not here to judge them. We all have the same rights and I love them."
The beauty queen is a professed Christian and comes from a strong, religious Christian background. Her parents are church deacons and her uncle is a pastor of a fundamentalist church.

SOURCE: SentidoG, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7/7/2012

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