Bolivia wins Hispanic American Queen 2014 (Reina Hispanoamericana 2014)

Bolivia's Romina Rocamonje, 21, was crowned Hispanic American Queen (Reina Hispanoamericana) 2014 Saturday night in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She will also represent Bolivia in the 63rd edition of Miss Universe to be held in Doral, Florida on January 25, 2015. Her court includes 1st runner-up Andrea Lira of Venezuela, 2nd runner-up Inés Panchano of Ecuador, 3rd runner-up Carolyne Desert of Miss Haiti, 4th runner-up was Luly Gallimore Campos  of Panama; 5th runner-up Cindy Clavijo of Colombia, 6th runner-up Raquel Benetti of Brazil, and 7th runner-up Laura Melisa Mejía of Curaçao

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