Adalgisa Colombo, Miss Brazil 1958, dies at 73

Adalgisa Colombo, who was Miss Brazil 1958 and placed 1st runner-up in Miss Universe 1958, passed away last January 17, 2013 in a Rio de Janeiro hospital. Her family has never disclosed the cause of her death. Adalgisa is survived by her three children and her husband Flávio Teruszkin.

During Miss Universe 2007 pageant in Mexico, Adalgisa drew attention when she commented that first runner-up Natália Guimarães of Brazil should have won instead of Riyo Mori of Japan. In a 2008 interview, Adalgisa expressed her continuous resentment for losing to Colombia's Luz Marina Zuluaga in Miss Universe 1958. She said: "Perdi para uma colombiana [Luz Marina Zuloaga]. Só para você ter uma ideia, ela media 1,58 m e eu, 1,70 m. Dá para entender?"  ["I lost to a Colombian. Just so you have an idea, she was 5'2" tall and I was 5'7". Just so you understand."]

In the following year, Adalgisa was honored for her 50th coronation anniversary
as Miss Brazil 1958.

A beautiful photo of Adalgisa Colombo taken last year.

Adalgisa (center), Miss Brazil 1958, poses with her court

Adalgisa Colombo (farthest left) placed 1st runner-up in Miss Universe 1958

Official portrait of Adalgisa as Miss Brazil 1958

An elegant and graceful Adalgisa modeling a gown during her reign as Miss Brazil 1958

Adalgisa inspired the poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade to write the following poem:

Entre estouros, risos, foguetes,
assustado, lá foge o pombo
que bicava milho na praça,
mas surge Adalgisa Colombo,

escultura, graça alongada,
e a seus munícipes ensina
que entre todos os bens da terra
a beleza é graça divina.

[Between bursts, laughs, rockets,
scared, there flees the pigeon
that pecking corn in the square,
but arises Adalgisa Colombo

sculpture, elongated grace,
and to teach its residents
that among all the goods of the earth
beauty is divine grace.]

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