Venezuela Wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2018

Photo credit: Instagram

Nariman Battikha of Venezuela was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana 2018 on November 3 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Battikha is the seventh Venezuelan to win the crown.  Elected as the Virreina ("Vice-Queen") is Isabele Pandini Nogueira of Brazil.

The list of runners-up include:
1st runner-up - Mexico - Aranza Anaid Molina
2nd runner-up - Paraguay - María Belén Alderete
3rd runner-up - Bolivia - Marian Joyce Prado
4th runner-up - Chile - Camila Ignacia Helfmann
5th runner-up - Ecuador - Lisseth Naranjo Goya
6th runner-up - Cuba - Gleidys Leyva Rodríguez
7th runner-up  - Peru - Jessica McFarlane
8th runner-up  - Europa Hispana - Daniela Santeliz Acosta

The pageant, which began in 1991, seeks to promote Hispanic culture around the world. It was initially limited to countries where Spanish is spoken, but a few years ago it opened to countries with some Spanish influence and to Hispanic communities in the United States and Europe.

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